12th May 2007, 18:29

"American cars are designed to break down, pure and simple"

It's comments like this that prove that some people shouldn't have a vehicle at all.

7th Jul 2007, 12:23

My Saturn 05 IOn stalls every time I turn it on. It will start and as soon as I let go of the key it shuts off. I have also had the problem with the key and also had to get my whole steering column re-done by the dealership because my AUTOmatic would not go into Drive. These issues were all to do with a sensor. My car makes very loud noises going through turns or over a slightly bumpy road. It sounds like my car is going to go off its wheels - it is super scary. The main concern I have is that my car STALLS all the time when turning it on. And I do not think it has to do with weather conditions. If you have had any type of problem like this can you please help me out.. clydelime@aol.com.

28th Jul 2007, 10:14

I have the exact same car, and the same problem! I had this sulfur smell for a couple days, and now my Saturn 2005 Ion is also stalling when I start it, and when I shift below 2nd. Is yours also a manual? If someone solves this problem, please shoot me a cc of the email at beth_drake@excite.com. Thanks!

4th Jun 2008, 11:53

I own a 2005 Saturn Ion Quad4 standard. I have had several problems which were mostly minor so far. Cruise control works intermittently. Once it is on it works fine but will not always turn on. Was fixed on warranty but happening again and no warranty.

Had a squeak in the front end and had control arm rubbers replaced on warranty.

Had mp3 player not play burnt mp3's and replaced on warranty.

Have a clunk in front end and found rubbers on sway bar gone. No warranty left.

Have hard time driving in 1st gear as car is very jerky so have to shift to second soon after starting for smoother drive.

First time I took it in for above warranty work they had to reprogram my computer because of cruise control modification. They killed the main computer and had to order a new one. Gave me a loner to take home 3 hours away and swapped vehicles with me 4 days later at a halfway point. Excellent service while under warranty.

5th Feb 2010, 11:47

I have had my 4-door Saturn Ion for about 3 years, and I have had some problems with the axles and the wheel bearings, I had to get all that replaced.

My car has always been creaky on the bumps, and I don't know if I have to get my shocks replaced. Does anyone have an idea about how much it would cost??

Although I love my car, I have had a lot of problems with it, but nonetheless would recommend it because it's good on gas and the parts aren't to hard to find.

12th Mar 2010, 14:16

I only have 36,000 miles on my 2006 Saturn Ion and have the following issues:

--had to get the electrical steering system replaced.

--Had to replace rear shocks.

--check engine light goes on for a few days, off for a few days, dealer "can't figure out what the problem is"

--Automatic transmission switches gears very hard between 1-2, 2-3. Took it in to dealer, they claim "nothing wrong". Will keep trying!

--the whole undercarriage seems rattly even tho I just replaced the rear shocks. Took it to a mechanic who said it looked OK. They sprayed PB Blaster on it. That helped for a few days. Now back to square one.

-- Oh this car makes me sad and frustrated because otherwise, it's so cute.

16th Sep 2010, 08:13

My girlfriend has an 2005 ION.

Only 40000 miles and already had to replace the starter twice. The starter seems like it's going again as sometimes it takes a half hour to try to get the key to move. As I have seen on the comments, this seems to be a problem with these cars, except with hers I don't have a problem taking the key out, only starting it.

Also the panel on the side by the pedals come off way too easily, every time I exit the car after driving I knock the thing off. I have had to replace rear shocks also, I think that should not happen at that low mileage.

Also had problems with a noise almost sounding like a broken strut coming from passenger front. The struts are fine, and seems to be worse in cold weather.

The way these cars lose value is insane, only 40000 miles on the car and already worth about a quarter of the price she bought it for used. If this car wasn't worth less than the gas tank when it's full, it would be gone and a Honda would be in its place.

Overall horrible investment and wouldn't buy a Saturn or GM product ever again, all my experiences with them have not been good.

18th Nov 2010, 11:38

My wife has a 5 speed quad coup. We love it. It is cheap to drive and fix.

All the things I have read so far like keys that don't come out, starters that won't start are normal wear items on any car.

I found this website looking for instructions on how to replace the rubber lower control arm bushings. I must say I have no problem doing this type of work. I sell fridges and stoves, I have no background in the auto world. Take a moment to look up the same repair cost on a Honda or Mazda. The parts are way more and the labour is higher given you now own a higher priced car.

We bought this car used and it has been great. Having a mechanic who looks for things and lets you know ahead of time helps.

I always love the people who tell me I will never buy another Maytag or GE appliance. Hey they all get used every day and they all break. You washed clothes for a family of 4 for 5 years in a $349.00 washer and the bearing went. Now you will never own another. And you will only buy an LG. Wait till you get that bill!

23rd Feb 2011, 11:57

I've had my Saturn Ion II for almost a year. Overall I have been pleased with it. However the problem I've been having lately is quite scary. Twice I have accelerated and the car just takes off. I have to hit the brakes twice before it will disengage. I just started experiencing this problem. The first time it happened I thought my floor mat had stuck under the pedal and caused it but then it happened again. I am taking it in for a service, so I don't know what the problem is yet.

I also have had the problem with the cruise control working intermittently. When I first bought the car the stereo would work when it wanted to, it would change stations on its own and the display wouldn't make sense, then it would get stuck for a few minutes before you could even turn the volume down or shut it off. Then one day, it just started working and I haven't had any problems for months.

I also had the issue with the console panel on the drivers side being knocked off, but was able to fix that. Someone must have removed the panel to replace a fuse and did not put it back on correctly. The only time my key got stuck in the ignition was when I left the lights on the first day I bought it and it killed the battery.

I bought the car in winter and found out in the summer that the air was not blowing cold so I went to get the air recharged. When they were recharging it they discovered that there was a leak and I needed a new compressor. I was not a happy camper because those are expensive. The mechanic was in shock when he found out what a brand new compressor for that car cost. He said it was the cheapest and easiest to install. I got a brand new compressor installed and was charged for less than $300.

I think the car drives great in the Michigan winter too.

Has anyone else ever experienced the problem with the car self accelerating? I haven't found any other complaints about this.


25th May 2011, 15:11

For any make of car when inserting the key to start, if the key won't turn, try turning the steering wheel a little bit while turning the key. It takes some pressure off key and the key should turn. It works every time, unless you have a bad key. Myself I have never had a bad key for any car I owned, I only did this process when the key would not turn which is very often in any make of car.


2nd Sep 2011, 02:54

My 2005 ion II is doing the same thing; at least twice a day it is stalling, especially when I am reversing and going easy on the gas.

Mine is already 150k, already replaced the stabilizer links because they were too noisy while running on bumps. Once I couldn't turn the key ignition, I was already frustrated, and I called for a tow, but before the guy pulled it, he sprayed a wd40 on the keyhole and it works!

22nd Aug 2016, 00:16

There is a little tab under the steering wheel. Pry it off and insert your finger in the hole. Feel for a little button. Push it. It will release the key.