1994 Saturn SC sc1 1.9 ltr from North America


It can take a beating and won't let you down


The engine has burnt oil since I got it, headliner fell down, a plastic rivet fell into the panels of the car and rattles constantly, front right brake rotor warped, windows barley roll down, and a few other regular things that would happen after years of use.

General Comments:

I got this car as an even trade for my fixed up truck that I spent 2200$ trying to get the front end fixed on, but it never happened leaving me with no money and a nice 8 miles to the gallon. This car has been great, it gets a good 28 miles to the gallon and is very reliable. Tho it burns oil and has a few minor cheap issues this car has never let me down. Even after I raced it against my friend going 100+, shifting on the red, low on oil, hitting deep pot holes, she still runs strong. I'm getting a new engine put in her right now because I'm tired of the oil burning, but even if I didn't do this I'm sure this car would make it well over 150k miles with the engine it has. I believe this car would literally fall apart before ever breaking down on me. I recommend Saturns to anyone, they are great reliable cars that can take a lot of abuse and keep going.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2003

1994 Saturn SC 1.9L from North America


Excellent and reliable sporty vehicle


This has been the best car that I have owned. Yes, when I first bought it I took it in over an oil consumption problem. Saturn of Tulsa checked it out and determined that the car had a bad oil ring. They fixed it that day and I was on my way. I now have over 220k on the clock, I do not race it anymore, but it is a commuter car. The only problems I have had with it are clutch replacement and two alternator replacements. This is has been a great car, but you have to take car of them. They are not tolerable to neglecting.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2002

1994 Saturn SC SC2 1.9 Inline 4 from North America


Highly underrated


One headlight cover has rust bubbles.

Back seats look grungy in spots.

Engine replaced at 30,000 by Saturn.

General Comments:

I absolutely love this car. I was car-shopping for about a year, and never found one anywhere near to where I live.

It handles incredibly well. It's very quick off the line, and third gear is like a rocket-boost.

Everyone seems to have something against Saturns. "rattle box" "plastic pos" and so on.


This last week I got into a minor car accident. I was sideswiped by a larger truck, which had no damage. My car looked terrible. The officer estimated over 1000 in damages. I took it home, spent 6 hours in my garage (No, I'm not a mechanic... i mean where I park my car). I reattached the bumper, which had no problems at all, I re-attached the passenger side mirror (glass didn't even break) and I buffed out all the scrapes and tire marks from my rims and in the side with some polishing compound. Result? The car looks as good as new, minus a 2 inch crack in one of the door panels, which I will eventually have replaced. What the officer originally estimated will be way off, as the door panel will only cost me 200 at the most. If I was driving a regular car, I would be looking at 1500+ in damages right now.

I'm a little tall (6'1"), so I have the seat back a little bit, and if I sit up straight, my head hits the ceiling.

I love the 5 speed.

Saturn factory speakers are nice and loud. I think I have a premium factory package, just because they sound so great.

I really like the Saturn company, and their ideas. I DON'T like the way they are going, with the vue and the ion. They need a high-performance car, (mustang, viper, corvette, etc...) I've heard of a concept car known as the Saturn Sky, but unfortunetly, it looks as though it will only be a concept.

I researched every single car in my price range, and this is the fastest. It's the fastest car in my school. I'm 16.

The blue book on my car is 4600, and I paid 3500 from a small dealership because they couldn't sell it to younger girls looking for a sportier car becuase it wasn't an automatic. Fortuneltly, I was looking for a 5-speed. It's my dream car!

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Review Date: 4th November, 2002