2007 Saturn ION 3 2.4 Liter from North America


Great car (SI3)


NO big problems...

General Comments:

Great car; good gas mileage + will last me a long time...

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Review Date: 19th June, 2009

2007 Saturn ION 2 4 cyln. from North America


Disappointed : (


I have been in for service since the first day I bought the car.

I have had the shocks repaired 3 times as the plastic casing gets cold and breaks causing moisture to seep in. I have also had the steering colum replaced, tie rods, sway bar, the windshield needed to be resealed. There also had to re-manufacture the hub caps as they consisted to make noise.

I am currently waiting to go back in to have my other sway bar fixed as they didn't think to fix both the first time.

To top things off I had a flat tire the other day, and couldn't get the spar off as the screw was cross threaded, good thing I was at home and not on the side of the highway.

General Comments:

I really like the style of the car, and the car functions for what I would like to do. I did not receive good treatment from Saturn and was disappointed that I have had the car service more than any of my old junkers I have owned in the past.

I would not buy another ION, and now that I am trying to trade it in Saturn is giving me problems, so I will be looking to other mauufactures. I was a very bad experience for my first new car.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2008

2007 Saturn ION 3 2.4 from North America


It's nice for the price


Basically the cruise control...

Purchased in October 2007 in Wisconsin, dealer traded from Illinois. My fiance was the first one to notice the cruise control wasn't working in December on the way to Chicago. On the way back I drove & it worked fine; I figured it was user error. Driving back from Chicago a few weeks later the cruise control went out again, while I was driving. I took it to the dealer a couple days later & they diagnosed PCM failure. It was replaced and programmed.

In mid-April the same thing happened. Intermittent cruise control failure. I took it to the dealer again and they were only able to replicate the concern once, but they still replaced the PCM again.

It is now mid-May and the same thing is happening. The cruise control works when it wants to, and it's really getting frustrating. The car will go back to the dealer again this Thursday for a longer period of time to give the tech ample opportunity to duplicate the problem.

General Comments:

Other than that, at 5500 miles I love my Ion. It has a lot more headroom than the Sentra did and a little more power. I was also able to find one with leather and a sunroof with the 2.4 engine. Overall, I'm pleased. I just wish I wasn't having the issue with the cruise control.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2008

21st Nov 2009, 21:39

Sounds to me like the dealer did not diagnose the car right the first time. Computers normally do not go bad in automotive applications, but it is easy to understand the frustration: that is towards the dealer, not the car.

2007 Saturn ION 2.2 from North America


Cheap transportation


A rattle in the door or door jam whenever I hit a little bump.

General Comments:

Very cheaply made interior; feels like the handles could break when using, although none have yet.

Carpet doesn't lay on the floor very well; a lot of bumps, poor fit I guess.

There is no protection for the bottom of the radiator, and this car can hit the plastic thing under the car; I would call it ground effects. Even hitting a bump at slow speeds in the driveway.

I bought this car because of the price; this was the last year of the Ion and they had very good deals.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2008