900 16 2.1 non-turbo petrol

They will never make them like this again. Buy one now!!

324 words, Australia and New Zealand

900 Base 2.1 16v

When she runs, she runs superb, and when she doesn't, you will SAAB

651 words, North America, 1 comment

900 S 2.1 non turbo

Good reliable winter banger that looks pretty decent

198 words, North America

900 S Hatchback L4 2.1 Liter

If you find one in good condition, don’t think twice, BUY IT, you will never regretted

645 words, North America

900 Turbo Convertible 1.8 turbo

Best one I've ever driven

108 words, North America

900 s hachback 2.4 16 valve

Better than good and still going!

43 words, North America

900 Turbo

Awesome car which saved my life, but I wish I had more time before I wrecked it

76 words, North America

900 2.1 Liter 4 cylinder.

A fine Swedish automobile

281 words, North America, 7 comments

900 Basic 2.1 Liter

A sensible sportscar

468 words, North America

900 16v 2.0 petrol

If I buy another car it will be a pre 1993 SAAB 900

168 words, UK and Ireland, 5 comments