1999 SAAB 9-5 Griffin 2.3 from North America


Stuborn, but worth every penny


I've had a lot of the same problems most have had; steering wheel shaking between 65 and 70 miles per hour, head light bulbs, tail light bulbs, the passenger window fell off the track, but I love it, and if all that breaks on me is the little stuff, then so be it.

I also have a problem with the throttle body. The car likes to "start hard" when the engine is warm. However, we found a solution to the problem; clean the throttle body about once a month and the car will run perfect. It surely beats buying an $800.00 throttle body. It doesn't take long and it's well worth it. If you don't know how to do this, there are tutorial videos on "You Tube" that'll show you how to do just about anything. *Caution* - there is a specific throttle body cleaner that you have to use on turbo cars. Valvoline makes a good one. Be sure you read the back of the can. Many will say right on them that they are not safe to use with turbo vehicles.

Also, we have to use the highest grade gas available at the gas station, or the car won't run the greatest. It idles funny. We also use "Lucas" or "Seafoam" in the gas about every third or fourth time we fill up. As long as we do this, the car runs awesome.

So, as long as you do the regular maintenance on this car it'll treat you well. It just acts like a spoiled brat. It's not like a lot of cars, which you can drive with a few things wrong (I also have a Jeep Grand Cherokee with 300,000 miles on it, and a million things wrong with it; i.e., anti-lock brakes are constantly working even when not necessary, we never change the oil, transmission fluid, or take care of it the way we should, but the engine runs like a top).

In conclusion, I love my SAAB. We are going to buy another, even though it likes to nickel and dime us, but it's worth every penny.

Also be sure to read the owners manual front to back. You will find a lot of information about the care of your SAAB that isn't necessary on a lot of other vehicles.

You will also find many interesting options the vehicle has that you may not even know exist. We did, but we have a 1999 9-5 Griffin, so yours may be a little different.

General Comments:

Most of the problems my boyfriend can fix in two minutes on a couple of dollars. I love it too much to care about its little quirks.

Every time I walk out and see it in my driveway, I think "man what a beautiful car".

It handles nice around curves.

It's an extremely comfortable ride (the seats are anyways).

The manufacturers have thought of every possible safety precaution they could. I'm comfortable knowing my family is pretty safe in it.

It's loaded with options. So many in fact, it took me about two months and reading the owners manual to figure them all out.

I love my precious SAAB.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2010

13th Jan 2011, 16:50

I'm buying my first Saab this weekend, and I'm incredibly nervous.

I hear all sorts of horror stories, yet there is that "I love it anyway" right afterwords.

Your story has put me at ease just a bit, so thought I'd say thanks, and wish me luck.

1999 SAAB 9-5 2.3t from North America


Money pit


What has not gone wrong with the car. It's one thing after another with this car.

Leaks oil.

Had to have oil pan cleaned out or the engine would blow up.

Wiper motor failing do not work on intermittent.

Speedometer burned out again.

Clutch is slipping at 130k.

Pulley seized and broke the serpentine belt.

Gas smell inside the cabin of the car.

Check engine light has been on for a year.

Burn way too much gas, and burns some oil too.

Thermostat not always working properly.

Brakes are horrible, and they are fairly new.

General Comments:

This is a very solid car and looks great, but is so problematic, it's a money pit. I am disappointed with it. I thought it was better.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2009

12th Nov 2009, 13:40

Aren't many cars "money pits" when they get old and pass 100,000 miles?

(Before people jump all over me - I said "many" cars, not "all" cars)

21st Feb 2013, 21:06

Any 10+ year old car is going to be requiring attention. Some (European) will require you to a) know how to fix your own car or b) have a fat wallet so you can pay someone else who knows how to fix your own car.

This much is absolutely true... there is NO safer car on the road than a 9-5. None. If this is important to you, then the quirks of a Saab are like spots on a dalmatian. They're just there.

I own 2 Saab 900's, and I'm looking for a good 9-5 as well. Will never own any other manufacturer if I can help it (come back, Saab!)

Peace out.