2006 Saturn ION 3 Quad Coupe 2.4L from North America




Other than not being able to get On-star, absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

I am the kind of person tends to end up with cars built on a Friday.

So I put Saturns' reputation to the test.

It passed with flying colours.

I live in Edmonton, AB, home of Canada's worst drivers, e.g. One day this fall there were over 200 accidents reported for ONE day!

The handling ability and response time of the Saturn Ion 3 Quad Coupe has been amazing and a relief.

So far, it has kept me out of 3 major possible crunchers this winter.

Where as my Cavalier would have been in car heaven on the first one.

My adoration for this vehicle goes beyond just handling.

Even though this car does not exhibit all the fancy flash as others out there, it does have more safety features than many others in the same class and price range as the Ion Quad.

Everybody that gets in it, loves it.

And, who doesn't love the polymer?!

Out of all the cars at work, mine is the only one that still (after many trips to Wal-Mart & superstore) shows no signs of parking lot trauma.

The sound system is decent, actually pretty damn good for factory and you've got places to hook up your i-pod or mp3 player.

There's also front and back adapter outlets, so that all passengers don't run out of battery life.

The versatility of the interior & exterior make trips to Home Depot and Ikea a breeze.

Without sacrificing the look, for those of us out there that really hate hatchbacks and Minivans, but can't afford a decent SUV.

It's built like a tank, I've been rear ended twice, and rear ended someone once, both front and back bumpers show no damage.

And its peppy, this the first automatic I've purchased (main reason-automatics have never had enough oompf to satisfy me)

High driving is great, passing a breeze.

And finally the dashboard, love its location-I've always been an advid gadgits watcher, and it makes it a whole lot easier when you don't have to move your hands and peer through the spaces in the steering wheel just to see how fast your going, or how much fuel you have left. With 'On star' it would've been perfect.

Who needs all that other crap when you have someone at voice command that will tell you anything you want to know, including call someone for you, unlock your doors, or dispatch help when/if you have an accident bad enough to release your air bags.

Not to mention all the child safety features, I'm not a Mom, but I am an Aunt of very young children.

My brother and his wife feel comfortable about them riding in my car because of the child safety features.

My nephews put on their shades, crank the mini pops (or whatever cd they brought) and I maintain my 'Coolest Aunt' status.

It's also great for people with allergies or asthma.

Thanks to the air conditioning and air filter.

I have hay fever and most days, in the summer, I'd rather be in my car rather than my house because all the snuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eye stuff goes away when I'm behind the wheel.

Needless to say, I'm a fan.

But just a note: when buying a car don't cheap out and buy lower end versions instead of getting it fully loaded, top of the line.

You always get what you pay for! So buy fully loaded models within your budget instead of the bare bones of something you wish you could afford.

In the end you'll be happier and it will cost you less.

Oh, and when washing polymer cars always use the brush.

If you just use the wand a residue is left that makes the car look like there is something wrong with the paint. Polymer is more porous, which means you have to scrub it a little.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2008

2006 Saturn ION Base 1 2.2L Ecotec from North America


Do not buy this car, go see Toyota/Honda for the little price difference, it's very much worth it


Well the first thing that went wrong with the car is the whole front end. They had to replace the whole steering linkage after (4 trips to dealer arguing and freaking out) paid off.

After that, the sway bar broke off, had to replace the sway bar linkage kits numerous times.

When the transmission is in 4th gear going about 2500 RPM, there is severe wobble (more than just vibration).

Now at approx 36000 km, there is tranny fluid and or engine oil leaking from underneath the car.

The car is gone to the dealers today 2007/10/23, can't wait to see the outcome of that. Not to mention my emergency brake cable having to be replaced 2x times.

General Comments:

This car rides nice for the price, the interior is very crappy quality, the overall quality of the car is very poor.

I have always done my regular maintenance, like synthetic oil changes every 6000 km, a good underbonnet check up every time I gas up, I always use Super gasoline 91 octane ++.

This vehicle is becoming a nightmare, this is my 3rd GM car (Corsica, Alero, Ion) and my last GM vehicle (the truck wasn't all that bad), the service sucks, their products suck, everyone I know who has GM products built in the last 5-10 years are having severe problems.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2007