25th Jun 2007, 16:50

I have owned many cars from Acura's to Toyota's and Nissan's. But when I recently got my car stolen I had to settle for a Saturn with what little money I had in the bank. All I have to say is that I never had so many problems with a car in the last two months than I had with cars in the last 6 years!

I always had problems with them overheating, the clutch repetitively being adjusted (even replaced) and replacing the head gaskets. Another annoying factor was that the service engine light was ALWAYS on. There just simply not good cars to own and I most certainly will never buy another Saturn. My suggestion is to just stick with Toyota's and Honda's if you want a car that will run for longer than two months even two years without any problems.

4th Jul 2007, 00:42

I just bought a used 1995 Saturn, standard, 1.9 L with 166,000 miles recently. Nobody took care of the car until I changed the oil, and changed the spark plugs which were corroded. Now the the car is running fine, and no problems so far except for the 50% functioning shock absorbers.

26th Feb 2008, 01:51

1996 - SL1 - Response to the 3rd comment (sorry can't see names) but the person that mentioned Spark Plugs. Believe it or not I purchased a 96 SL1 Standard with 200,000 kms on it for $3500 in Nov 06. Dec 25 06 had it towed 400 kms because it was smoking so badly. 1st garage after the New Year told me needed clutch. Didn't have the $1200 at the time so towed it back home. Saved up and in May 07 had clutch /flywheel repaired $1600.00. Paid in full Called to tell me - well you need a motor in order to have the car e-tested. Cost $2600.00. As a typical'witch' - I wouldn't pay that and had to find a job from home. Because this will be the 2nd year (and I'm getting embarassed that it hasn't moved) - had it towed again. ALL it need was NEW SPARKPLUGS and the 1st Garage put too much oil in (3 litres xtra) - so I now have my nemesis back with new battery/tires/spark-plugs/e-tested/front brakes for a grand total of $899 CDN. WOMEN UNITE is all I can say (and I am not young) Hope my 'New' Saturn 96 SL1 can give me 1 more year.

7th May 2011, 18:02

I own a 1996 Saturn Coupe. When I have driven a while, my transmission won't shift out of 3rd gear. Also, when I put it in reverse, it hesitates and then jumps hard into reverse. Would a transmission flush help this problem?