10th Aug 2010, 02:32

I have just brought a 54 plate 1.6 VVT Dynamique convertible. I absolutely love it, it's smooth comfortable, stylish and perfect! But then again I could be a bit biased as I love Meganes. It's got 39k on the clock and goes like a dream.

However, I did notice yesterday that the seal between the top of the window and the roof on the passenger side seems to leak slightly. It is only one drop but when I drive it can be a few more and after 5 minutes of driving it stops. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and maybe knew of a possible cure?

Now I know I have spent 4k on a car and it should be perfect, but in a way it doesn't bother me overly much and it has jaded me in any which way as I love it that much!

24th Aug 2010, 11:19

I am considering buying a Renault Megane Cabriolet 04 plate, but I am curious about what the backseat space is like with the car?

Obviously it's originally made for two people. Can someone please tell me how much space is in the back? Is it an ideal spacious four seater?

Much appreciated.

29th Jul 2011, 10:11

Have a 53 Megane convertible with roof problems. Back to the garage for the 4th time; they can't fix it, and want £1500+ for a roof computer and loom (which only comes from France); obviously not a part expected to go wrong. I only want it fixed, not to rebuild it.

Would never buy another convertible, and certainly would never buy another Renault.

22nd Nov 2011, 08:09

I am having the same trouble with leaking roof with my Megane Coupe Convertible. It has been back to the dealership 7 times over the past 5 months, and each time they say it is fixed, but it still leaks. My problem is that it does not ALWAYS leak, only sometimes, but when it does, it is enough to soak the seats and drips on the interior, leaving watermarks.

Any suggestions where we go from here? The dealership are now trying to wash their hands of the car, saying they can't find any fault - has anyone else found a way to resolve a similar situation?

23rd Nov 2011, 15:08

My wife bought a 2004 Megane Convertible, but the boot lock does not work unless you unlock with emergency key. Also the fog lights don't work. We had a new boot lock fitted, to no avail. We now have been told it is the body control unit that is faulty. Can anyone help confirm that this part does develop faults?

8th Jan 2012, 05:07

I bought my first decent car in 2008, a 55 plate Megane CC.

Bought in the May, I loved driving round with the roof down (which had the mechanism replaced before I bought it!!! Thank god).

First 2 weeks of owning the car, engine warning light comes on, so back to the dealer, tests showed camshaft sensor needed replacing. A few weeks later, exactly the same problem!!!

After having the car for three months, the card start stopped working, repeatedly saying "card not detected"!!! So back to the dealer... AGAIN!!! They said as my car had 3 years manufacturer's warranty, I should take it back to Renault, so I did. When I get there, Renault check my reg, only to tell me that the car had originally been destined for a different country, so was classed as an import, even though it was sent brand new to this country!!! So no warranty!!! Typical!!! Anyway, the dealer I bought it from agreed to fund the repairs, and replaced my card.

The brand new card worked for around 3 days, then... card not detected!!! Back to the garage, replaced the card reader, that lasted about 18 months, and started periodically saying "card not detected"!!! Now I have to fiddle with the card to get my car to start!!!

In the time I have owned the car, I think 70% of the time my airbag warning light has been on. I have been told this is a common problem with a loose wire under the seat; tighten the connection and the light goes off... until my hubby gets in and has to move the seat back as he is a foot taller than me.

Recently the coil lead broke, leading to the car running on 3 cylinders. Quick repair that time thanks to hubby.

The passenger side front window has always leaked, and now the driver's side has started!!!

And now the very best one...

I have 2 kids, so a 4 seater is ideal, not much room behind my 6 foot hubby, but we manage... that is until the passenger seat no longer lifts up!!! Cable has snapped! Great, so all in and out using the driver's seat, but oh no, now that has snapped!!! So how do I now use my rear seats??? Anyone got any suggestions?

And I don't need to hear put a match to it, as I still owe more than the car is worth. I went to see about part exchange, they laughed me out!!! Said the was worth less than £2000 now, so I think I'm up ****creek without a paddle!!!

THANK YOU Renault, now I can't afford a car at all, and the one have is nothing more than a debt I struggle to pay for.

1st Feb 2012, 15:46

I own a Renault Megane 2 CC. It is a 1.5 diesel. I have now done 99 000 miles without major problems. I still get a range of around 550 miles doing town driving, and around 700 miles doing motorway driving.

I paid it off a year ago, and don't think I will buy another one for at least another 4 years.

I bought it from new, so maybe I was lucky. Does not leak.

Mind you, I bought mine for £16k at the time, which was £6k cheaper than VW EOS, £4k less than Peugeot, and £15k less than a Merc.

Even though the car was released in 2002, it still looks modern.

I am happy with it, and recommend it.

2nd Feb 2018, 22:21

How do I replace the parcel shelf on the Megane CC 2006 1.6. Just bought a new one. Not sure how you get the old one off.