10th Aug 2005, 13:40

I'm glad that I found this page. I own a 1995 Saturn Sl1 and have had a lot of problems with the car in the past few months. The car has around 130,000 miles on it. The problems that I have encountered are as follows:

-Engine uses at least one quart of oil every 300-600 miles

-Oil in the antifreeze

-Pinging noise coming from the engine

-Engine loses power and starts shaking in 5th gear and going up hills

-Windows leak water

-Replaced the serpentine belt however it is still noisey

Can anybody help me with this problems?

It seems that everybody is experiencing the same problems. I know one thing, I will never buy another Saturn again since they will not stand behind their products.

15th Aug 2005, 00:34

I purchased a 95 Saturn Sl1 about a year ago. I also had "the leak". However, I went to the local home improvement store and purchased water proof sealant. It worked!!! Now, my car keeps shutting down. I got a new battery, and I had the alternator tested. They told me that the altenator was good, recharged (my new battery) and two days later I was down again. Now, the car has been sitting for the past two weeks. I wonder if it could be the starter...

12th Feb 2006, 13:05

I own a 1995 Saturn SL1 and have no problems with it maybe it is the up keeping that I do with it I change oil on a regular bases normally 2000-2500 miles and change the spark plugs and fuel filter every 5-6000 miles. It burns no oil at all and the doors don't leak in the slightest. I live in Minnesota and the winters around here can be something to contend with. But there have been no traction control issues with it. It drives and handles like a dream. and at 170,000 miles its still like brand new.

12th Feb 2006, 18:01

To the august 10th commenter:

5th gear on many manual gearboxes is an overdrive gear, which is only supposed to be used for highway cruising speeds on flat surfaces and terrain. What you are experiencing is totally normal. The engine doesn't have the grunt to move the car at the same speed in that gear up the hill, and it slows down and the engine bogs down and makes the shaking motion because the engine is about to stall.

All you have to do is downshift to 4th and let it rev high for awhile till you are over the hill. I do it all the time with my f150 V6 5speed. Especially with a load in the back. Its just a normal part of driving a manual.

12th Feb 2006, 20:23

I have a 1995 SL1 Saturn in which I have a problem with the front doors leaking, driver and passenger, and also the sunroof. I have installed another motor and transmission and I also have put in 2 alternators. Other than it is great on gas I have had nothing, but trouble. I recently had to get a wet vac to get the water out of the car. Please help me with trying to find out what to do about these leaks.

18th Feb 2006, 20:51

I bought my 95 SL new and it now has only 53,000 miles on it.

Not one ounce of trouble and no leaking door problems as others have mentioned.

Changed the oil every 3,000 miles and had the maintenance done as specified in the manual.

Great on gas consumption and absolutely no oil problem.

It's all in how you maintain your vehicle.

I am giving my Grandson this automobile and teaching him how to maintain an automobile in order for it to give him continued reliable service.

I am sure that this little vehicle will continue to give him a great deal of reliable service.

22nd Feb 2006, 08:24

I have had some of the mentioned problems, but overall I'm pleased with my 95 SL1. Regarding window leakage, I had no idea that so many people had this problem! We carefully pulled back the door seal, and added caulk. We also put a thin bead of caulk on the outer seal along the roof. Problem solved.

I also need to replace the EGR valve. With 150K miles, though, I expect to have to make some repairs. It's hard to say how much of these repairs are poor car design versus normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, Saturn parts are expensive (500 for a windshield w/install, 200 for EGR valve, 200 for muffler).

13th Mar 2006, 23:41

Hey, I just bought a 95 Saturn SL1 & the service engine soon light came on...Have any of you had a problem like this? This car only has 63,800 miles on it & everything under the hood "looks" clean.

14th Apr 2006, 12:27

To the Feb 18'th poster: It's not really all in how you maintain the vehicle. I have a 94 SL1 and after about 55K miles a bolt fell out of my cam shaft causing a breakage. I followed all of the maintenance schedules and regardless; a bolt should never fall out of the cam shaft. I also have the drivers side door leak, that is not a maintenance issue. All in all I am satisfied with the vehicle. It has 127K on it now and the transmission is beginning to give me trouble. Not sure if I should go ahead and have it rebuilt or not. I have a friend who has the same car and has 250K on it. If I can get another 100K out of the engine I think I will get the transmission work done.

19th Apr 2006, 21:21

I have a 95 Saturn, and also have the some of the same problems. Right now I am experiencing a coolant leak. I took it to the mechanic, they put it on a pressure test and found no leaks. I had the cap replaced, but the car still leaks coolant. I am so confused.

25th Jul 2006, 03:12

I have a 1994 SL1, and at 193,000 miles I lost the engine, so I went to the next year up and bought a 1995 engine from a donor car with 43,000 miles on it. I've put right at 15,000 miles on it... it did fine until about 3 days ago. I heard a noise coming from the timing chain area like a real fast ticking, then the car just died and hasn't tried to start back yet... I just wonder if it has to do with the timing chain? Has anyone else had this problem??? Please reply if so, and a little info would be a great help...

24th Aug 2006, 15:35

I just purchased a 1995 Saturn SL1 4 door sedan, 4 cylinder with 144000 miles on it. Everything kinda seemed OK at first, but I went to have it checked and it has a blown head gasket, and Bad transmission and oil leaks, and water leaks through the door, it's a very nice looking rig just has a lot of problems. I don't think I would recommend this car to anyone.

4th Sep 2006, 21:05

I own a 95 Saturn SL1 and I have an overheating problem, and I think it might be the fan not kicking in when it should. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem, or any other over heating problems with theirs? I just replaced the thermostat and had to get a new battery at 110,000 miles.