27th Jun 2012, 07:36

I have a 2005 imported 2L Renault Scenic with a panoramic sunroof. The movable front just shattered while I was driving. We checked, and there were no objects to be found; could only be the weather. PLEASE help; need to have it replaced as soon as possible.

28th Sep 2012, 10:16

Did you manage to sort the problem? If so, how did you get water out of the fan and pipes, as mine has all but given up.

12th Oct 2012, 11:10

Sometimes I regret selling my 2004 example at 4 years old, even though it cost me nearly £2k in repairs in the year I had it. Reading this confirms I did the right thing. Cars just don't need to be this much grief. Renault don't have a clue.

5th Nov 2012, 08:41

I have a W Reg Renault Scenic automatic, which has got to 136000 miles, has gone clean through all MOTs (except for consumables such as tires), and the only troubles were one water pump bearing and the driver's window motor.

Until now! I have the leak into the passenger's foot well, and hope that having read the advice in this site, I will cure the problem. I'm off to remove the wheel splash covers and clear the drain pipes.

Otherwise, it's one of the best cars I've ever had.

1st Jan 2013, 16:20


I agree with the clearing the drains out. I had the same problem on my first Scenic. There is however one more thing you could try, which is what cured mine. Take the front interior lights out to gain access to the aerial, unscrew the securing nut inside the car, and take the aerial off. Clean the underside of the aerial, the washer on the inside, and the roof inside and out. Then reseal with seam sealer, not silicone sealer; that stuff doesn't work.

Hope that helps. Kev.

1st Jan 2013, 18:50

My wife has a Renault Scenic 2000 reg auto with 100,000 miles. Only problems were a driver's side electric window (I replaced it myself with part from eBay - very easy to fit) and a computer reset to smooth out the engine idle.

I accept that Renaults are poorly built, but if you have a decent knowledge of cars, you can prevent a lot of the known Renault problems by changing some of the troublesome parts if they are more than 5 years old.

I myself own a 2008 Renault Scenic Auto. No major problems, just the usual blown light bulbs, broken boot latch and bad coils; all DIY jobs.

I have considered changing my car for a car such as an X-Type Jaguar, but it has its own problems, which are frightening and seriously expensive.

My brother in-law's £40,000 Mercedes recently cost him £900 just to fix an engine oil leak, and he rarely uses the car. I think all cars are problematic in one form or another.

23rd Jul 2013, 07:40

Hi, my Scenic 03 plate had the same problem last week when the sunroof shattered whilst driving at 30mph. Again, nothing had hit the car and it was unexplainable. How did you rectify your problem?

23rd Jul 2013, 07:43

Hi, this has just happened to my 03 plate Scenic. How did you rectify it, and did the insurance pay out?

21st May 2014, 06:22

Did you have to claim for this damage off your own insurance? The same thing has happened to my car this week :(