19th Mar 2007, 11:28

What you wrote about bypassing pass-lock makes good sense. Except when I looked all that up, the PLJX only bypasses system when remote starter is being used. So, I'm anxious to see how that works out for you. Do you need to use remote starter or not?

22nd Mar 2007, 12:56

I have just read that for 2003 Saturn Ion's, which is what I have and have also had problems getting it to start, there is a recall for the ignition switch, I'm getting it replaced tomorrow.

2nd Oct 2007, 13:55

The seats stain from water which is super annoying... I invested in some custom-fit seat covers. Upron installing I came accross the problem of getting the back seats to move forward. My car did not come with an owner's manual... can anyone tell me how to move them forward?

13th Oct 2007, 16:57

I own a 2004 Saturn Ion 4 door sedan which I bought new in 2004. At approximately 45,000 miles I started having trouble starting my car. When I would attempt to start the car, the car would make a clicking sound from the starter motor, but would not turn over. At other times it would click for a second and then start. A short time later I received a problem code on the dash board "PWR STR", which I later found out stood for power steering, and it would appear whenever the car wouldn't turn over. I brought my Saturn to a Saturn Repair Service at approximately 50,000 miles. After I signed a repair order stating if I refuse repair service I would agree to pay the diagnostic fee which was over a $100.00, they couldn't tell me what was causing the problem. Their solution was to change everything, such as, the body computer, ignition switch, and ignition for only $1,500.00. After hearing the fee I told the Saturn mechanics that I refuse to pay $1,500.00 for a service that may not fix the problem. I now have 68,000 miles and went through 2 rebuilt starters and 1 ignition switch "not from Saturn" and still have the same problem. I recently went on-line to check for a recall and discovered that not only is my Saturn Ion having these problems, but hundreds of other Saturn Ion owners are having the same problem. Fed up with the same problem I went back to the Saturn Repair Service who said they could fix the problem "PWR STR" for $2,000.00. After I received their estimate I declined their service and drove to Honda.

14th Oct 2007, 20:26

I own a 2005 Saturn Ion, with 32000 miles. Yesterday, I had the key get stuck in the ignition, while it was in the "Run" position. It would not rotate to the "Off" or "Lock" positions, so I couldn't shut off the car. I looked in the owner's manual and tried prying off the panel, under the steering column, as it suggested, where it said I would find "plunger", that would allow me to rotate the key and remove it. The was no plunger of any sort... nothing that moves.

Fortunately, it is a 5-speed, so I stalled the engine, to shut it off, then disconnected the battery cables, to keep the dash lights from draining the battery.

I plan to take it to the Saturn dealership, tomorrow. It is still under warranty. I'm glad to know others have had this problem, so I won't go for the "we've never seen this before" line. I will insist they explain the problem and tell me how it is going to be corrected, so it doesn't happen again.

I'll let you know how that turns out.

15th Oct 2007, 12:45

I have an '04 Ion. I've been having the same "no start" scenario described above by so many others. Has anyone had the problem of blowing the little 2 amp ignition fuse when the switch starts acting up? Mine seems to be affected by very hot weather. I live in south Texas. Also, have any of you attempted to change the switch yourself? I do all of my own mechanic work, or at least I did until this little Saturn headache came along.

23rd Oct 2007, 13:02

I own a 2004 Saturn Ion and we just experienced the Ignition Switch going out also. My husband was 4 hours away on a business trip and stranded because the car would not start. It cost us $1100 to fix the problem!!! Who has that kind of money? We don't! There should be a recall on this! It is absolutely crazy! I will never own a Saturn again!!!

Fed Up.

4th Nov 2007, 08:31

Yes, the stains really get me annoyed too! I had the same problem with the ignition. I just got it back from Saturn, because it was shutting off while driving and even on the highway! They claimed to have fixed the 2 problems (I have had the ignition replaced multiple time previously) and I got stuck 2 hours later. I got a little 'click' then it wouldn't start, and had to get it towed back to Saturn. It's almost a week and they still have it. Nothing comes up on the diagnostics test, so I am very upset.

24th Nov 2007, 17:48

Hi, My daughter has a 2004 Saturn Ion, Seems like she has the same problem as you all. Her battery looses its charge over night now that its getting cold here in New England. Also she tells me her key gets stuck often. I changed the battery, but it seems to only last a day or so then goes flat again. She bought this little car used with high mileage. She just turned 19 and sank all of her savings into it. Can anyone tell me is there a recall?? Will Saturn do ANYTHING to help? What can we do? Thank you so much for your help. You can email me at sdyer@metrocast.net.

26th Nov 2007, 16:10

I have a 2003 Ion and have had the ignition switch replaced 2 or 3 times already. Now it needs to be replaced yet again. This is my second Saturn and I was thinking my next car would also be one - but this is ridiculous!

29th Nov 2007, 14:47

I would just like to say Never buy a Saturn!!!

They're pieces of plastic!!

I received a brand new 2004 Saturn Ion quad coupe when I was 16. At first I was in love with this car, it was sporty and fun and went fast enough for me! As time has passed now I do not feel that way at all. I live in central Minnesota, so it gets pretty cold here. My first winter was fine I didn't really notice anything funky. But around the second winter things were getting weird. Every once in a while I get out to my car for school and it would just click, not even try and turn over. So after a few attempts I gave up and lit a cigarette, and gave my car about 8 minutes (the security feature time) I never really noticed, but when I was done smoking I hopped in and tried it again. To my amazement it started. It did this to me every once in awhile, but nothing too bad where a cig couldn't fix it (not literally of course). And then I was parking in the garage and I rarely had problems.

My 3rd winter I started really getting annoyed. I'd have to hang out an extra half hour/hour after work waiting for my car to start, it was so annoying. If it was going to be around plus or minus 10 degrees around zero I had to be in the garage. It had also left me in a few parking lots for 30 minutes or so.

Now this will be my fourth winter with this same car at 75,500 miles. And my car has made me late to work 3 separate times, like really late, already. I've also been stranded at a friend's 3 diff times.

So I've been just researching the heck outta this thing and I guess majority concludes you need a new ignition switch. Well I did get one of those today and we'll see how long this lasts. The folks at Saturn were really helpful though and let me come in whenever I could get my car to start since it didn't want to for hopefully its last time.

It seems to me that if you use the remote to unlock the car after it will not start it does disengage the security system. But I'm not to sure.