24th Nov 2005, 07:43

Yep, same problem - same experience with the dealer. Just had the the roof jam a second time.

Waiting for AA. Renault Ilford will look at it some time next month. Told there are no call backs on any parts at the moment, although last time it was in they changed the shock absorbers as there was a call back issued on them. Hey, at least they changed them, but to not let you know! The car was only a couple of months old at the time - imo to let customers drive around in a sub-standard car is crazy. Why was no letter sent to inform customers on a call back of parts?!?

Oh look its about to rain, looks like my seats will get wet and not being a leather interior...

Anyway, I will never buy Renault again - only bad experiences and very poor customer service. I'll get a real car next time.

BTW the car is a Megane Coupe/Cabriolet 2004 model.

4th Feb 2006, 10:52

I would like to add my experience from my megane CC. It's 15 months old and from the second month I noticed incoming water from the left side, between the join of the windscreen and the roof. Not a serious leaking, just one drop, but when running the car, a few more drops (5-6) follow. Not a major problem, but considering the amount of money you have to spend in order to buy this car, it is a problem! It is almost a year now that I am visiting the renault dealer, from where I bought the car, periodically, which is translated into 9 times, and every time the same answer; the problem has been fixed, but every time, during the very next rain, the same problem appears again!!! Isn't it amazing?!?!?! I am about to start all legal procedures to have a new (replacement) car or to have compensation.

7th Mar 2006, 05:18

Megane 1.9 dCi 120 Privilege 2004 “04”.

Renault have had a problem with the Megane CC since they came out. But what did they expect? Even Merc had the same problems with the SLK when they first came out. As an ex car sales person for a local Renault dealer, I know how many come back with problems. ALL OF THEM, at some time or other. But I still bought one. WHY? It was cheap. They are not worth what Renault try and charge. Get a second hand one www.renaulttogo.co.uk – save yourself money, and for 5 grand less than list, these cars are OK value for money.

I use to have an MX5, and changed it to get 4 seats. Quite frankly I wish I had kept the MX5; this car is rattly, heavy on diesel, and just not very me.

27th Aug 2006, 06:47

I have a 2004 Megane CC and it genuinely does not leak. It's been perfectly reliable and has successfully covered over 30,000 hard miles now.

I think people should be far more pro-active when actually taking delivery or buying these cars. I made the dealer hose the car down from all angles and took the salesman on a pretty arduous test drive before I agreed to buy.

For those reading this wondering on whether to actually buy one my advice would be to consider your actual requirements. I have the 1.6VVT and its not particularly fast, however, it is comfy, stylish, and reliable.

Go for a long test drive, and make them hose it down - then you won't buy a Friday afternoon car!!!

23rd Oct 2007, 15:39

I bought my 2.0T CC new, in May last year and have no problems with it whatsoever. Perhaps I've been lucky. Megane CCs, certainly the early ones, seemed to have roof problems though they are not the only ones. If you check the VW Eos forums you will see they are certainly not problem free, and they cost a lot more!

"Honest John" motoring website comments that the Megane CC is the most reliable folding hardtop!

28th Oct 2007, 13:35

Can anyone help, as it appears that Renault and the dealer we bought our Renault Megan cabriolet convertible from, are more concerned with bouncing us back and forward between themselves to deal with a car that's a potential death trap!

The reason being that over the last 12months we have had an electrical fault which results in the warning light coming on, followed almost immediately by the car losing power, brakes, steering, hazard lights; and the car comes to a stop.

The car has been taken back to the dealer (who has carried out a number of computer tests, 3 at the last count) and has replaced the fuel pressure switch on three occasions. The last time, the car managed to go for 3 days and some 20 miles, before the light came on again. I am more than happy to allow anyone from Renault or the dealership to drive the car on one condition; that they drive it at 70 miles an hour on a busy motorway in the fast lane, the catch being that there is a fifty/fifty chance the car will experience the cut out problem. If they consider this to be too big a risk, perhaps they should consider that this is the situation we have to face every time we drive the car. If anyone else has had a similar problem, I would be delighted to hear from them. Until then, we own an unsafe and unreliable car.

18th Jan 2008, 15:37

I have a 2006 Megane CC.

First problem, the bumpers are different shade of silver to the rest of the body. I have been advised by a Renault approved body shop to ignore it.

Second problem was when the roof supports destroyed the folding section of the parcel shelf when the roof was closing.

Third problem was when the air conditioning compressor packed in.

Fourth problem was when the roof started leaking at all four corners. This is still an ongoing problem that my dealer as yet has not resolved, although they have had my car in for a total of nearly three weeks.

The moral of the story: DON’T BUY A MEGANE CC!

23rd Apr 2008, 13:29

Tried to book my 57 plate Megane convertable in to local dealers today for a leaking roof AGAIN. I was told earliest they could look at it was AUGUST; its now April. They informed me they had a backlog of leaks. Hows that for quality? Its the worst car I have ever had. It spends more time in the garage than on the road. I will NEVER buy a Renault again.

1st Jul 2008, 15:57

I am looking for re-call for my megane 2004 (sold in Mexico) without any luck... have someone heard about any around the world?...I'm now very disappointed with the car that I have to sell it at a very low price and even so I don't find an interested client for over a year...

24th Feb 2009, 04:12

I have 2006 CC and the roof has been OK until now. Just developed a oil leak on the left hand side, letting oil leak on to rear seat passenger's. Will let you know the problem after the 6th of March. Anyone had the same problem?

27th Feb 2010, 18:11

Megane cc. 3 air con compressors.

Replaced passenger window motor.

Replaced roof seals due to leaks.

New boot lock.

Replaced defective folding roof parcel shelf section.

Air bag fault again and again.

Now it will not start as battery flat, looks like an other electrical fault. Only 14k on clock. I can't afford to get rid of it and can't afford to replace it, I wish I had never bought it.