19th Jan 2004, 16:27

A friend of mine owns an SC2. I liked it from day one. So, when a used SL2 4dr car came around, I bought it. I had to have some front end parts replaced, an alignment (standard after front end replacement), tires, fluids, added a muffler and changed the front struts. Okay it sounds like a lot.

To me the car is an adventure. I found the front side markers didn't work due to corrosion and soldered some used one's in. The radio didn't work do to a missing wire, and I ran another one. Sure the plastic surround for the doors was coming off and someone used wood screws to reattach it. It's really not that noticeable. The friend gave me his dash protector.

Later I had the window crank motor replaced and will have to replace a couple of seat belts that are wearing through. It also has a condition where the seat belts which hang from the door stick on the door rails in the winter. No type of spray works in freezing temperatures. But, I've dealt with it. I pull the fuse (passengers have to put on all of the seat belts) in the winter and put it back in the summer.

Compare this work to what it costs to buy one new and I'm getting off cheaply for a well made car.

I've driven it more than 30,000 miles over the 2 1/2 years I've owned it. It handles like a sports car. It's fast to 75, I like the electric windows and locks. The leather needs replacing, but the stereo is great compared to a nice home system (and it's stock).

Compared to the Ford Escort and the Volkswagen Rabbit I owned for 1/2 a year each before owning this Saturn, this car is a dream.

Sure there are lemons in every bunch, but this one is a dream come true.

5th Jul 2005, 18:26

I have a 92 Saturn SL2. I will agree with you on the oil burning issue. Mine has the same issue. Apart from that, its been reliable -- still on the original transmission at 170K and pretty low maintenance.