6th Nov 2007, 22:00

I purchased a 1998 saturn sl in 2003 with 36000 miles on it. I have just eclipsed 140,000 and have merely changed the oil in the car. I have done the plugs 2 times actually due to the fact that it was not lagging till recently.

The only issue that I had with the exhaust was a strap broke. My brother quickly fixed that at the local garage that he worked at for about 8$. I run between 38 to 45mpg on highway trips, depending on the hills, and if I run the A/C it does tend to drop to the 36 range. I honestly can't complain.

People laugh because there is a K& N sticker on the car, but with that it has allowed me to hit the 43 to 45 mpg, so I would reccommend that if you haven't tried it.

Tires last reasonably well on this car. In the winter here in PA, I run with studded snow tires, which may be a bit of overkill, but it has been known to go in about 7 inches of snow with minimal problems. Only made it to the ditch one time, and that was this past winter on a very unfamiliar road. And in that particular incident, I drove out without assistance.

Recently, as I put it into 1st to park, with out the E. break on, it starts to roll, then stop, then start to roll again.

Overall, I honestly can't complain as I continue to say that repetitively. I plan to put this egg shell past the 200,000 mile mark if I can.

22nd Nov 2007, 11:32

I forgot to enter this into my last statement about my 98 Saturn. It's a great car except for the very loud road noise, and the seats are not the most comfortable, and I'm not a real tall person at 5 ft 7inches.

24th Nov 2007, 14:38

You never posted my last comment about my 1998 Saturn not starting all the time. The engine turns over fine, but one day it will start up and the next day it won't even try to start. I had it in the shop for a week and they said it started every time they tried it.

24th May 2011, 01:01

It is now May 23, 2011. I loved everyone else's comments, and it helps to learn about my car. My 1998 SL-1 Series Saturn (white and black) is the only and BEST car I have ever owned. It is now past the 200,000 thousand mark after getting it at 189,000 miles last year. I thank God for a car like this, as it has so many perks, except I have no power steering and no working emergency brake. I plan on investing money into this car for sure, even though it is past 200,000. I love it, love it! Thank you!