2003 Saturn L200 from North America


One of the best values I have enjoyed in any car I have ever owned!


Have had this vehicle for nearly 20 years. Has been a blessing and very reliable to own and operate. As it is a sedan, I think of it as a sub compact. Less leg room and comfortable seating I would prefer. It has been dependable and I have had few issues with it over the years. Has been vandalized twice of the years. Windshield and passenger windows damaged. And reared ended by an SUV in Nashville Tn by a speeder, hit and run. And damaged by someone else years later in a Walmart parking lot.

Most recently, the windshield was replaced and on average I have about 5 to 6 ounces of water directly under the steering wheel every morning. About the size of a pancake. Have rubber floor mats, but the clear water is always under the mat, never up under the dash. Been a nightmare. Even on days when it hasn't rained, I have my little pool of water, clear water, nothing related to wind shield or antifreeze, and I have been puzzled by what has caused this to happen.

General Comments:

Has been a great buy, originally purchased for $16,500.00. And can honestly say it has been very reliable with very few problems.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2023

7th Dec 2023, 20:12

Your water problem could be an A/C plugged drain opening located underneath the car. It's a rubber bladder. The water has no place to go so it backs up and goes on the passenger side floor. It's a simple fix to unclog it.

8th Dec 2023, 19:45

Might be better to park in a garage or carport than leaving the car out in the rain if the water is getting in one of those ways.

2003 Saturn L200 from North America


A bad choice and costly repairs


Fuel pump ($650.00) in 2009.

Air conditioning, 3 times.

It's hard on tires (a known problem).

The car's computer (2013, $1000.00), after which the electric locks won't work, dash lights on and off, etc.

Needs lots of repairs, and the power steering is on its last mile...

General Comments:

Good enough acceleration, holds the road real well (when not in need of again changing tires), seats are uncomfortable, nice looking, roomy.

Thank God it was a second car. I bought a Toyota Corolla as replacement, and my other car is a Toyota Camry...

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Review Date: 11th September, 2014

2003 Saturn L200 2.2L eco from North America


Great car, hands down!!!


Fuel pump.

Lower assembly arm (I hit a curb).


General Comments:

Great car!!! I absolutely loved this car. Great MPG, comfort and low cost of ownership.

The only problem I had (that wasn't brought on by myself) was the fuel pump went up around 200k miles.

The only reason I got rid of this car was because I had too many. I know who has it now, and it still runs like a champ (225k miles). Too bad Saturn didn't make more. Great first car, commuter car or even small family car.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2014

2003 Saturn L200 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


Overall, I'm satisfied


I am the second owner of the vehicle, and purchased it from a Saturn used car dealership, so anything before 60k was not of my concern.

Fuel injection system flush (due to vandalism) : $1300 (happened within 72 hours of car purchase, so the dealership covered the cost).

New suspension: $1100 at 118k.

New tires (4 tires on two occasions) : about $500 per set.

A/C unit stopped working at about 100k, haven't had it looked at yet.

Was hit while parked, damaging rear tail light and bumper: $1100 (the other driver covered the costs).

Brake lights on the rear windshield require maintenance because of a faulty design.

Emergency brake replacement: $300.

General Comments:

Overall, this car gets me from A to B.

I wish the circumstances under which I purchased it were difference, I basically needed a car in a hurry, but I could have done a lot worse.

It's about to hit 125k, and I put about 15k on it annually.

Not comfortable for taller passengers (over 5'10").

Roomy trunk and backseat for any transporting needs.

Easy to find car-seat buckles.

Ugliest upholstery I've ever seen.

Fun on fast curves.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2011