17th Dec 2007, 08:08

My 2005 Ion just hit 50,000 miles, but I've had problems since nearly 20,000. My car won't start if it drops below 30 degrees, but if I wait 10 minutes it will. Then, when I try to turn it off and take my key out it will turn off, but my key will be stuck in the ignition for a min or so and it'll only let me pull it out after the security system "clicks" a few times. Talk about a pain.

To add to it, my dash and radio have problems. Every other time or so that I hit my 1st pre-set button or my volume knob, my display will turn completely off and I can't adjust my radio at all for a few minutes. Or the display will show random lines. And a few times this past summer my radio and clock would just shut off, then back on, then off. And when it was working the clock would be slow and would reset every time I turned on my car. I bought some fuses and went to change them, but before I did that stopped happening and hasn't happened in a few months.

2nd Jan 2008, 21:16

Is there a way we can bypass the Passlock system on a 2005 Ion? I'm having the same problem with my car. It will not start as soon as it's below 0 degrees celcius. Even my dealer never heard of this problem. WoW I'm starting to hate this car!

10th Jan 2008, 08:39

I too have been having the same problems listed above. I live in Wisconsin and bought an 04 Ion in May. I didn't have any problems until late November, and then one morning the car wouldn't start before work. The engine would just barely turn, but not complete start. I was frustrated so I just kept trying to start the car and finally it started after about 10 minutes of trying. I thought it was a bad battery so I got that replaced, but then it happened to me again a few weeks later. It just happened to me again this morning. Does anyone know if it is possible to disable the pass-lock system without purchasing any new parts? (i don't want to have a remote starter)

13th Jan 2008, 22:59

I have been having this same problem... My 2004 Saturn Ion will not start in the morning if it's been a cold night (30 degrees or lower). It takes me 10-15min to get it started. I bought my 2004 Saturn Ion 2 months ago. It's got 54k miles on it and I feel as though I have made the biggest mistake buying a Saturn Ion. I have to deal with this almost every morning which I feel is unfair. The dealership thinks I'm crazy every time I call. I will not pay to have it fixed; I honestly feel as though Saturn should cover the tab for this since it seems as though I'm not the only one with this problem. Any suggestion on how I can get out of this car after only 2 months?

23rd Jan 2008, 16:50

2004 Saturn ION 2. I too am having cold start issues. We live in Canada where 30 degrees is warm. Anyway in Jan it has not started 3 times. I think the PASS lock or BCM drains the battery when it gets too cold. I work in Avionics and this is a known problem when cheap electronic chips are used. The faulty ignition switch mentioned as a recall is due to the wrong grease used. It freezes and the symptom is the car battery is OK, but the car will not go into the start mode, PASS lock Symbol is not displayed with this problem. This is not my current problem it is something in the PASS lock or BCM I suspect. My complaints about this car are too long to list, main ones - seats stain from water, rims bend from small pot holes, sway bar links, hood release, stereo display and 5 set of tires. I am getting rid of this piece of junk as soon as I can.

24th Jan 2008, 12:58

I have a 2004 ION. When I bought it, it had 34,000 miles on it - now it is over 73,000. I loved it! Ask me if I love it now!

It doesn't need to be cold weather for it not to start. I have spent the money and replaced the starter - that was not the problem. $400.00 later - it is still failing to start! SATURN MUST KNOW THIS IS A PROBLEM!! Why then, have they not addressed the issue and changed the situation? Sounds like a Class Action Suit to me. I have an appointment at a Saturn dealer in Madison, WI tomorrow. If they tell me it is going to cost me a lot of money, I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau and the Bureau of Consumer Affairs and send a copy of my comments to the Saturn Corporate Office. I am a woman about to retire and I sure don't need to keep spending money from my fixed income on an issue that should have been dealt with long ago! Saturn should NOT be allowed to soak owners time and time again for what appears to me to be their problem.

29th Jan 2008, 08:36

I bought my 2004 Saturn Ion 2 in December of 2003. I have had all the problems listed in the comments above, the starting issues, the seats staining when water hits them. I've been doing a lot of searching and this seems to be a common problem. I had my ignition switch replaced once 2 years ago when it was on warranty still. It's been so-so since then and now this winter I'm having issues again. I read a suggestion from another website to buy a remote starter. Another comment suggested it was the fluid/oil that is in the ignition switch that freezes and that's why it won't crank. I'm not an expert on cars, but wanted to fix the problem and took this person's advice. I just bought a remote starter for my car and I'm installing it this week. If it is the fluid freezing, then the remote starter will bypass the switch and start it, once the car is started it will warm the fluid and there shouldn't be any problem turning the key. I haven't read all the comments above so if someone already suggested this, I agree and sorry to repeat it. Hope this helps anyone who is very annoyed with this problem that should be a recall.

31st Jan 2008, 14:40

Jan 31 2008

I bought an 04 Ion on Monday this week. I immediately went on a 1700k trip. I got less than 30 MPG. It's a low mileage unit. Now I've got buyers regret!

Bob J.

12th Feb 2008, 07:33

I have an 03 Ion 3. I bought it new, and it has 145,000 miles on it. I have had a few repairs - bushings, sway bar - just replaced the alternator, have a wiper issue that is endlessly frustratrating and a problem with the heater/defroster selector.

Now I believe I am having the ignition switch issue. What I am reading sounds very much like it. I will try to start it and -- nothing. Wait a second and it thinks about it. Sit for 2 minutes and it starts and runs for minute and dies. Wait a couple more minutes and it will start and be just fine. I never put it together with cold. It was very cold this morning, but this has happened about a dozen times now. More in the last month.

All in all, this has been a great dependable car. With all the miles I have on it, I have had very few repairs. If it needs an ignition switch - I am all over it! Thanks for the info! Great site.