9th Jul 2004, 06:11

The Saturn Ion is a low priced, economical vehicle. This first entry sounds like they paid 30K for it - if so, too bad. The car is great. Performs well, handles well, and the clutch is fine. If you went in with the attitude you have in this comments page, I would imagine they would not want to do anything for you. If you want a Performance car - go buy the new GTO.

9th Nov 2004, 20:41

Although the original comments were embellished a bit, the clutch issue is valid! The very day that I bought my ION2 the clutch pedal sprung up under the dash board. It took a whole new clutch assembly to get it fixed. That is one of a number of issues that I've had in the past 10 months. Case and point... in the 10 months I've had the car, it has literally been in the shop for exactly 3 months. I guess I should say for the 10 months that I've been paying for this piece... Add'l problems? Transmission replaced - twice; sway bar bushings loosen about every 2000 miles (mechanic says there is no fix yet) ; front axles malfunctioning - at 3,000 miles; 9,000 miles, 17,000 miles. Fuel line leaks; BENT flywheel (twice) (obviously by the mechanic replacing the transmissions) FAILING BRAKE SYSTEM! CAN YOU SAY LAWSUIT!!!

20th Jan 2005, 18:30

I have issues with the transmission on my 2003 quad coupe. It has been rebuilt twice, had new fluids put in to correct the problem and is finally getting replaced. I have been dealing with this since June of 04.I had not even had the car a year yet. The first time I took it in they refused to believe there was a problem, then finally blamed it on the speed sensor. Saturn had even sent out a letter saying there was a problem with these transmissions and I am still waiting to get mine fixed once and for all.

Too bad this is the second Saturn I have owned and also my first new car. I love everything about it except the inability of the company to correct this problem.

21st Mar 2005, 15:24

Sharp turns at 40MPH? Only a bad drivers would make a "Sharp Turn" at this speed. This reviewer is full of it.

7th Mar 2006, 11:55

OK, I have read all your comments and can't agree nor dis-agree with any of you, but I will say this. I just bought a 2006 ION 2 Black, Automatic, OnStar, the works.

I love the car it is big enough to be seen as a mid-size car. It is quite peppy and brakes really well. Transmission and engine all seem to be in good working order. The 4 cyl. is equivalent to a small 6 cylinder.

It is well worth the $15,475.00 it almost looks like a SAAB from the front, which reminds me the only thing I really don't like is the look of the rear end almost looks like a Dodge Neon.

Also I always bought foreign cars (Toyota, Honda etc) This is my first American car. OK All you American Japanese loving car buyers, I think it is safe to buy American again!

~Johnny Woolf.