22nd Sep 2002, 01:04

It's funny you mentioned trying to talk above 50 MPH. I thought it was just OUR car. As for oil consumption, our '94 uses a quart every 300 miles. The car does have 160,000 on it, but my '89 Ranger has 245,000 and uses a quart every 3000. I've had the Ranger 12 years, the Saturn 5. I have put TWICE the money into that Saturn.

22nd Mar 2003, 15:42

I must say I've had 2 Saturns both 1992 sedans and I am very happy with their performance. There is a problem with the window leaking on driver's side and serpentine belt problems, but other than that no problems, I will buy other Saturns in the future...

5th Dec 2003, 08:16

My SL2 is now thankfully being donated to charity, the only way I can sell this junk. This is the worst car I have ever owned. It regularly broke down or left me stranded. They certainly are a different kind of car company. The image that these cars now have is beyond a joke. Absolutely zero class. I really did feel like trash when I was driving this car. Yes I also had to buy oil by the caseload although it did not leak any.

28th Jul 2004, 00:26

93 Saturn SL2, I have had many of the problems this discussion has pointed out. My car is at 160k miles now, it now has service engine light, the passenger door window won't come up any more since last 2 weeks. The mechanic to $80 to diagnose and told me to junk it, as it will not pass smog. It just is weird that people had the same oil consumption, driver side seat-belt clicking, EGR valve stuck, ignition coils burnt/corroded, water pump seized, alternator replaced, engine mounts broken, etc, etc.. I tell you these problems did not happen in the 100k+ range, but in the 50 to 100k range. You have to know when exactly to add oil. After spending 160k miles with the car any sound out of the ordinary is cause for bigger trouble with a Saturn. I hate Saturn's reliability and crappy workmanship.

I only thing I like about my Saturn is even after 11 years, its Silver color is intact, when I wash the vehicle it still looks new. Sun or rain nothing affects the color. I will have to donate this car in a month or so, I cannot have it in the winter.

I opened the front window outer panel, to see if I could move the glass window up manually, it was not possible, is there a trick to just disconnect the motor and roll it up manually?

18th Oct 2004, 17:00

I've had my '93 Saturn SL2 for a little over a year now. I always have a case of oil in my trunk because it goes through it so quick. My driver window stops going up when there's still a 1/4 inch gap and starts making a cracking/cranking sound. My check engine light comes on after about 15 minutes of driving. I've replaced the muffler 3x. My heater blows cold and my a/c blows hot. Traction control is a joke. RPM is always too high. Only get about 22 mpg. Shifts out of park hard unless I give it 3 minutes for the RPM to slow down to a normal idle setting. Sometimes skips a gear when driving. Always been able to get me from A to B though...that's about all I can say for it..

24th Feb 2006, 17:06

Okay, I guess the SL2 was not a good model. I have an SL1 and I love it to death, wouldn't trade it for anything.

But I do get the squealing noise you talked about. On mine, it only happens when the outside temperature is below 50 degrees, it goes away temporarily when you accelerate, and it stops all together once the car warms up.

I've taken it to several reliable mechanics (including my own brother) and they have all agreed: 1- no one knows why it does it and 2- it doesn't affect the performance of the car. I've had the serpentine belt (and the entire tensioner assembly) replaced because they really did go bad at about 60K. The noise from this problem was louder and didn't go away. Your mechanic should have been able to tell the difference. My diagnosis: the problem isn't your car, it's your mechanic. He also should have been able to tell you why the car burns oil so fast. And "It's a common problem" is not a satisfactory answer. If you ask your mechanic about a problem, he/she should explain to you exactly what happened and why. Even if you don't understand it, it shows they're not trying to pull a fast one. Anyone who dismisses a problem with "it's a common problem" and then charges you out the nose for diagnoses is a crook.

8th Jun 2006, 20:11

Guys! I respect all of you who had bad experiences with yours Saturns. But... I m sorry. you should had been a bad luck. Similar things happened to me with Phillips TV. I hate it, but some people love it. I had one Saturn 1991 SL2 and now I have a 1995 SL2. I drive it about 60 mile every day and I've never had a problem besides of the "it drinks some oil that you don't see where it has gone". Otherwise the machine is strong and fast (5 speeds). Resistant to the holes on the road and better than all, very very low price. For a car like that, this car has been amazing to me.

18th Oct 2006, 13:09

I have loved my 95 SL2 for years. After it hit 150k it has started to show it's age. It uses some oil, but always starts (except when my daughter left the lights on) Couple quarts of oil per oil change is still less than a car payment.

One thing I did learn, replace the belt tensioner with EVERY belt change- the timing cover is very hard to find without buying a new engine.

1st Nov 2006, 20:25

I totally agree, my Camry cost about $4000 in repairs after just five years of use. Now I'm driving a $1000 Saturn SL cause the Camry's engine froze up, no, not exploded, froze. Apparently the quality rep is so good even the dealer seems to forget I exist.

8th Dec 2006, 10:03

I guess I've been one of the lucky ones. I own a 1996 SL2 and have never had a single long-lasting problem with it. Sure, I had to replace the radiator and the coolant reservoir last year, but it's been a champ for the past ten years. Long live my SL2!!

1st Apr 2007, 12:46

Well, I suggest not paying so much for repairs and doing some research to learn how to fix problems on your own. Many of the problems are basic fixes and could be done fairly quick. At least quick compared to what the repair shop was making you wait. My girlfriend has an 95 SL2 and it is great. Other than a resister for the fan switch going out and one window that sticks a little their has been no trouble. Oh I switched serpentine belt once for her. took me ten minutes would have been faster, but there isn't much room for hands in that engine compartment. Any ways.. yeah it's been a great car she has drove 100 thousand plus and it only has had one change in pads and oil changes. Beyond those things she has spent only $30 on car repair. (for the resistor).. I am amazed to hear of the bad luck people have had. Wierd.