7th Jul 2010, 04:15

I read all the comments above. Our Saturn 2001 is just at the edge of breaking apart at this point. We've only had it for three years, bought it used in 2007, not knowing anything about the recalls. I was planning on taking the car from MA to Rochester, NY next week. But after reading everything... maybe not!

Does anyone know if GM still takes the Saturn 2001 for recall? Or is it too late? Or does it depend on the VIN#? Please, let me know if you have an answer.

Thanks a bunch!

28th Jul 2010, 13:56

I too am a victim of the timing chain breaking on my 2001 L200 in 2007. It had about 98000 miles on it. Thankfully, I was able to pull over on the street when I lost power. I was turning onto a very busy street near a school. I had researched the issue and knew, at the time, they had not been successful with a recall.

This year I came across the recall from Feb '08. I called GM and spoke with a very pleasant rep. She said my car did not come up on the recall list, but when I stated that my VIN falls within the range, she told me she'd send me a reimbursement form.

Today I received a call stating that the issue was attributed to a "very small part" that was not included on my car. I remained calm and pleasant, but did state that this seems ridiculous, as I have researched and found numerous sites with my very same complaint... timing chain separated, engine replaced, and then told my car is not included in the recall.

I have lodged a complaint with the NHTSA. In the mean time, my case has been forwarded to the next level up, with the promise of a reply within 24 hours. We'll see what happens.

28th Sep 2010, 07:30

I have a 2001 Saturn L200 with 36,693 miles on it. I bought it new in 2001. I don't drive it much as you can see. I recently have been smelling gas both in and out of the car. The smell is worse when I accelerate. I took it to a mechanic but they weren't sure what the problem is. He checked the tank and gas lines and said they were okay. Just not sure what my next course of action is at this point, but would like some feedback if anyone can help.

3rd Oct 2010, 17:15

I'm on my 5th Saturn in my family now. I had a 94 and 97 SW2 wagon, my daughter still drives her 02 SC2, 90K miles, problem free. I gave my 97 wagon to a friend and he has 190K miles on it now, problem free.

My wife and I drive 03 and 04 V6 wagons, nothing more than routine maintenance. People can be so fickle about owning a car... one thing goes wrong and they'll "never own one of those junkers again" or a breakdown "ruined their life". Well, I've never heard of a Saturn killing people the way those Japanese Toyota's did. Too many people in the USA have no idea how to care for a transportation machine, yet they expect to be problem free.

3rd Nov 2010, 23:29

After reading up on how to fix my '01 Saturn L series for timing chain issues, I got some interesting info.

Saturn recalled these vehicles back in 2007/2008 just for this reason!


My car lasted 3 1/2 weeks, and has been sitting ever since.

28th Jan 2011, 11:35

Our Saturn 2001 L200 timing chain broke, catastrophically, in 2006 on I-75 doing 65. We had the car towed to the dealership and repaired in excess of $2800. Although the recall in 2008 left out our VIN number, so the car was not covered, today I filed a complaint with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - the Fed) at this link: http://repairpal.com/saturn-l200-recall-07v519000

Their engineers will review the information and add our VIN to the recall, thereby forcing GM to reimburse us for the repair in 2006.

IMPORTANT: If you have one of these cars whose VIN is not in the current dead recall, file a complaint with the NHTSA and perhaps we will all be reimbursed by GM.

Good luck!

17th Mar 2011, 18:04

I own a 2002 Saturn L200 with 75K mileage, and the timing chain broke. From what I've read on the internet, this is a common problem for the 2.2 Eco-Tech engines. I wonder what percentage of car owners with the same problem ever received any reimbursement from General Motors? No wonder they went broke.

18th May 2011, 19:12

I recently contacted GM numerous times because I replaced my engine in Dec of 2008 (the recall was issued in early 2008) due to a faulty timing chain, and found information regarding recalls through my own research. Saturn told the garage I brought my car to before they replaced the engine, that had the timing chain "snapped", Saturn would "grandfather" my 2001 L series Saturn in under the recall for timing chain failures, and the engine would be replaced brand new free of charge.

I finally got some info from one of the reps from the customer service line when I started reading recall numbers from the consumer report, and was given a "range" of VIN #s, and the VIN # for my car falls within that range. However, that rep's supervisor told me that my VIN # did not meet the criteria for the recall. I also contacted NHTSA regarding the recall, and was told they were unable to give me the specific information regarding the VIN #s included in the recall.

As a consumer, I find it very frustrating that I have been told different things from different reps at the Saturn (GM) Customer Service line, and the NHTSA is unable to give me specific information regarding a recall they should know all the info about.


30th Aug 2011, 21:31

Add me to the list of Saturn L200 timing chain failure survivors.

Mine is a 2002 4 cylinder with 79000 miles, meticulously maintained, with oil changes at 2500 miles, which is usually about every six months.

The failure happened on an interstate in the middle lane in rush hour traffic while traveling about 50 mph. Miraculously, I made it to the shoulder without colliding with another car. Now, with a $2000.00 used engine replacement, I'm afraid to drive in the center or left lane. Once a week I cross the Mississippi river on a mile long bridge with no shoulder. Someone was killed on this bridge earlier this year when his car quit and was struck by a semi. Anyone who thinks the defect in this car is not dangerous just doesn't get it.

I made a complaint to the NHTSA, but have not received a reply. Does anybody know of a class action suit being filed? Also, has anyone had the oiling mechanism replaced on a 2.2 to prevent another failure? I'd like to know if an independent mechanic would feel like this was a proper solution?