1992 Saturn SL SL2 1.9 Twin-Cam from North America


If in a good shape take it, if not, it's a money pit!


Too many thing!

When purchased, needed to align the wheels. The cars was taking 3 oil pint per week. Windows stuck, and go up when they what! Needed new down pipe, at 300$ that pipe and whit the fact I payed the car 1000$ Can. I will keep it and no matter how much noise it does.

General Comments:

Brakes were at half and disappear!?!? in 2 month.

If you go to 6000 rpm, oil is shooting every were. Smoke more than a burn contest!

I tough this car was good, Not sure.

I can take on Elantra GR, they got 140hp, and I own them. Some integra, ANY civic, tiburon... may good car. But I drove car with better handling, its not bad, but the shook are too weak, it's like racing in a "chaloup".

Whit all of these, its still a great car for small budget teen.

It seem that all Saturn will takes oil.

Some are doing 300kilos without consuming any oil!! Incredible, mine is taking 3 pint.

I comment, change the tires, you can take many more grip with better tires. I know it because I crash the Saturn in a 90 degree turn a 80 kph. I tough I could have it. NAW. I broke the car. 300$ of repair, and 2 days in the garage. Great thing plastic exist, only scratch! and a broken windows.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2003

1992 Saturn SL SL2 1.9 DOHC from North America


The Appalling Piece of S----


Within the first week of ownership the car started bucking, and I ended up having to replace my catalytic converter.

Moldings around windows started to hang off.

Passenger side power window started to make a grinding noise, which the dealer told me would cost $330 to fix. It's been that way ever since of course.

Muffler needed replacement around 140,000k.

Car started to accelerate very poorly at this point, often causing me to have to hold down on the clutch longer than I should have. The car also would run worse once it was hot... which is another thing, the car started running too hot.

Seat back on driver's seat broke in half while reaching into my pocket for toll money. I'm not a big guy. It's just a flimsy crappy seat.

Blew another catalytic converter at around 150,000...followed by the clutch.

New coolant recovery system just days later.

Car still ran poorly, mechanic tore apart the whole drive-train to determine the problem. He couldn't find any. Car still runs poorly; unsteady, shaky, weak, and makes a weird sizzling noise like microwaved bacon after you shut it off. Emissions smell horrible.

Felt on ceiling now hangs... required stapling, thus guaranteeing that my car now looks as shabby as it runs.

Air conditioning ceased to hold freon, cost to fix leaks: $400. Needless to say, I'm driving without AC, since I see no reason to invest one more dime into this thing.

Yet another catalytic converter at 155,000! (luckily covered by a warranty)

Death of the coolant fan just last week... followed hours later by the latest in the extravaganza of automotive headache... the humble fuel tank gauge now dances wildly, thus preventing me from knowing if I have any gas.

General Comments:

This car looked nice at first, and drove nice as well. Most people I know with Saturns have been happy with the product. It was more sporty than my previous '84 Accord, and had more guts. But everything changed within days.

This car has cost me more money in the three years I've owned it than buying the thing to begin with. My repair costs are currently a total of $3500, and this does not include the repairs which I am simply avoiding now because I've learned to hate the car so much. (AC seals, coolant fan, driver's seatback, hanging window frames, passenger window, fuel gauge, and ceiling felt)

The only parts of this car which haven't given me a headache are the power locks and the trunk release.

The car is a piece of work to drive, and wears me out physically. the sluggish, oddly shaky acceleration couples with the broken seatback, the lack of AC and the constant threat of overheating to make each trip an ordeal.

This car is just crap. It has no redeeming qualities. It isn't charming, it's not fun to drive. It's not stylish. It isn't comfortable. It's just el sucko. the interior is a collection of noisy plastic parts which grind together and vibrate. It's jittery and just plain unpleasant.

Some people seem to like their 1992 Saturns, so maybe I have a lemon. Either way, I hate this car with a seething passion which I have never felt for an inanimate object before. I curse the day I chose it, and I wish I weren't dirt poor, because all I want now in the world is an old 80's Honda Accord Wagon.

If I believed in G-d I would pray that this car magically turns into one tomorrow morning. But I know that I will be going to work in this piece of junk for the rest of my foreseeable life.

Someone please kill me.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

21st May 2003, 18:18

This car had 130,000 miles on it when you bought it. What did you expect?!

22nd May 2003, 12:15

Ditto of the previous comment. How was the car taken care of before you purchased it? Was it wrecked, rebuilt. Did you check Car-fax? Do you take care of a car well? I gave my 1992 Saturn with 70,000 to my 16 year old son last July, he refused to take responsibility for the routine care and thought it should race against the nitrous modified imports of his friends and is now reaping the rewards. Blown Transmission, two sets of tires, starter, engine mount, brakes and now he will have to retire it or rebuild the engine, all with only 10,000 miles worth of abuse..