2004 SAAB 9-3 ARC turbo from North America


Not worth the money


- Peeling emblems.

- Window malfunction - would go up and come back down, had to have car re-programmed numerous times.

- Coolant level low - at least once every three to four months.

- Radio does not work.

- Have had to replace battery two times in past three months, still cannot find what is causing problem. Constantly have to have car jump started.

- Car runs great, just too many electrical issues to deal with, and gets very expensive to repair.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2009

2004 SAAB 9-3 Arc 2.0T from North America


One of the few cars in the GM family that is worth every penny


Battery leaked at 500km. Dealer was great - neutralized the battery acid that had leaked on the engine panel and rustproofed the panel. Gave me a loaner as well.

Wiper motor was replaced at 65,000km.

Cabin air recirculation motor replaced at 67,000km.

Minor adjustments for window and sunroof pinch protection software.

All the above done at no cost, except my time, as the warranty is 4 years or 80,000km.

General Comments:

This car is loaded up with all the options and is as close as possible to the 2004 Aero without the punishing ride, but alas without the very nice Aero seats.

It is the best handling car I have ever owned. With a 5 speed manual and a turbo engine, it does accelerate very quickly and can cruise at 140kph easily. Great fuel economy. Very nimble and can stop real quick.

Makes my previous car - Monte Carlo Z34 - look sooooo outdated and an amateur in the sporty car domain.

Very comfortable seats and ergonomics are very good, although I doubt that it would be a large enough interior for hauling around a family of 4/5 on a regular basis. Trunk is big for the size of the car.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2009

2004 SAAB 9-3 Linear from North America


The best car ever!


Nothing has gone wrong with this car as of yet. Knock on wood.

General Comments:

I LOVE this car! It's very comfortable and I am a large person. The seats are adjustable for just about every size. I've never seen a car that has so much space from the seat to go forward for short people and backward for large. The back of the seat has an adjustment for back support which I really love for long trips. The steering wheel adjusts up and down for the right height. The handling is amazing. The wheel is very "tight" and the vehicle is very aerodynamic. The turbo is tough. The gas mileage is amazing. Mine gets 28 city and 35 hwy. This car is by far my favorite car I've ever owned. (previous cars: Chevy Chevette, Ford Escort, Chevy Beretta, Olds Intrigue, Pontiac Montana, Pontiac Aztek, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chevy Cavalier, VW Cabrio)

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Review Date: 26th June, 2008

5th Jul 2008, 10:11

No wonder. All the cars that you have owned are not in the same class with SAAB. Fair comparison would be with entry level models from Audi, BMW or Mercedes.

23rd May 2015, 16:58

I bought a 2005 Linear 1.8t 2.0 litre turbo recently and can understand why people love these cars. Being the low end turbo, the car drives reasonably and will never have awesome Aero performance, but that is probably why owners of this model are so happy. These cars are purchased and driven by ordinary drivers, not pretend racing drivers and are usually treated respectfully... and as such... they last, everything works and they are lovable.

Mine is a convertible and I just love having the flexibility of a four seater commuter and a weekend fun car in the one package. Let's face it... you can't race on the roads without paying a price in some way, and for normal people, this is an amazing car. Good grief... why would you buy a Corolla or some other silly car when you can slide the top down and revel in the sport experience. The car may not have racing performance... but good grief... for such a size, it shoots around any corner and does everything you want.

Having bagged the power of this car, it is only marginally slower than my V6 3.8 litre Holden Commodore it replaced. I could generate any sort of speeding fine I wanted, but seeing as we all have to drive on public roads, this car is perfect... and the technology of the engine ensures it is fuel efficient too. Love my Saab...