8th Jun 2003, 18:49

I think this owner should be given an all expense paid vacation to Fiji for his pain. Saturn's are crap, compressed rust and Reynolds saran wrap interior. They aren't even metal, just an all plastic ride to hell. I bet anything the dealership will pay you to take these damn things off they're hands. I know when I bought one the salesman ran into his office and started crying with joy because he actually sold a Saturn. They have been building these cars for 10 years, I'm surprised the government let them stay that long. They are an eye sore anyway, nothing special just downright mediocre, and that is being generous. Kudos to you my friend, go buy another car, a rice rocket.

30th Jul 2004, 10:48

If you bought the car at 130000 and expected not to put nothing into it then why did you buy it? I have a Saturn SL 92 and it's a really good car. The previuos ownner of your car messed it all up first.

4th Sep 2004, 09:21

So, let's see if I understand this?

You bought a used car, you refuse to even get the radiator fan fixed...?

Seems to me like the car deserves a better owner, not the other way around.

Of course you could fix most of these problems yourself.

You know, fix them and fix them right. Save yourself lots of money and headaches.

12th Sep 2004, 09:01

I have a 1992 Saturn, which I bought new, and a lot of the problems he described have happened to me also, the window, although it was on the driver's side, the cheap plastic rattling, ac quitting. I have taken very good care of the car and some of these problems cropped up before 100k miles. Had to replace the alternator as well in the 40s.

All of that said, the ac just quit this year at 130k and the window quit around 100k, so maybe this is the norm for many cars?

Overall I would rate this car a push for value. I bought a Honda Pilot now, my daughter has the Saturn, I'll see how this thing holds up when I pass 100k, it is the first foreign car I've owned.

30th Sep 2004, 22:08

I'm about to buy my first car and I've found a Saturn of this same year at a good price and it's in good condition... I appreciate all of your comments. Wish me luck.

20th Jul 2006, 05:48

My 1992 Saturn runs good and is in good shape, but won't pass the emission test.

10th Sep 2006, 20:58

Everyone who has problems with bad catalytic converters and emissions: replace your oxygen sensors and/or EGR valve. This is your problem.

6th Dec 2006, 10:38

I own a 1992 Saturn SL1, and I love it! Of course right now it will not start, but seeing that it is 14/15 yrs old with 153,000 miles on it, I figure that is pretty good! I've had to replace my muffler, alternator, tires several times, brake pads and rotors, both tie rods as well as alignments. I just had the spark plugs and air filter changed and will be replacing the battery. its possibly the fuel pressure regulator that will have to be replaced which is causing the car to not start. most of the things that I have had to replace in my car is just regular maintenance things, and typical things you may need to replace in any car over a certain mileage. I also have panels coming off, so understand that is a pain, but its cosmetic not function. I probably will need to have the trans fluid changed out, but again that is just typical maintenance stuff that needs to be done with any car every 30,000 miles. I believe that my car was well maintained by previous owner based on the condition it is in. I wish I was able to take care of it better the first 3 yrs I had it (I have had it just over 4 yrs now), but as a poor college student I wasn't able to maintain it as much as it needed to be until now.

That all said, I still like my car and find it to be reliable and easy to drive. it is a good little car that has lasted a long time. I think of it as the little engine that could!

Some of the neg. comments I saw sound more like either you just had a bag egg or it just wasn't being maintained as it should've been either by yourself and/or the previous owner. my car only had 97,000 miles on it when I purchase it as a 10 yr old car (that's less than 10,000 a year), which I feel is very good mileage for the year it was. I have driven to Florida and back from NY, and it made it quite easily. great gas mileage (avg 30mi to a gallon) up until a couple of months ago, but as I said there is something wrong with my car at the moment which could explain the decrease in mileage, which has brought it down to under 25 miles to the gallon. I do believe it can be fixed tho, so I'm not too concerned.

30th Dec 2006, 00:49

I am currently driving a 1992 Saturn SL. I inherited this beauty from my Aunt and Uncle about two years ago. I have loved this car since they bought it. It gets great gas mileage and there has never been a problem with it. They drove it to Florida with 5 people in it every year for many years and it ran great. It is still running flawlessly with more than 190,000 miles. I love my SATURN and wouldn't trade her for any other car.

23rd Jan 2007, 08:40

I have just purchased a 1992 Saturn 4 door. Thus far it has given me no problems and are no signs of problems. I am not sure what make it a SL1 or SL2? Can someone let me know. It does have power door locks, mirror, sun roof, and windows. It is a 5 speed with 180,000 miles and looks great. Title is clean as well as the car. Body and interior is in great shape. I am very pleased with my $1000.00 purchase. I simply bought the car to drive back and forth to work. I have a dodge pickup and that is all I am going to say about that.

14th Feb 2007, 18:13

I had two Saturn SL2's which I bought brand new. Loved the first one (94) so much I traded it in for another (96). My 96 had "issues". At about 110K miles, I was getting the ever popular bucking as well. My husband, an experienced auto mechanic, hooked it up and saw the codes. He replaced the EGR Valve, the O2 Sensor, the this the that. Finally, after about $500 in parts and a month of nagging him, he finally let me take it to Saturn to diagnose it. They diagnosed a plugged catalytic converter. (Which makes sense because these little cars use a LOT of oil... they don't BURN it, they USE it). In any case, we finally took it to a shop and had the catalytic converter replaced. (ouch - that cost us a bundle between the non-broken parts we replaced and then finally the correct ones). My advice, take it to Saturn and get it diagnosed...don't wait till you've sunk a few hundred like we did.

The worst part - oh boy. Well, when we picked up the car, my husband "tested it" by reving the engine. The engine still cut out. So we parked it for a few months and figured we'd get to it some other time. Well, some months later, I finally decided to take it to the Boces up the road and have the students take a look at it. We re-registered it and took it over. The professor called me back and told me it was fine, there was nothing wrong with it, the reason it was cutting out was because it has a rev-limiter! (argh...but wait, the worst is yet to come).

So, my husband started driving it the 50 minutes to work each day - to save on gas. And about a week after he started using it again, he hit a deer and totaled it!

Oh boy. My last Saturn.. thank you very much.