22nd May 2007, 21:33

You say to do your homework, and that only certain models have issues... You do not, however, give anybody any assistance regarding WHAT we are supposed to be looking for if we are looking to buy a 9-3. A certain range of VIN numbers perhaps? A day of the week that might be better than another for a "built-on" date? Oh wait, I know, only buy one with the GRAY interior! Instead of looking down your nose at people with legitimate problems, you might consider giving us some useful information or advise.

31st May 2007, 22:15

I guess I am the latest addition, car was flickering oil light today. I bought it used last month and went to my mechanic, he said the car was in good shape and put in synthetic oil.

I took it today from NYC to Atlantic City for a meeting. Light went on and engine speed dropped. I stopped on the shoulder. Towed to station one. They did not know Saabs. Towed 90 miles to station two, closer to home, no help. But it started. I drove out of there, 2 miles later, oil light on, really bad rattle and another call to AAA, thank goodness for extended towing they took me to my mechanic. I assume engine is seized!!!

Mike in NY.

2nd Jun 2007, 06:08

Bought 1998 93se soft turbo sedan, 2nd owner, full Saab service history, 57kms immaculate. Never had a Saab, just fell in love. Just after purchase car started to blow smoke on take off of cold morning start then does not happen again until next morning start. Performance of car is not notably compromised. Returned to Saab, alleged turbo problem, allegedly replaced and written receipt given. After regular interval service approx 67kms (7mths), smoking again on take off from cold start (now out of warranty). Stem valve seals replaced and thick sludge found in turbo inter cooler hoses and pipes making Saab head engineer suspicious that the turbo allegedly replaced was not replaced. With receipt Saab will not honour. Disappointed and pursuing further. The question I pose, is this symptomatic of a faulty turbo or could there be another cause? There has been much discussion about "pan" removal/replacement can I have more info. Thanks.

11th Jun 2007, 10:36

I just recently bought a Saab 1 month ago. 82,000k 1999 Saab 9-5 SE. The other day I came home and parked it. Came back out the next morning and the thing won't turn over. It cranked and sounded like it wanted to go. But no start. Took it to a local dealer (friend of the family) and he replaced DI cassette. The car no runs for 30 min and then quits. Anyone else have this problem and if so a little help is appreciated.


12th Jun 2007, 19:01

Guy w/99 9-5

I'm not sure, but you might check your electrical system, I have a 9-3 and the DI Cassette went out and the car would still start, but would barely run. If possible go to Saab Dlr so they can get the computer code. Sorry, and Good Luck.

19th Jun 2007, 22:30

There is an official press release from 1/27/05 where Saab acknowledges the issues with oil sludge in the following models: 9-3 2000-2003, and 9-5 1998-2003.

They offer a retroactive, eight year full-reimbursement policy for any expenses -- parts and labor -- an owner of these models incurs due to oil sludge. This extended warranty follows the vehicle, not the owner, but you need to still be in possession of the vehicle to be able to make the claim. You also need to be able to show service records. They claim about 4% of the 95,000 vehicles in Sweden are affected, and recommend using fully synthetic oil and changing it often to prevent the issues.

There's also a phone number and email address at the bottom of the statement to Mr. Orjan Aslund, VP Corporate Communication...

24th Jun 2007, 10:21

The person who posted the June 19, 2007 string has not read the entire string. Yes, Saab agreed to extend the warranty and no Saab has not said the warranty follows the car, not the first owner. If you've read the entire string, you will note that Saab often decided that since the person was not the 1st owner and could not provide "all service records" the person was out of luck. Fortunately for me, the dealer maintained service records on my vehicle while it was a demo.

However, Saab also objects if oil changes weren't "spot on", they refuse to do the repair if the sludge in the engines "isn't that bad" or if it's "too bad" because then it's a maintenance issue, not a sludge issue. And, the whole "synthetic oil" comment is a joke. I have owned multiple vehicles with turbos and not one of these vehicles has required synthetic oil in order to be run or maintain its warranty, although my current vehicle does and the dealer and manufacturer tell you that up front before you buy so you can decide whether that's an expense - approximately $100 an oil change, that you wish to incur over the life of the vehicle. So, Saab makes a crappy engine here, fights tooth and nail to avoid paying for their mistake and then blames the customer. NOT NICE SAAB!!! Bad Saab, bad Saab.

19th Jul 2007, 10:36

I have a Saab 93 that died as well, 47k miles...

I have the same exact problem as many of you, and have also spoken to "Judith" at Saab, I have to say she was extremely unhelpful and while Saab contends they do have customer service I've never experienced it.

I'll never buy, never own, never drive, nor look at another saab as long as I live and I'll tell everyone that will listen my story about my problems with saab and the total lack of customer service.

19th Jul 2007, 17:36

I am another victim of the sludge issue.

The difference is that I picked up my "new" used 2000 Aero on a Friday at one in the afternoon, and it blew the crank at seven in the evening.

The engine is not seized, but the main and rod bearing as well as the crank are gone.

I have owned Saabs for years, with running them well over 200000 miles, and this is new to me.

As an enthusiast, I surround myself with people that know motors and internal combustion. I am in on the class action suits. I am also going to sue in small claims with dual defendants (dealer and Saab USA) to try my best to minimize my loss.

If I keep the car, I will modify the oil pan for easy access to the pick up screen, as well as the PVC, and I will have a big oil pressure gauge to monitor.

In a lot of these instances, you are running less than 10 psi at idle when the sludge starts to appear.

Good luck to all. I will continue to monitor this site as we need to get together and list the plaintiffs for class action. Even though we would not see a result for years, at least we would be a member of the suit.

9th Aug 2007, 18:14

I purchased a 2000 Saab 9-3 with 59,000 miles. 3 years ago. Has run great with minimal issues including about 5 recalls on various hoses and ignition module. At 87,000 miles, oil light started blinking on and off, did it sometimes, then stopped. Oil level was full and did not need to be changed, as it was changed not too long before. Then came the minimal smoking, followed by the knock or tap. This engine is gone. Oil pan was removed by a licenced Saab mechanic, and he found the screen was at least 75% clogged, no oil getting to the engine and turbo. I have always taken very good care of my cars and usually hang on to them until they have very high mileage. As an example, I also have a 1995 Saab 900S with 220,000 miles, and it still runs like a champ (and I have never dropped the oil pan to look for sludge)! Saab has now turned me down (at least for the first time) on honoring this warranty repair. I will now pursue a class action suit, as manufacturers with endless amounts of money need to learn not to accept mediocrity in the quality of their products. The high cost of owning a vehicle demands better attention to design.