2002 Saturn VUE AWD V6 from North America


I feel sick when I think about my Vue


The Vue has left me stranded at least 8 times in the last year. It's always the same problem, my service engine light comes on, then I lose acceleration power. It makes a horrid clunking noise right before it loses power. This is what I've had done in repairs:

Replaced the entire computer and battery the first time.

Replaced the crankshaft sensor the second time.

Replaced the pedal positioning sensor the third time.

Each of these repairs cost me several hundred dollars.

Most recently they tell me I need to replace the entire wiring loom ($1200.00)

All other times I've had it towed in they couldn't figure out the problem and sent me home with it as the loss of power only happens sporadically, technically making it "OK" for me to drive.

General Comments:

I have no other way to say it, I hate this car. It's been the most horrible vehicle I've ever owned as far as reliability. I'm terrified to drive it anywhere for fear it will break down and it often does. It is getting traded off immediately, I can't take it anymore. I put up with it so long (1 1/2 years) because it's a comfortable, roomy ride and I enjoy all the features. The AWD V6 has a lot of power when it's running well and gets good gas mileage especially on the highway. I'm writing this to warn anyone thinking about getting one of these not to! Please don't make the same mistake I did, I've lost so much money to this vehicle.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2007

2002 Saturn VUE 3.0L 6 Cylinder from North America


This is my FIRST and LAST Saturn


Throttle body assembly replaced at 18,000 and 38,000 miles ($1200 jobs).

Fuel pump out at 39,000 miles ($950 job).

Coolant leak around oil pump at 38,000 miles ($800 job).

Alarm system malfunctioning at 38,000 miles (not going to be fixed - cause undetermined).

General Comments:

I bought it at 1 year old because it had great acceleration, which ended up costing me over $2,000 over 3 years.

Cabin is roomy, but engine noise comes through.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2007

25th Jul 2007, 22:56

How can you have a coolant leak around your oil pump, when your oil pump in inside your oil pan. And if you have engine coolant inside your oil than you have a huge (eg: head-gasket) problem.

27th Jul 2007, 11:54

This poster's likely problem is with the oil cooler, not the pump. In the L81 V6 engine, the oil cooler sits on top of the engine, between the two valve covers. This is a common problem on the early L81's and isn't too easy to fix. The later model years of this engine seem to fare better.

26th Jan 2008, 09:45

I vividly remember reading an article in 2002 about the then new Vue. They boasted that the V6 equipped models would have a Honda motor. I remember thinking "Great! At least the engine should be pretty good if nothing else." assuming the Vue would be a piece of junk.

Saturn has never built a vehicle a day in its existence that wasn't riddled with major engine/transmission design flaws, among other problems. That's sad because I've always liked the company, the cars, and the concept. No wonder in order to keep the brand alive, Saturn had to completely change the way it does business, now using European cars for the basis of their models in the US. It's sad, but I guess if it's an improvement in the quality of their cars it's worth it!

I liked Saturn's original unique image, but this new sporty European image is very appealing in my eyes as well, since it's coming from an American car company. Isn't it ironic that Cadillac (also GM owned) is making their cars sportier and more European-like as well? Hmm...I see a trend developing.