1994 Saturn SC from North America


A very dependable and reliable car


I needed to have the brakes replaced, both front and rear, twice. Each time at about 50,000 miles. And I had to replace the alternator once. The front seat began to tear for some reason on the drivers side. It is on the upright edge on the window side. And just recently, at about 90,000 miles, I had to have the head gasket replaced because of an oil leak.

General Comments:

This is the most reliable car I ever owned, and I think that's why I've kept it for almost 10 years now. It has never left me stranded and I've driven it numerous times back and forth from Chicago to Los Angeles. It's a car with a very small interior and the acceleration isn't all that great, especially with the air conditioner running, but outside of that, I think it's a great dependable car. And I've taken the car in for scheduled services, like oil changes, at different Saturn dealerships throughout the country, and at each location I was treated very well. I will definitely purchase another Saturn, most likely in the next few months just because I would like to have a newer car, and the interests rates are 0. But my next Saturn will need a bit more horsepower than this 1994 SC1.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2003

14th Apr 2004, 12:12

I thought I had written this review. Same problems, very eerie. Even to the tear on the seat.

1994 Saturn SC 2 from North America


It is a good car, but once you begin to experience problems be prepared for the repair bill


Motor mount needed replacing immediately after driving off lot.

Continuous overheating problems for 2 years having replaced numerous parts in attempt to troubleshoot.

Clutch is now in need of replacement.

General Comments:

Up until 2 years ago I have had no problems with my 94 Saturn sc2 other than regular maintenance. Now the problems are coming on and ones in which no mechanic can figure out. 2 years ago I began to experience temperature problems. We know several mechanics and in turn have gone to them to replace thermostats, temperature sensors, water pumps, radiators and such and still with no luck at solving. There are times in which I thought the problem was fixed and it drove fine and then the same thing started again. Saturn has told me the air deflector (plastic piece below front of car) is a necessity. This piece fell off my car a while back and to replace one, Saturn wants $550 just for the part. This is a piece of plastic!! I am going to take it in and put on their computer tomorrow and hopefully they can correctly diagnose. Even so I won't dare let them fix. They are outrageous on their parts no matter how big or small the part and then labor is always sky high due to such a compact space under the hood.

I have read many of the postings on this site and I do agree that these cars have mysterious problems, but buying a used car is always a gamble. I have been fortunate that my car has lasted as it has for so many years with little problems till now, but I believe how well a car is taken care of before you has a lot to do with the number of problems you will have once in your possession.

If anyone has owned this model Saturn and has had the same temperature problems as I, I would be more than glad to hear what the problem was. This has been one of those mysterious problems that no mechanic can figure out.


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Review Date: 24th July, 2003

25th Jul 2003, 11:26

I drive a 1993 Saturn SL2. We could never solve our overheating problem either. The only way I could remedy the situation was to bypass the a/c and temperature sensor and wiring the fan motor independently. I could never rely on the fan motor to kick in via the temperature sensor, even though I replaced the sensor the fan would only operate once the temperature gage was nearly in the red zone! Obviously not good with an aluminum cylinder head! I now have a manual toggle switch gaffer taped to my dash on drivers side, power from the battery, wired to the fan motor. Thus I now switch my fan on whenever I like! Never overheats now! The Saturns were engineered to run hot, presumably because GM loved the idea of consumers coming back to them for new motors and head gaskets! My SL2 now has 281,000 miles on it. Transmission is manual and understandably harder to get into certain gears. My vehicle burns lots of oil,these all do; I need an oil tanker in tow! I have never had any engine work done, I have looked after this vehicle and add marvels mystery oil into the engine since 120,000 miles. I only ever used Havoline oil and switched from the recommended 5w-30 weight to 10w-30 weight at 180k miles. I am sure this is why this vehicle still runs. Well I hope this helps you.