20th Mar 2009, 16:31

Well, I am yet another survivor of Timing Chain Failure on an "01" Saturn L-100. I had just got on I-96 in the Metro Detroit, Mi. area and all of a sudden I lost power and the engine took a dump. I threw it into neutral and was lucky enough to coast up the off ramp and turn into a parking lot off of the service drive. It happened @ 08.45 am, in rush hour traffic. I had my 3yr old son in the back and it was about 35 degrees outside and like a genius, I didn't have a coat or hat on..Don't really know what we're gonna do right now, looks like we'll be looking for another car which is definitely not in our budget at this time. Funny as it may sound, I kinda figured it was the timing chain as soon as it happened, I heard something before about Saturn cars and timing chains breaking I just didn't know it was this severe.. A.D.

20th Apr 2009, 21:20

Yep... another broken timing chain. My car was hit in the church parking lot the same morning, but everyone says that it had nothing to do with my timing chain.

It started at church and McDonald's where we went for lunch, but I got it home, tried to start it a couple of hours later, and it just whined.

My 2002 Saturn L-200 is now sitting at a shop, waiting for me to decided if I want to pay over $3000 to put another engine in it. My car has over 120,000 miles on it, so I guess I'm luckier than most.

With that said, so far, I've put $2000 into repairs for a new O2 sensor, a new catalytic converter, and transmission work, I had to replace the fuel pump ($800), and the compressor went out on the A/C unit.

Aside from all of THAT, all I've had to do is put new tires on it, buy a new battery and pay to have the oil changed regularly. I never got a recall notice because my car was bought used.

I will NEVER buy another Saturn and all of the previous comments should explain why. I'll be much better off buying a new car, rather than putting a rebuilt (still used) engine into a 7 year-old car and waiting for the same thing to happen some time down the road, which it will. Thank you, Saturn!

26th May 2009, 17:24

I own a 2001 Saturn L200. I have loved this car for the past six years. I bought it used with 27,000 miles on it. I happily bought an extended warranty, and have had the drive pin replaced and power steering hoses replaced. I was a part of the brake-light recall.

Now with 106,000 miles I became another Timing Chain Victim. There is a timing chain recall, you can find it at www.nhtsa.gov. The campaign ID # is 07V51900. It includes SOME 2001 L Series. However mine was not included. With a $2,650 quote for a new timing chain and upper engine from the Saturn dealership, I'm exploring new options in engine rebuilds from a local mechanic. Has anyone done this, and do local mechanics even touch Saturns?

Please, if you were a T.C.V., report it to NHTSA or the Better Business Bureau.

27th May 2009, 01:24

I too have had I too have had the timing chain problem, but almost twice!

The car was given to me by my parents, it was a good first car! My sister had it first, and I had it for 1/2 months, and stopped at a stop sign and wouldn't go further; needless to say it was the timing chain. $1,500.00 later I got a new engine same year! Although I was very lucky I was stopped, as I got my car the day before I had my daughter, and she was with me!

Two months later, my brake light goes out. My parents are mechanics so they tried to fix it and couldn't, and well no one could at this point.

Saturn has my name registered. I was looking on line to just replace the brake lights, and there's a recall. So I go to Saturn, oh yes ma'am you didn't get the letter! Well a year later I did get one about the timing chain, and they did fix it, and I'm lucky I got it because it was bad!

I love my car, we haven't gotten close over the years, I got it like I said before I had my baby who is 3 now! But the problem I have is Saturn! There are many other recalls I have seen and no letters, and I've gone up there plenty of times, and no mention of them! Not to mention I went up there to purchase a part and the mechanic didn't close my hood all of the way, and driving during 5 o clock traffic it flew off and over! They didn't want to do anything about it! But they did after some gentle convincing! Saturns are good cars, but I honestly don't know what they were thinking with these models!

6th Aug 2009, 16:27

I have an 2002 L200 that is making a faint ticking sound. I was told by a mechanic that it was either the timing chain or the water pump!!! Does anyone know if there is a recall on the 02 L200 for the timing chain??? If so, what are the Vin #'s?

12th Oct 2009, 18:41

Timing chain went on 2001 L200 Saturn with 198,969 miles on it. R.I.P., old friend!!

1st Dec 2009, 13:11

We have a 2002 Saturn L200. On November 21, '09 my wife was driving on the expressway, and the car just died on her. She barely was able to pull over, on the left side of the road, in a very dangerous spot. Found out it was the timing chain. It's at the Saturn dealer now. I told the service dept. person that his estimate of $2500-$2800 to repair it isn't going to cut it. I told him we were never notified there was a recall, and that from what we're seeing about the models affected, the recall isn't covering all the cars that it should, our included. We're waiting to hear their response...

31st Jan 2010, 21:28

January 31, 2010. Just picked up my daughter from a friend's house where she had to stay the night because her 2001 L200 broke down while trying to accelerate on to a highway. It was towed to a repair place, who took it apart only to find the timing chain had broken. Will be calling a dealership tomorrow to find out what they will be doing about this now that I have read all of your comments. Her mileage was at around 90,000. Wish us luck!

26th Feb 2010, 19:57

Are all these chain breaks due to lack of oil or, is this just the life expectence of the chain?

30th Mar 2010, 12:36

I would get it done now. My chain broke at 105k miles about 3 years ago.

3rd Jun 2010, 23:27

Just yesterday I was leaving the grocery store, fired up the engine, slow off the clutch and slow on the gas. I heard an odd noise and mentioned it to my girlfriend who was also in car.

Was in the car again shortly after for a quick errand, and noticed the noise had become louder from almost a "rubbing" or abrasive noise (originally) to a more harmful "ticking". I returned home with concern and went to bed.

Today I drove my girlfriend to work and the noise seemed to be getting worse. I then went to work and drove again 5 hours later on my lunch break. The noise again was worse.

By the time I made it home from work, it had developed into a near violent tone and I noticed there were issues with my compression (not accelerating properly immediately after shifting).

I remembered this site from when I read up on my car over a year ago, and thought it could be my timing chain. After refreshing my memory with countless entries from so many people with timing chain issues with the 2001 L200, I am convinced this is my problem. So now I am forced to not drive it as I would prefer to be a possible "survivor" to this issue as opposed to another victim. Could anyone shed any light on this?

Since my engine is not yet seized and the chain is not yet broken, do I stand a chance at getting through this thing? Also with the recall in effect (as I had just read from other posts), would I be eligible to have this replaced for no cost by a dealership? Any feedback is so greatly appreciated!