1994 Saturn SC SC1 1.9 SOHC from North America


Very underrated car


Leaks oil... the gasket.

C/v joint replaced.

General maintenance issues.

Overheats unless I have the A/c turned on; something has never been right with the computer and/ or thermostat.

Factory installed window tint is coming undone... very unsightly.

The clear coat is peeling off off my spoiler. Also very unsightly.

I had to have an upper engine mount replaced... the car does not handle speed bumps all that well.

General Comments:

Low power is annoying. You really need that boost to get you through an intersection when it's crucial.

Mountain passes are a challenge for the small engine.

I've put in a K & N Air Filter and platinum spark plugs for enhanced power, but I'm under no illusions that this thing could beat a Honda Prelude VTEC. :-)

It's fun to drive, which is why I wish this thing had been given an awesome engine in the first place. It really handles amazingly well on turns and cloverleafs, and at high speeds you can hardly tell you're going that fast. I've gotten it over 105 mph many times in Arizona.

3rd gear at times is like a kick in the pants.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2004

1994 Saturn SC 2 4 cylinder from North America


Fun little car, but it will give your wallet a ride



Have been through 17 new tires, 14 plugs, and countless balancing and rotations. No nails, the tires just go flat and wear bad.

Replaced Muffler in 1999.

Metal piece connecting to muffler fell off in 2001 and rubbed ground- sparks went everywhere- got that fixed.

Replaced clutch in 2001.

Speakers were fuzzy.

Entire brake system failed in 1999- had to get that redone- $1000.00.

Head lining fell down.

Power windows broke.

Power doors broke.

Power locks broke.

Cruise control broke two weeks after buying the car.

Power Fluid steering was leaking and spraying all over the engine. Saturn dealership did not notice this and tried to charge 1700 for another problem.

Now here is the kicker, oil disappeared. Saturn said $1700 to fix. I said no way and just added oil every 3 days for a year. Another expert said Saturns naturally seap oil, so even with the replacements it would still burn oil.

General Comments:

I should have bought a corvette to start with instead of putting thousands into that saturn.

Worst car ever, but I miss it. It was so fun to drive. I am having stick shift withdrawals. Fast little car, very fun to drive. Very pathetic when it comes to maintenance.

Always had a mechanical problem.

Mysteriously burned oil. No leaks- just burned a lot of oil.

Could not make a trip longer than 2 hours without the car running hot.

My car would start to run very hot when idol. It would be in the red by the time I could get a McDonald's burger.

The dash of the car rattled really bad.

Excellent on gas mileage.

Synthetic oil helped some with the oil burn problem. Did this the last few months I had it and I only had to add oil every 4-5 days.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2004

1994 Saturn SC SC2 1.9DOHC from North America


Indestructible car


Nothing out of the ordinary.

Retractable headlight motor at 200,000.

Water pump at 280,000.

Struts and motor mounts at 300,000.

Alternator at 325,000.

Headlight doors have begun to rust. This is the only rust on the car.

Air conditioner really bogs down the motor.

General Comments:

This is one tough reliable car. I have driven it since new, putting 390,000 miles on it with only minimal problems. The car still has the original clutch. The motor itself has never be touched. It uses about 1/2 to 3/4 quart of oil per 1000 miles. The most reliable car I've ever owned.

The 5 speed manual transmission is great and still shifts well.

The car has no door dings or rust because of the plastic skin. Paint still looks good.

I still get about 30mpg on the highway.

The handling is still crisp and tight.

It has no rattles, squeaks or other noises which is saying something at almost 10 years and 390,000 miles.

I hope to get to 500,000 miles.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2003

30th Sep 2003, 11:39

It is encouraging to hear your Saturn has covered 430,000 miles without any major problems. I own a 1993 SC2 that has done 102,000 miles and has behaved fine so far, hopefully mine will turn out to be as good as yours.

Simon, England.

7th Feb 2005, 10:28

I own a 1994 sc2 with 129,000 and I'm getting a load knocking noise coming from the engine, we think it is a piston rod. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

13th Feb 2006, 01:02

If your engine is knocking, take it to a reliable mechanic immediately, before the knocking does some damage to the engine.