13th Oct 2006, 08:53

I too am a victim of timing chain failure. On my way to work last week and I stopped to get gas. Went to pull away from the pump and car shut off. Had car towed to dealer and was told timing chain and broke and damaged valves and the head in the engine. I have a 2001 L100 series. Was told a salvaged engine would be $2900 1 year warranty on parts only not labor. A new engine $7600 3year 36,000 mile warranty. Was also told Saturn does not make remanufactured engines. I'm upside down with this car as it is and Saturn says it can put me in a 2006 if I put $2000 down. I think I'll let the finance company deal with this and Try to find me a new car somewhere else.

23rd Oct 2006, 17:58

OK, here is another one. Was driving to kentucky and all of a sudden I lost the gas peddle and had no power steering. I had both my kids in the car on I-75 doing 70 miles an hour. I managed to get my car to the shoulder and get help. Had to leave it in Kentucky (I live 3 hours away) and go home. Found out from the mechanic that the timing chain broke and the repairs will cost $2500!!! Have had the car since 2002, and have been greatly disappointed in it (MANY repairs and electical problems). The dealer did the 2 recalls without any problems, but no other assistance is to be found. I am quite upset because my family was put in danger. This is a problem that needs to be addressed.

29th Oct 2006, 11:24

I own a 2003 L200 with 63,000 miles. At this moment, I have had NO problems with this car. I have heard many complaints about this vehicle, but I my case it's been a good car with nothing, but typical maintenance. Therefore, based on my experience with MY Saturn, I would be compelled to buy another, preferably the Aura.

30th Oct 2006, 15:53

Well, add me to the list of very disillusioned 2001 Saturn L200 owners. My timing chain broke this week as I was on the turnpike headed to the college. Very scary to be stranded out in the middle of nowhere. I'm a single mother of two and also a college student who depends on this car I bought from a company I THOUGHT I could trust. I still owe almost a year on this car and I cannot afford the repairs. So basically, Saturn has lost me my job, my graduate degree, and my hopes and dreams. Thanks a lot Saturn.

31st Oct 2006, 04:53

I own a Saturn L2 Station Wagon which broke a timing chain on Sunday, 10/29. We were traveling on the FL turnpike going about 70 mph when the car just lost power and power steering. We managed to get off the road and call for assistance. Had to be towed 80 miles to the tune of $300.00 and then get the car to the dealership in our area. They inform me the engine is blown and needs to be replaced. They offered an used engine with 23,000 miles on it (my car only has 53,900 on it) for $4100.00 w/6month warranty or new engine at $6900.00 with 3yrs/36,000 mile warranty. This car has been serviced at the dealership at all the required times. Iam now worried about my mom who is 79 and bought a Saturn the same year as mine.

I bought a Saturn based on the supposed safety of the car. All the airbags and side curtain airbags and dent resistant doors in the world will not protect you when the car just stops on a major highway in 80mph traffic. I will never buy another Saturn car. I am outraged that so many others have the same problem and no one at Saturn seems to acknowledge there is a problem.

3rd Nov 2006, 22:20

Okay... so I wrote a few months ago about my timing chain failure. It ended up bending 12 valves so ended up getting all of the valves and the timing chain replaced... a $2400 repair. Luckily my engine was not harmed in the process. I had my car towed to a private mechanic before reading any of the posts on this website and others because I honestly had no idea what the problem was. After the car was taken apart and the diagnosis made, I contacted my local Saturn dealer who said "there is really no guarantee that we can help you - but we need to see your car first". I was basically told that if I was at all to get any assistance from Saturn, that I'd have to pay another towing fee, keeping in mind that I may not even be given discounted repair fees, and if at all it'd be less than half because that's what's happened in the past. With the hundreds of dollars I had already invested in labor, I opted to have the repairs done with my trusted private mechanic. I am still working on a letter to corporate, which I doubt will get a response. I'm so sick of my 2001 Saturn LS-2 that if I were not in college and could afford another car, I'd drop this piece of crap in a heartbeat.

7th Nov 2006, 10:37

My Daughter has a 2001 L200 that she bought from me that has 73,000 miles. The last 6 or 8 thousand miles there has been a ticking noise from the engine. I thought it was a sticky lifter, but now after reading about the timing chain problem, I am worried the ticking could be chain related. Did any of you that had the timing chain problem, especially the person with the hole have any engine noises before the break? We also have the Blower issue and I replace the relay, but I am now hearing a bearing going in the blower. I was going to replace with a used one, but after all the issues now will need the $240 new one. I am worried about her driving this after all the problems.

8th Nov 2006, 07:45

I had the hole in the valve cover. I had no warning noises from the engine, just a surprise oil spray. Engine seemed to run smoothly until and during the event.

14th Nov 2006, 15:48

You can add yet another to the list! I was driving on the Interstate Sunday evening when my timing chain broke. I called the Saturn dealership and was told that it may be a loose cable on the battery! I was traveling 70mph when mine broke and I had my 7 and 8 year children with me. Luckily, I was near an off ramp and was able to pull over. I am shocked that Saturn has done NOTHING about this problem! My car is still in the shop being fixed, so I don't know what the estimate is yet. I WILL be reporting my issue as well!

1st Dec 2006, 11:08

Hi all.

Looking at everyone who is in the same boat really does not make me feel any better. My car is at the dealer right now and I am talking to the Saturn customer service Dept. They told me that they have never heard of this happening before. So to help them see the light I printed over 200 different times this has happened so far (that I could find). If anyone wants to email me at jnoti@cox.net with other stories that would be helpful too.