1999 SAAB 9-5 SE from North America


If the electronics were as good as the engine and tranny, this car would be a legend


Headlamps burned out at an alarming rate, so I finally kept spares in the glove box.

The message center had bleed out and the pixels disappeared. Replaced it three times at $1600 per module.

Heater went out and was $3000 to repair.

Badges faded out.

General Comments:

This was the most fabulous car I ever owned. Every time you got in, it was like the first time. After owning it for 8 years, it still smelled like a new car when you got in it. It was SO much fun to drive and so pretty. I am an American housewife, not some skinny little person, and it fit like a glove. The sound system was wonderful.

My daughter's Jeep was in the shop and she borrowed my beloved Saab. She was in an accident, went through a telephone pole and slammed into a tree at 50 mph. When the cops got to the scene, he looked at the car and said "Where's the body?". She had walked away. All four doors opened and the windshield was intact. The gearshift was in the backseat, but my daughter, a bit bruised, was all right. For that reason alone, I loved that car.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2015

1999 SAAB 9-5 SE 2.3 turbo from North America


A dream to own


Timing chain cover.

Window off track.

General Comments:

This car has been a pleasure to drive.

It's an A plus.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2014

1999 SAAB 9-5 SE 3.0 V6 from North America


It has been nice, but testy and expensive


I have to replace many valves, hoses, and belts. I also had to replace the fuel pump. It's awesome when it is drive able, but it keeps breaking on me, and each repair is at the least 300 dollars. I put 1500 dollars into this thing already.

Tonight I was driving home and another hose exploded... I thought my car was going to blow up; smoke everywhere. The coolant hose popped and now I may have to get a new engine, radiator, head gasket, or for sure hoses.

General Comments:

Saabs are sweet, I have 3 and some are perfect, but all are testy at times. They start bad in high heat like 90 degrees. ALL have electronic issues. However, when they are running nice, they are amazing.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2012

2nd Jun 2012, 11:24

Why would you put yourself through this?

Is it really worth it to drive a car, not knowing what, when or where the next breakdown will occur?

I owned a Saab 9-3 Convertible for 5 years, and thankfully it was pretty reliable during that time period (just a few minor issues), however as soon as my extended warranty ran out, I sold it.

It seems that as they age, reliability goes out the window, and all kinds of issues take over.

Believe me, I know how nice a Saab can be (the seats are great), however there are plenty of cars out there that will do what a Saab does, and do it more reliably.

In the 5 years that I owned mine, I really grew tired of the lack of structural rigidity (the steering wheel felt like it had a rubber column as it bounced in my hands even on fairly smooth roads), and was also tired of the CD skipping on less than glass smooth surfaces. To me, these were unacceptable on a $43,000 vehicle. Saab wheels are notorious for going out of round - so avoid potholes! And then there are the disappearing pixels in the info display to look forward to as they age. Anyway, I got rid of mine before that happened, and before any serious problems arose (sold it at 36,000 miles).

I now enjoy a convertible with neither of these issues, and it's also much less expensive to service & maintain. My convertible's structure is solid and tight with no cowl shake or body flex at 97,000 miles. Much more solid than my Saab with 36,000 miles.

Also, in my opinion, Saab parts & labor prices are ridiculously high.

Do yourself a favor before your Saabs break you; buy at least one reliable car that you can depend on.