2002 Saturn VUE 3.0 from North America


So far so good!


I just purchased a 2002 Vue used with 107,000 miles, and have been reading a lot of the reviews.

I just wanted to state about the washer nozzles.. Try putting a drop of super glue on the 12-3-6-9 nozzle surface where it joins the nozzle base, so it doesn't shoot out of the base as easily.

I hope any problems were resolved with the previous owner. LOL However I am a mechanic, I also purchased a powertrain extended warranty from the Ford dealer I purchased it from. I hope I don't have the nightmares a lot of you people have experienced!!

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2008

2002 Saturn VUE from North America


It is terrible and ought to be destroyed but not with me in it as Saturn/GM seems to be trying to do


On June 22, 2008, I came out of the supermarket, went to the driver's side of my 2002 Saturn Vue, and pushed the button to open all doors. I put the groceries in the trunk, walked back to the driver's side and, leaving the door ajar (thank God) tried to start the vehicle. It did nothing.

I phoned my daughter who came to pick up the food. We went to the trunk, which would not open. All this time we were careful to keep the driver's door open. She had to climb into the trunk to get the food. She did get it and left.

I waited for AAA, who came very quickly. The AAA man tried several times before he could start the vehicle. I got in, closed the door, backed up about three feet and the car stalled. The electric system seems to have shut down completely. I could not open any door. Miami in June at 12:30 p.m. is very hot. Fortunately for me the AAA man had not left. He had me open the hood and was able to get enough juice to return the car to the parking place and we could open the door.

He sent for the tow truck, and until it came I kept the door open. When the truck arrived, we closed the door and have not been able to open it since. I wake up at night thinking of what would have been the outcome had this happened elsewhere or I had not had a cell phone, as happened when the transmission failed in November. At least then I could get out of the vehicle.

This in addition to a failed transmission in November.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2008

2002 Saturn VUE 4 L from North America


This car is mediocre


We had to replace the ignition control module on it recently.

We have to also replace the catalytic converter because the ignition control module made it go out I guess; it sort of almost melted the whole tailpipe.

We had gotten a recall letter from Saturn right after the car quit accelerating, and thought that their recall for an ignition control module would fix the situation. So after a couple days car rental, and it sitting at the dealership, we were told that the model number on our ignition c.m. was not the one being recalled, so we had to tow it to a repair shop and pay $200 to have it replaced. We were also told that we needed to replace the cat. converter because it was bad, so we are saving up to get that done. What a huge pain in the rear! I bet our model of ignition control module will be recalled, and I cannot wait because I feel like Saturn owes us for the car rental and the cat. converter, and maybe even the O2 sensor now, and all our wasted time and money too. Makes me so mad to even think about it.

Oh, one more thing was that the dealership said they did something to the suspension because that was recalled, but ever since then our wheels have been out of alignment, and the way it drives is a bit bouncy now.

General Comments:

I love the car, but I hate driving manual now though.

We hit a deer one night and the thing just bounced right off the side of the door with no damage, so that was nice.

Just the few minor things that have gone wrong have soured my experience with my favorite model of car ever. I have always wanted a Vue, but now I am not so sure it was a wise choice.

The bad part about driving a Vue is that if the wind is rough, then the car is tough to handle, might just blow off the road someday!

Oh and the grocery holder in back is very cheaply made; fell apart the first time I opened it.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2008