25th Jun 2007, 10:23

Tire wear was terrible, had to replace at 35,000 they would not cover under warranty even though regular rotation. Got new tires at local membership club, very loud, but they lasted 65,000, the dealership could not believe it. Issues starting the car at 40,000 and was advised the computer went out. They said beyond warranty would not cover $400+. Issue with power at 80,000 they replaced filters and fuel filter still had an issue, said needed a new catalytic converter, not covered, went with an after market and the location said if I had any less miles they could not have replaced due to laws in place. Tie rod ends needed to be replaced at 88,000. Since purchased with 14,000 miles have had issue with lights flickering. It is random, but happens. Dealership could never recreate or so they said. Now at 110,000 lights are flashing on and off and smoke is coming from the steering wheel. Have had the regularly scheduled maintenance done at Saturn with oil changes every 3-3500 miles. All traveling is highway miles.

12th Dec 2007, 22:16

So yeah, I too have fell victim to this car's defaults. The thing eats tires and apparently I need a new BCM since it won't even start. This car seems to be a ticking time bomb with regards to major problems. I will never buy a saturn again!

15th Jan 2008, 15:05

We bought our 2003 L200 new and had no problems other than having two tires and driver-side auto locking mechanism replaced under warranty, until about a year ago. Since then we have had multiple electrical problems. The alternator has been replaced, but the car keeps dying anyway. It has been towed 5 times in the last 12 months, and gone through three batteries. Dealership says they can't duplicate flickering interior lights, and apparently it starts right up for them even after we had to have it towed because it was dead. Don't know what to do. Will probably get rid of it because we can't depend on it.

4th Jul 2008, 08:44

I bought my Saturn 2003 L200 in Spring of 2008 with 133,000 miles on it. I've done regular maintenance such as air filter, tires, suspension, spark plugs, and brakes. My car runs GREAT. No oil burn off, no funny noises, great gas mileage and more.

I love my Saturn and would never think of selling it. I've never had a major issue with it and I'm now pushing 155,000 miles. I have a friend Dave and his Saturn has 257,000 miles on it and his car also still runs and performs great as well. I'm hoping to get at least 300,000 out of my car. And I think I just might.

6th Jan 2010, 11:15

My 2003 L200 has performed well since I bought it new, with the exception of having to replace the BCM two years ago (and of course when that went, it burned out a few others things like the fuel pump and head lights).

I too have found lights on the dash going off and on for no reason, and I'm not impressed with the temperature control.

My biggest problem recently is that I go through tires frequently - have blowouts to the point that I have replaced each tire at least twice in the past three years (I've lost count of the tires). Tire shops have told me that the tire side wall is thin, and because the size of the tire is small, the side wall is so close to the ground that it easily rips when you hit a pothole. In my case, many times is happens even when driving on smooth pavement - it's a mystery. Very aggravating since I drive 80 miles round trip to work every day - mostly expressway. Glad the car is paid off so I can make tire payments. Next time I'll buy a vehicle that is high off the ground with big tires.

15th Dec 2010, 01:13

I am happy to say that our 2003 Saturn L200 has been a blessing. We bought it used at the Toyota dealership in 2006. It had been run through the dealer's shop and was declared safe and sound. The car had been in some type of accident, and had been repaired and had 127,000 miles on it.

My son drove the car during four years of college, and continues to drive the car daily. The weather stripping around the windshield needed to be replaced. We were lucky because windshield did not break in the process.

At 157,000, I had the brakes replaced and replaced tires at the same time. At that time, the tires had approx. 35-40 thousand miles on them. I am not sure about the rapid tire wear that others have experienced, but I think our tire wear was reasonable, especially since the tires that came with the car were rather inexpensive.

I will say that we do not abuse our vehicles, and that is part of the reason that all of our cars and trucks run reliably. I would encourage everyone to drive as though there was an egg between your foot and the gas pedal. Don't jump away from stop lights. Use your cruise control. I can assure you that your car will last longer and require far less maintenance, regardless of the make or model.

My Saturn has proven to be a trustworthy vehicle, and has been a great auto investment for us. I wish for better luck to those who have had issues.

17th Mar 2011, 11:10

I bought my 2003 Saturn L200 fall of 2008 131,000 miles on it.

My car was great until the summer of 2010, I have electrical problems now. The GMC Dealership says they are not sure whats wrong with it. They didn't want to change the BCM because they said that may not be the problem. They told me it would be $400.00 to keep checking it out after already looking at it for 3 hours. So I declined, and still searching and still getting stuck at work. Really want to get it fixed.

I am trying to buy a house not a car right now!