1992 Saturn SL 1.9 liter SOHC from North America


Amazing for the price


Have done nothing to this car, it is still running like a champ.

General Comments:

Overall performance was alright, I added a couple performance parts, although hard to find, made big difference.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2006

1992 Saturn SL 1.9 SOHC from North America


Extraordinary Vehicle that I would recommend to anyone looking for reliability and extra cash


Burns a quart of oil every 3500 miles, no leak.

Compressor went bad, didn't replace 160K miles.

Master Clutch cylinder at 205K.

Driver's seat is torn due to use, wire sticks through.

Cooling fan at 205K.

Blower motor at 190K.

General Comments:

Good car, even as it ages I'm still averaging over 30 miles to the gallon.

Has get up and go, only issue we've had is that the air conditioning compressor went bad, so we just didn't replace it. And the clutch cylinders going bad. Clutch cylinders were about 150 dollars and 2hrs worth of labor. Other than routine maintenance this car is still chugging right along. I intend to get another Saturn just like it, preferably still this body style. It does have good get up and go considering the small engine size. Handles well off the beaten path as well, though I wouldn't suggest going mudding in a Saturn unless you had a truck to pull and a shovel to dig.

Despite it's light weight it does not hydroplane nor does it fishtail badly in the winter.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2006

1992 Saturn SL SL1 1.9 from North America


Don't look at one of these cars unless you have a garage full of tools and know how to use them


Replaced front right axle.

Complete new brakes on all four wheels.

Replaced leaky radiator, new hoses & transmission lines.

Replaced alternator twice.

Replaced automatic belt tensioner.

Replaced power steering pump.

Replaced oxygen & MAP sensors.

Replaced EGR valve

Replaced fuel pump & filter.

General Comments:

When first purchased (with 60K miles) this SL1 had amazing performance. Terrific handling and great acceleration for a 4 cylinder vehicle. Maintaining its performance is a costly and time consuming activity. I am a "home-mechanic" and I have invested a lot of money and time into keeping this car running. The SL1 now has 137K and is having idling issues that I am trying to solve. It is wonderful as a 2nd or 3rd vehicle, but you must not rely on it as a primary mode of transportation.

Check your fluids often!

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Review Date: 24th October, 2005

27th Apr 2006, 01:17

Very true what the last post says, put time and effort into your car and it will last. My dad updates my car religiously and its got 245,000 miles on it. Saturn's are the new Honda's, they don't die.

24th Apr 2007, 22:43

I have had many cars in the past, but my wife's SATURN SL1 is an unbelievable endurance champ. It even outlasted my old Subaru! First maintenance was a bad fuel injector (throttle body type) right after the warranty expired. Not cheap, but since then: a new throttle cable and struts at 90K; new clutch at 180K, and a new radiator at 185K.

The radiator was only broke because I hit a mountain lion and took less than 30 minutes to remove and replace (the radiator) in the driveway.

I've heard horror stories about later models, but this one has served us wonderfully. Engine still smogs checks w/in 2% of when it was new with 193K miles. Probably won't see 200K though, front bearings going out soon.

26th Oct 2008, 00:27

My Saturn has 247,886 miles on it.

It still has great acceleration, but my Check Engine Light is on.

The fuel needle also doesn't work, but other than that, I love it!

1992 Saturn SL SL2 4 cyclinder from North America


My opinion of this Saturn is that it is a money pit


The day after I purchased this car I replaced the alternator.

Then about a year later the entire car seemed to start to fall apart, at around 89,000 miles.

At one time I ended up replacing the water pump, oil pump, all the gears.

I cracked the head on it.

It used several quarts of oil every week or so. It seemed it was constantly running out of oil and "knocking".

I got a new set of tires and had two blow outs within a month.

The power locks and windows would randomly go out, and it kept blowing fuses to the power locks.

The gas hand stopped working.

The air conditioner went out. To replace all this it cost approximately 700 dollars. 11 months later, it went out again. Of course the warranty on the parts was 9 months, which fell in the dead of winter.

The odometer that clicks over the mileage stopped working at approximately 136,400 miles.

The sunroof quit working and after several attempts by dealerships I gave up.

Very unreliable, I was stranded several times on the side of the interstate or in the city.

Part of the muffler came detached and the car sounded like a very loud lawn mower.

I spent over 4500 dollars just keeping this car running and nice the first 3 years.

Recently, the car started to sound very loud and was smoking. Once more it began "guzzling" oil.

One of the valves was going out and the car started knocking. Finally 2 weeks ago when I stopped at a gas station it just would not start. The car had jumped time (yes it had oil in it and it had been changed) and knocked a hole in the head of the car.

I had the car towed home after this. It is in my driveway, nonoperational.

General Comments:

I purchased a 98' Isuzu Rodeo to replace the Saturn.

I would not recommend a Saturn to anyone who wants a car that spends more time in the shop than on the road. This car was a headache from the beginning, and for a while I could not afford to replace it, because all the money was going to keeping the car running while searching for another vehicle.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2005