12th Oct 2007, 10:07

I am having a similar problem. However mine is leaking from the water pump and the radiator. And I am having problems starting it. I have no idea what the issue could be with the starting aside from those two things. I normally have to press down on the gas and start the car while holding the gas petal down. If someone knows what this is or has any advice on how to fix it please let me know. Thanks! (R.H.)

4th Nov 2007, 22:11

I have a weird problem with mine, I'm sure you all have the "Perf/Norm" switch by your shifting knob (automatic), I have driven it in perf for the longest time because when I drove it in normal and I had to slow down quickly after a somewhat jackrabbit start, the engine stalls out. I switched it to norm tonight to try the other side of the fence out, so to say. Anyone else know what's wrong?

5th Nov 2007, 11:27

I have a '96 SL2 that I have had to do extensive work on the coolant system.

The temp sensor has been the worst of my troubles, as the vehicle wouldn't run correctly without it being replaced. I have also done the following:

- Replaced water pump.

- Replaced heating element.

- Replaced the thermostat.

At this point, I have a leak in the radiator that is causing me to have to fill the car up with coolant every time I get in and drive. I'm getting that fixed sometime this week.

Anyhow, to make a short story long, the temperature sensor located on the top, driver's side has been the one culprit that has caused a lot of issues with my car. http://thecommi.angelfire.com/images/temp.JPG

At one point, I had a mechanic tell me that it had blown a head gasket. That sensor will give a lot of false info to mechanics when it goes out.

24th Nov 2007, 21:15

Just bought a 1996 Saturn, 5 speed. Runs good, but no heat. Living up in Quebec Canada, there are lots of cold days that you need your heater. Rear windows defrost not coming on either. Windows wiper only working off and on, probable a fuse hopefully. Garage doesn't want to fix it even though I'm supposed to have a one month warranty, and it's only been 3 days.....go figure, that's service.

6th Dec 2007, 09:43

I am reading all these comments as a result of my son calling me this morning on his way to class that his "heat light" and another light he couldn't identify, came on for about 10 minutes, then went off. He has a '97 SL2 sport with 122 plus on it. His car was running fine. He also had an incident a couple of months ago when he went out to start car and it wouldn't. He came back in and called me, then went back out and started it. This hasn't happened since. We changed our battery just in case, so that may have been it. I am gathering this may just be a quirky little thing with this car; poltergeist-like activity? We don't want to dump a lot of $$$ into this care if we can help it, because he may be going into the Coast Guard in June.

24th Apr 2008, 15:05

I just recently bought a 1996 Saturn SL2, and for some reason the engine lopes when idling, and I have to pump the accelerator to get the thing started. Can anybody on here tell me what the problem is? I probably won't be back on this site for sometime, so if you have any advice on my car troubles I have a yahoo box that I can check frequently. My yahoo is nuttin_2_lose@yahoo.com. Anything you can tell me will be helpful, I'm a first time car buyer and this is my first car so I really need the advice.

19th May 2008, 15:49

I have a 1996 SL1 with 185K. The thing will just not die! It burns about 1 qt of oil a week (#2 cylinder rings are going), the check engine light is always on (car still runs fine, so what the hell?), I have the radiator light issue others have mentioned, and the clutch is starting to slip. My only real complaint is the exhaust system. Just recently, the catalytic converter disintegrated and blew back into the muffler. Since the exhaust system is one unit, it would cost about $700 to replace. That's more than the car is worth at this point, so now every time I accelerate, it sounds like I have tin cans bouncing around under my car. LOL!

21st Jun 2008, 09:38

I'm having the same problem you're having, buddy (May 20, 2008). It's crazy. I, like all of the other "Saturn Lovers," enjoy that my car is good on gas. However, only when its taking me more than 3-5 miles outside of towing range. LOL. I have had the valve cover gasket replaced, the radiator, thermostat and now they're saying its the starter or could be the alternator. Who the HECK knows what's wrong with this car!!! It's driving me nuts and making my neighbors think I'm crazy because one minute I'm driving the car, the next someone is bringing me home. NO Tow truck, NOTHING! I guess I'll just trade it in for the little money its worth. Prayerfully, the bank will finance a new car for me I (0) I. I was hoping to leave the Saturn for my teenagers. But it doesn't look like it will pan out. Good luck to the rest of you. I'm going to get my new car!

30th Jul 2008, 11:50

I have a 97 SC2 Manual with 158k that I bought brand new. Reading these comments makes me realize I am not the only one with a quirky car!

Right now my radiator light is blinking but I am not overheating or low on fluid. My valve cover gasket has been replaced but is "warped," so I just add a quart of oil about every other time I fill up, which isn't a problem as long as I add fluid! I recently replaced my serpentine belt, and my catalytic converter is going. But hey, it's 11 years old and I've driven it cross-country 3 times. Never even replaced the clutch.

Last summer I had a lot of intermittent starting problems (would crank but not catch). The first place I took it replaced my battery and starter. It didn't start the very next day. Took it somewhere else, and they replaced my fuel filter. Again, didn't fix it. I took it a third place, where it sat, for 4 days, and started EVERY time. Ugh. I couldn't recognize any sort of pattern for quite a while, and then realized that when I had more than a half tank of gas, it started fine.

Finally, I took it to the dealer. They replaced my fuel pump (shops until then had told me a fuel pump wasn't intermittent... wrong!). After that I've had no problems starting it- until my starter (6months old) went again. This time I took it to the dealer since they offer lifetime warranty, and I figured it might be necessary.

Just wanted to share since it seems like I'm not the only one whose experienced the intermittent starting problems. My car is old and I'm poor, so it's scary, however, this car has held up REALLY well until this past year.