2003 Renault Megane dCi 1.9 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Gallic Panache


There was no battery included with the ignition card. Security system was not operable.

Rear hatch didn't close properly.

General Comments:

I leased this through Renault whilst in Europe. You actually own the car when you lease it, with Renault buying it back at the end of the lease.

This was a very nice car with loads of extras. 6 speed manual (I used the 6th gear once at 170kph), automatic windscreen wipers, automatic lights, 6 stacker CD system, 16" alloys, storage spaces throughout, keyless start & entry, cruise control, stereo stalk on the steering wheel.

The ride was firmish on country French roads, handling was like a go cart. Autoroute travel was comfortable. The perfect mix! Leather steering wheel was superb.

Overall build quality was excellent, no niggling rattles or gaps. Although the rear hatch was difficult to keep closed, tending to stay open occasionally.

As it was a diesel, I could not "wind it out" as with a petrol driven motor, however it did get up and go. Driving in towns and cities I forgot it was a diesel, the whir of the turbo being the only give away.

Autoroute cruising was a breeze, the gearing is relatively high and the 1.9 turbo keeps it motoring along. Whilst it doesn't throw you back in your seat, it does seem to get to top speed quickly. The 6th gear would only be good for the German Autobahn, I used it once briefly on the Auroute.

Braking was good.

No problems with the electrics apart from the language barrier with the onboard computer. Annoying beeper when seat belt wasn't fastened.

The interior is fabulously designed (although better quality carpet would have been preferred), seats are fantastic, as is the retro- exterior which has the typical Renault "Love it or hate it" appeal.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2003

5th Jan 2005, 10:28

I bought my pre-registered 1.9 Dynamique in November, last year. I managed to obtain it at £4,500 less than list new.

For a vehicle with 40 miles on the clock, I believe this makes it an absolute bargain, when you consider my following observations and impressions:


The shape is probably love it or hate it. Most people, recognise it as a Megane and are impressed with its style

The pearl black metallic paintwork is really stunning, if kept clean and polished. The boot is awkward to open and you will get grimy hands, if the car is only slightly dirty. The front doors on the sports model are long and heavy and you need ample parking space to open and close them.


The seats are comfortable with good lumbar support and do achieve the optimum driving position, with the adjustable height steering wheel. I drive up to 500 miles a day, so its important that my back, legs and neck feel relaxed and stress free!

A major complaint is the lack of leg room for the rear passengers. If you regularly travel with adult passengers, then you should be very aware of this design shortcoming.


The gear change isn't brilliant being clunky and difficult to change down at speed, into corners etc. This rather takes away the pleasure and smoothness of the drive.


This is very much a motorway vehicle and it goes well in the wet. It seems to under steer, but equally the back end is not twitchy. It sits down on the road and goes straight. It did have a tendency to wander, but I had the front tyres changed around and this seems to have cured that niggly problem


The brakes on this car are simply brilliant. When I first drove the car the front disc's squeaked and rumbled, but these now seem to have bedded in after 4,000 miles.


The car is powerful and very quiet. Its hard to believe diesels can be this refined. There is little or no engine or transmission noise inside the car. The car will stall if you attempt to pull away in a high gear. You must keep the revs up. However, it will just keep pulling along in 1st, at idling speed, if you are caught in traffic. The car feels really solid. I drive at 95mph on motorways and its doing this at around 2,400 RPM's. The car goes along so effortlessly and without any noise or vibration, that its hard to believe your speed! The only things generally passing me are MERC's! and those cars are £30k more to buy and probably no more comfortable a drive.


Typically, on a 120 mile drive using Motorway and A road's with some heavy traffic, I get around 48 MPG, when I'm averaging 63MPH.


The safety of this car is proven. The seat belts, are however, quite awkward to buckle. The drivers fastening is buried deep beside the seat and difficult to clip into.

Only a little whinge really.


I challenge anyone to beat this car on value for money. Its specification and levels of comfort, surpass my expectation and it's a pleasure to own and drive.

24th Feb 2005, 10:21

I own a megan 2.I have been driving it around one year and four months. Regard problem I had just one time it was the sound of the brakes,I went to my dealer and problem solved. Rattels are starting to come now from the dashboard, but if you see our Maltese roads its like you are driving on the moon.Otherwise I am happy by its performance and consumption.

2003 Renault Megane Dymanique 1.6 16v vvt from UK and Ireland


Best in its class, value for money


The switch on clutch lever for starting procedure failed at 7000 miles, repaired under warranty.

Heat shield for exhaust came loose at 9000 miles.

General Comments:

The car thinks for you with automatic wipers and lights.

Everything in the cabin is laid out very well easy to reach and use, cabin lights up like a christmas tree when doors open, never seen so many interior lights in the ceiling or footwells.

Performance is a bit disappointing considering this is Renault's new variable valve timing.

Suspension could do with being a bit stiffer, but in general handling is good.

Having a card instead of a key to start the car is strange at first, but becomes second nature.

Good security feature when you unlock door is that it only opens drivers door, you have to press button again to open other doors.

Like the cars look it is totally different from the mark 1 Megane, the back end on the new Megane has a good retro look to it.

Three years warranty and three years AA breakdown cover, so three years piece of mind.

Go for 17" alloy option they transform the look of the car, standard 16" look lost on the car.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2003

2003 Renault Megane 2 dci 1.5 diesel common-rail turbo from Romania


Low consumption, nice looking car


Cranky noises of the windows after 1000 km. Dealer tells me it's normal, cause it is new (!!!). Engine won't start when cold after 15.000 km (first oil change). My mechanic told me it was a wrong diesel filter they replaced, but the dealer told me it's a software problem (the computer). Anyway, I decided to go on the dealer's hand: he rewrote the software (it took him 8 hours!), after that the car still won't start when cold, and more, I had no control of the windows, windshields, lights, etc... (!!!).

After calling France, he managed to fix it (with my help...) and I took the car to my mechanic and change that filter myself...

General Comments:

First of all, we are talking about the new Megane 2, with those looks you either love or hate...

Good mileage (about 4 L / 100km), even thou the board computer shows less that actual fuel consumption.

The power (81 hp) is almost enough for its size and weight. Aerodynamics are kind of bad (0.35), and the fuel consumption grows very fast with speed.

If one goes to 90-100 km/h, he will be surprised to have a consumption of at most 3.2 l/100km highway cycle. Top speed: 190 Km/h (Renault say 170 Km/h)

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Review Date: 6th December, 2003