13th Aug 2007, 16:30

To the poster of 9 Aug - car makers with large amounts of money - surely not Saab, which has been a constant financial thorn in GM's side and repeatedly fails to earn profits.

22nd Aug 2007, 00:06

I am considering purchasing a 1999 saab 9.3 hatchback automatic. I drove the car for about 4 hours and fell in love with it. It has 108,000 miles and a new transmission. The asking price is $5,000 US dollars. Should I get the car or should I be afraid. Because it's a used car and it doesn't have thorough service records, I am a little nervous after reading about "the sludge" monster.

The engine has a slight hesitation when I first accelerate, is that just turbo lag?

The a/c also felt like it should cool a little better than it had. Is that just an AC recharge issue or am I looking at another $500.00.

23rd Aug 2007, 12:02

Do not get the car, in no way shape or form will I ever own another Saab after the service I received from the dealership and Saab Corp., I've never been so disappointed in my life.

The car was taken care of and looked after as the manual states and only survived to 47,000 miles and after reading a few of the posts here, I count myself lucky.

I will never ever consider owning another Saab nor will I in anyway suggest to anyone that it was anything other than a giant lemon. Buyer Beware, this car was nothing, but trouble and very costly.

28th Aug 2007, 10:40

Without PROPER proof that maintenance has been performed, ANY vehicle manufacturer will drop you like a hot potato. Regardless of whether or not the vehicle is in or out of warranty.

WITH proper proof, however, it is purely amazing the great lengths the manufacturer will go to provide fantastic customer service BEYOND the end of the warranty period. Think about it, NO manufacturer of ANY product is in business to make people mad. All they ask is to properly maintain your vehicle.

With any vehicle, regardless of year, make, or model, proper maintenance intervals will provide many years of trouble free service. Both from the vehicle and the service department of your local dealership.

You are obviously more than welcome to 'jump ship' and purchace from another manufacturer. You will most likely have many great years of service from both the vehicle and the dealership. However, one day you may find yourself in the same situation as you are currently in. Then you will find out the rules for that company are exactly the same as the one you've left in the dirt many years earlier, and slung mud all over.

Have a wonderful day!

11th Sep 2007, 18:28

This is the guy who almost bought the 99SE hatchback. I decided not to get it. I ended up purchasing a 2002 Mazda Protege 5 and I freaking love it. Low miles and one heck of tight handling car. Cheap to service as well.

Perhaps one day I will own another SAAB. Thanks for all the help.

13th Oct 2007, 01:59

Wow! I owned a 1997 model 96 when I met my Swedish wife in 1981. We made some fond memories in that car. A couple of years ago we rented a new 2004 9-3 and with our 2 teens had a memorable vacation. Now my son needs a car for college and I thought "Hey, a Saab would be great!" I contacted a few of the many inexpensive, fairly new Saab owners and set up test drives for this week end. Not going to happen. We really need something reliable that won't break the bank. Good memories though. Rich in Juneau, Alaska.

3rd Nov 2007, 21:20

My 2001 S-E Saab died yesterday with 88K of a failed first piston due to a failed ring or piston accd to SAAB. Turbo was also blown. I was driving, white smoke poured out of the back and I pulled over and shut it off. Now no warranty coverage as I bought it used with37K so I am sunk- I owe $5700 on the car yet. Any ideas what a SAAB in this shape is worth to sell or trade? I always changed the oil, used synthetic never had any other problems but LCD panel never worked much.

I just want to get rid of it and go back to Toyotas-I've always had them with very little problems- I'm SOO disappointed- I think something is wrong with these turbo 2-liter engines from my research. A car engine should not die at 88K all at once!! I asked for SAAB assistance but I doubt they will do anything- Im looking for oil receipts but I don't think I have every single one from three years!! I heard if you do not, they will refuse to help out. I just want to get rid of it and forget this!!

18th Nov 2007, 14:10

Purchased 7/23/07 - 37K miles. Lease return - CA.

First overheated in Aug. and lost engine compression going uphill. Saab speciality shop couldn't find anything wrong, so just replaced thermostat and battery. Beg. Nov. lost total compression and ground to a stop on freeway. Shop said needs new engine, blew the top off a piston? Am female & trying to understand all this, but husband, knowledgeable auto relatives & friends offering suggestions. Found the letter from Saab about ext. warranty today. Have asked shop to discontinue new short block and rebuilding head till we investigate. Had also contacted dealer for 2nd opinion. Neither shop nor dealer mentioned warranty. No record in car fax that the recall was addressed. Is this warranty for real? Chances of success if 2nd owner, w/o receipts? Worth it to have it towed to the dealer?

23rd Nov 2007, 16:33

It's amazing to see all these people with their Saab or as they say sob problems. I have a 1999 9-3SE that I drive daily like a race car, have taken all over the country. I have NEVER experienced any major problems with it! The only things have been small normal wear parts, and I have 130K on the car. In fact I've never had any serious issues with any of our Saabs! I'm wondering why all these people are having so many issues?

11th Dec 2007, 09:19

I have a MY 1999 SAAB 9-5 station wagon which I bought in Dec. 2005 with 80 K miles on it. The engine is a B 205. I am a second owner. At 83 K miles the engine blew because of oil sludge without warning. SAAB does not want to honor the warranty because I do not have sufficient evidence for oil changes for the last 15 K miles. The engine was re-manufactured by a specialized company (cost: 7 K Dollars). Now the car has 110 K miles and the turbo unit blew without warning. The power window on the left is out of order. The check engine light is permanently on although SAAB swears that nothing is wrong. The airbag light is on although nothing seams to be wrong. The pixels of the SID blew and the power lock is freaking all the time (batteries are permanently empty). This is enough to drive one crazy. Can I dump this nightmare on a poor soul?