2005 Saturn ION ion 2 from North America


Love it, hate it


I have had this car for 4 months, and the check engine light comes off and on at about every 30 km.

I put 5.5 of synthetic oil in at 4894 kms and when I reached 8800 kms it was time for another oil change.

And finally the kicker is the darn thing stalled on me when I stopped at a traffic light and wouldn't start again for 10 minutes. And please note this is an automatic not a manual transmission.

General Comments:

My car has been in the service department at Saturn several times and they tell me they have no idea what is wrong with it. It could be that I got the lemon, but they have done nothing to keep my business for the future.

As far as the oil needing to be changed so soon after the last, I was told that the oil should be black because it is cleaning the engine. Well what exactly needs to cleaned on a car with only 9000 km on it.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2005

24th Jun 2005, 16:58

Interesting that the computer is scheduled to tell you to change the oil every 5k. The dealer I was at when I test drove an Ion told me that it measured the viscosity of the oil, and when it became to thick then you needed to change the oil. He also told me that the prices on new Saturns are non-negotiable.

2005 Saturn ION Ion 1 2.2 from North America


Great car for the money


Trunk ajar warning not coming up on message center, other than that nothing has gone wrong with this car so far (touch wood)

General Comments:

We are really please with this car, it rides nice and handles well for the type of car that it is. Acceleration is more than adequate.

The engine maybe a little noisy when accelerating, but it is a pleasant throaty sound not unlike a sports car.

Headroom and shoulder room is excellent.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2005

2005 Saturn ION from North America


I am very dissatisfied with the quality of this car!


The key got stuck in the ignition.

The service engine light came on.

The cruise control stopped working twice.

General Comments:

I have had this car for a little over 2 weeks and have already had 4 problems with it. I purchased it brand new. Less than a week after I picked it up, I was driving to a meeting. When I pulled into my parking spot I shut the car off and the key would not come out of the ignition. I called my father to try and he also couldn't get it out. I ended up leaving it in there while I attended my meeting and then drove it home. After fighting with it for 20 min I was finally able to remove the key.

The following day I went on a hour and a half road trip with a friend. Halfway to our destination, the service engine light came on. It stayed on until the following evening.

At this point I took the car in for service. They said it was a bad sensor and they had to adjust the shifter to ensure the key would come out. They had to keep it overnight and I was given a loaner.

A few days after this happened, a friend was asking about the buttons on my steering wheel. I told her it was the cruise control and proceeded to show her how it works. Much to my surprise, it didn't work.

I was back at the dealership last night and they fixed the cruise. I tested it as I was leaving and it seemed to be working. However this morning I tried it again and it didn't work. I am not happy with this car.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2005

14th May 2005, 20:24

My 2003 Ion, 42,000 miles, has had some four occasions wherein I parked and couldn't remove the key. However, the Owner's Manual provided a methodology that works!

26th Jun 2005, 11:41

That's pretty messed up when the owners manual describes a way to work around a consistent and known problem.

17th Sep 2005, 14:31

The owner's manual does not describe how to work with the "problem". It is a safety feature and the problems you seem to be having all sound like operator error to me.