1992 Saturn SL 1.9 from North America


Absolutely reliable, very economical transportation


Water pump replaced at 210,000 miles, didn't actually fail, just got a bit noisy so I replaced it.

Otherwise NO REPAIRS outside of routine stuff like tires (3rd set) and brakes (twice).

Still runs and looks good, and I would drive it any where any time. In fact I drive it every day.

General Comments:

This has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned and it's still going strong.

If you want to get from Point A to Point B reliably and for the minimum amount of gas, this car is tough to beat.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2001

1992 Saturn SL SL2 from North America




Rain drips in sometimes during big storms; the car lived its previous life in Florida, so Kentucky winters cause it to run loudly until it's warmed up.

A little rust on the metal window frames.

Electrical problem with one of the power windows so it goes down but not back up.

I'd like it if the headlights were a little brighter because I live in a rural area.

General Comments:

The window is my biggest problem, but that kind of broken circuit is not surprising on a 9 year-old car.

I love this car. Like I said, on frigid mornings it is really loud, but still a smooth ride, and once it's warmed up, the engine is very quiet.

I am very comfortable riding in it at 5' 6"; there's plenty of head and foot room, and the lumbar support in the seat is great. The trunk is sizeable, and the back seat will lay flat.

The brakes are great, but I don't know how or when (or even if) they've been replaced, since I bought it at auction.

It gets about 30 miles to the gallon on the highway, and 22 in the city. The automatic transmission changes gears faster and smoother than any car I've ever driven.

I am never worried about getting it started. Despite the car's aversion to the cold, it starts right up even after 4 days outside in 10 degree weather, which is more than I can say for my mom's Chrysler Cirrus, which refuses to start if you leave it outside for one night in the middle of July.

I recommend used Saturns for every person's "first car," because they are very reliable, good-looking, and cheap to maintain and drive.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2001

26th Feb 2001, 12:55

I just got my Saturn, it's a '92 standard SL2. So far it's been a great car. It's sporty, reliable, fun to drive and comfortable to ride in.

It can be loud some mornings, but after it warms up it's great.

I learned how to drive standard on this car which only took me a few hours, which I am happy with. I'm not too sure if this is a good comment for parents, but my twin cam's a pretty quick car as well.

1992 Saturn SL SL2 DOHC from North America


An expensive lawn ornament


It's hard to know where to begin:

Major power train and electrical system problems.

Had to completely replace the tranny at 80,000 miles; tranny problems returned in another 2,000 miles (3 independent mechanics had told me this would probably be the case!)

Replaced the alternator 3 times.

Car burned about 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles - dealer & manufacturer said this was within specs (!).

The two Saturn dealers I visited about various problems refused to even acknowledge my concerns - only one dealer even inspected the vehicle.

Faulty electrical sensors.

Defective window mechanisms often made rolling down windows a Herculean task.

The list could go on and on...

General Comments:

I am not hard on cars. I followed the maintenance schedule for this car, and then some!

In 2000 I traded in the Saturn for a 1998 Nissan Altima, and what a relief to be rid of the Saturn and into the super-reliable Altima!

I didn't get much for the Saturn on trade in , though it *looked* pristine, had never been wrecked, and was in good working order. But this dealer knew a little about Saturns, and knew that it would only be a short time before something would go wrong!

I just feel sorry for the poor soul who ends up buying this lemon - but I was tired of being a victim. I spent a small fortune on this car and could never recommend it to anyone!

Avoid it - don't be fooled by its good looks.

Before buying a car, go to your public library, and get a librarian (your tax dollars at work!) to guide you to authoritative, reliable consumer information - you'll be glad you did.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2000

28th Aug 2001, 18:41

I am a saturn tech, and everything you said is a crock. The problems you had with the car sound to be service team related.

24th Dec 2002, 13:56

To the Saturn service tech. My 95' Saturn SL1 1.9 SOHC (110 000 kms) has had oil consumption since day 1. The dome light has fallen off, noisy brakes, speedometer clicking, leaks on driver side window on rainy days and many other problems costing me $$$$$$ time and frustration. I have checked the internet and my car is not the only Saturn that has had these problems. I have talked to other Saturn owners and many are not satisfied with their cars. Great advertising Saturn now build the relable car so that I could recommend it to other people.