11th Feb 2008, 11:06

1994 Saturn SL/5-speed (purchased new) still running great & has nearly 220K on this auto. We fill the tank every 2-1/2 weeks with MID-grade gas (abt 27mpg) & change the oil myself every 3-4K. This car has been extremely reliable and we have purchased 3 other Saturns since ('01 LS, '05 Vue, & '06 Ion).

Greg in Smiths Station

10th Mar 2008, 09:44

Hello everyone, I picked up my 95 Saturn SL2 5 speed 150k miles on it for $500 recently! I love this car, I just took it down to California on a 1800 mile journey getting 38 mpg and no problems, runs like a top!

Man, and this car still looks hot after all these years.. love those plastic body panels which I hear they will be discontinuing due to the large panel gaps required to allow for expansion on hot days.. my word how stupid.. I don't notice the LARGE gap on mine.. it's fine.

Now the oil consumption.. yes mine does it too.. I found out why, they have a certain oil port design in the head that causes this. nothing to worry about.. hell I'll put up with buying a few quarts of oil now and then to have a car as reliable as this one has been.

Coming from a 93 Ford piece of crap Taurus, that had something going wrong with it every other week! I'll never buy another Ford, too many electrical problems.

All the electronics still work on my Saturn! Even the AC, lovin it! I have been reading these cars can go 300 - 500 k! One I just read hit 700k and no engine work! I'm a happy camper indeed.

Now if the new line of Saturns can only match this reliability.. we shall see. I have an engineering background and I can see the good engineering in this vehicle for sure. Not bad for $500 bones me thinks.

4th Aug 2008, 12:07

I have been looking for a Saturn for many years, mainly because of the reported high MPG and the ability to tow it with all 4 wheels down.

I found a 1995 SL2 with just under 125,000 miles on it for only $325. That's not a typo! The seller thought it had a cracked block, but I was able to get it running, it just wouldn't idle. It took a bit of coaxing to get it on the trailer, but it made it the 40 miles home and to my surprise, it started right up and idled just fine. I'm not sure what was wrong originally, but it continues to run just fine and I even recharged the A/C myself with a $20 can of 134A.

I still need to replace the headliner and the speakers sound blown, but I have a spare stereo and speakers I can use.

The car is gold with a spoiler and has leather and automatic. Where were these cheap cars when I was young and poor? :-)