9th Jul 2009, 16:45

Had the same problem, took the handbrake lever head apart, I was able to superglue the broken part back into place.

28th Sep 2009, 13:37

Megane 05 ---- handbrake button!!!

Seems the spring has gone on the button part of handbrake. If I take off the cover & manually push the plastic part in/out, I can't get the handbrake on/off. Renault dealer prices are £250, any info about how I can fix this cheaper?

17th Feb 2010, 03:19

I have a 2003 Megane Expression. Like others I have had numerous 'build' problems with mine: replacement back window, front door seals, floor compartment flooding, diffuser replaced (needs replacing again!), etc, etc and now the handbrake lever. The plastic cover come off and while we kept replacing it was irritating. However during one of these times, the small spring within the mechanism popped out and was lost forever, now we have great difficulty putting the handbrake on. Can I get internal parts for the handbrake, not to my knowledge, can anyone enlighten me?

5th Dec 2010, 08:46

Has anyone out there experienced a hand brake failing on a Megane whilst it was parked up with the hand brake on?

10th Dec 2010, 07:30

My 04 plate Renault Megane handbrake button snapped today. Went straight to Renault, who said that it will cost 350 pounds as it needs a whole new handbrake. 350 pounds for a bit of plastic no bigger than a pair of tweezers. Anyone know where I can get just a new button, as otherwise the handbrake is fine.

12th Dec 2010, 16:09

Anyone who owns a 7 year old Renault with no warranty cover has my sympathy. Mine was terminally unreliable at half that age. I cut my losses, having spent £2k on it in its first six months out of warranty, and punted it on.

Nice cars as it goes, but poorly built out of the cheapest, flakiest components the accountants could lay their mitts on. Designed to scrape through the 3 year warranty and then fall apart. Which they do (in both cases). Never again.

14th Dec 2010, 04:09

Had my Renault Megane (04 Authentique) for 6 months, decent car, but my handbrake appears to have the same fault, it didn't even show any signs of 'going.' The handbrake wouldn't engage, and kept dropping, it's due to go into the garage in 3 days, and yes, I've been quoted £200! :'(

14th Dec 2010, 09:08

I have had my Renault Megane now 3 months and had nothing but trouble.

First the washer pump went, then the wiper motor due to bad weather, then a linkage arm for the wipers which meant a complete motor again. Then my heater plugs.

It's very greedy on fuel too, I bought this car instead of my Freelander because that was heavy on diesel, but it was actually more eco than this car.

What next? My advice keep away from the Renault Megane 1.4 16v petrol.

24th Jan 2011, 23:03

2003 Megane:

Someone forgot to tell Renault that it gets hot in Asia - all the "soft touch" plastic surfaces on every 2003 Megane I have seen (4 or 5) or owned (2, don't ask why) have melted in the heat. Literally.

Add to that handbrake problems (x1 broken), rusted windscreen washer pumps (x2), failed electric windows (x2), faulty external temp gauge ("-20C" in Penang, ha ha ha), broken glovebox handle (x2) and it's not a happy car at all.

Lovely design, junk build quality.

18th Aug 2011, 16:50

We just had that problem now. Handbrake button failure whilst engaged. We had roadside assist come to help. In the end they removed the panels around the base of the lever, and then used a screw driver to release the ratchet mechanism. I'm going to try and see if I can fix the problem myself, as the replacement will cost AU$1220. Trade in here we come...

4th Dec 2011, 12:23

Megane 2003 plate.

This car is a gem to drive when working, but keeps coming up with the electronic fault. Put it on diagnostics. Nothing. Spent in excess of £1000 in the last 3 months. If anyone has the same problem, or has had the same problem, could they leave a message on the website about this? This is getting rather annoying.

11th Jan 2012, 03:16

Can someone please tell me if can replace my broken handbrake with a universal one? Just saw a couple of universal handbrakes on eBay, and need more information before purchasing. I have a Renault Megane from 2004.

11th Jan 2012, 09:22

Same issue with my 2003 Megane, if the button goes when your handbrake is on, you can pull off the plastic panel between the main 'legs' of the handbrake. Once this is off, you will see the ratchet mechanism. If you raise the handbrake handle slightly, you can dislodge the retainer, and hey presto.

I found that one of the plastic pillars to house one end of the spring for the button had broken off - a dash of superglue and hey presto... handbrake works again a treat!

6th Feb 2012, 16:11

To the last person that commented, how do you go about getting to the handbrake? Mine has the leather covered handbrake, my button has stuck in, but the handbrake still engages and releases fine, but because it's inside the handle, it failed its MOT.. They want £200 to replace whole unit, when all I can imagine is that it is a little spring or piece of plastic.