2005 Saturn VUE AWD 3.5 Liter V6 from North America


Saturn Spue: one giant pile of plastic cheap junk!


Transmission torque converter was never right. (recalled & fixed at 108,000 miles)

Catalytic converter failed. (90,000 miles)

Rear differential needs all bearings replaced. (102,000 miles)

Randomly has difficulty starting. (120,000 miles)

Tires wear terribly.

Constant brake problems.

CD changer quit. (100,000 miles)

Driver's heated seat went out. (92,000 miles)

Rear windows randomly quit, then come back to life.

AWD system never works when you need it most.

Battery failed (kind of normal). (95,000 miles)

General Comments:

This is my first GM product ever; needless to say it is a giant pile of garbage to me. I had to buy something quick because the transmission in my Grand Cherokee went out, leaving me stranded in Denver, so I figured the Vue would be good just for now... Huge mistake!

Since day one the transmission never shifts correctly, RPMs would rev, jumps about 3 or so times before going from park to drive... The unit got recalled & they re-programmed the transmission & it doesn't rev RPMs anymore, but still jumps around before shifting into gear.

The AWD system is a freakin joke! It will spin the front tires for a good 10-20 seconds before slamming the rear into action, & the rear end is now grinding... Mechanic says it is perfectly normal for the AWD system on the SPUE, I mean Vue, to act this way.

Suspension is very loud; clunks, pops, clangs & squeaks in town, but yet on road trips it is very quiet & smooth, handles like a dream on the road somehow.

The interior is SO SO SO god awfully cheap! It gets louder & louder every day, all the plastic junk rattling around, I always joke that the dash board is made of scratch ticket material, as it is gray & scratches off with your finger nail LOL!!! The seats are OK, but the heated part always goes out, & they seem sort of small, but the back seat is big, yet sort of hard.

The Check engine light is always on, for bad catalytic, charcol box, & large evap leak.

The rear windows always go down, but sometimes don't go back up, until you slam the door about 5 times, then they will both go back up. The sun roof never seals right, leaks unless you flick the switch 3 times then it will be sealed shut, I think it is some kind of adjustment.

There are so many problems with this clunker, and more to come I am sure, however I love the 3.5L Honda VTEC engine! Has loads of power, ALWAYS averages 23 MPG, 33 MPG highway. I have never lost a race in this vehicle, even against Mustangs, I smoke Porsche Cyan's all the time, I laugh so hard when I do that! (except when the thing is in the mechanics shop LOL)

I will never ever own another, I am so glad Saturn went out of business! I am getting rid of this waste of plastic within the next month or so, if it will last that long.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2011

2005 Saturn VUE Red Line 6 cylinder from North America


I have an underlying fear this vehicle may die at anytime


Front strut stabilizer links failed twice.

Ignition switch wears out keys, and sometimes does not work.

Undetermined rattle in the rear of the vehicle.

Rides like a truck. I know it has a hard suspension, but it is really getting worse.

Engine is noisy, especially when cold.

Major noisy ride at higher speeds.

General Comments:

Love the looks, but mechanically is unstable, especially under carriage suspension.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2010

2005 Saturn VUE Ecotec L4 2.2L from North America


Got my money's worth and more


Not much, really.

1. The shock on the rear door (one of two that hold the door up).

2. Both front shock tower brackets.

3. One control arm.

4. Brakes, front-only twice.

5. All electrical went wonky --> Changed battery, all is good. What do mean?

1. The CD player would do an in-and-out routine, wouldn't play.

2. The auto-lock on the trunk would cycle endlessly.

3. Light shows on instrument panel...

General Comments:

It is still great.

I drive it hard, no problems.

I have driven home with an 18ft Maytag fridge inside, doors closed.

I can fit a fairly large amount of lumber, e.g 2x4x8, doors closed.

I have pulled a trailer on several occasions, no problem.

I can shift at 1,500 rpm or redline it, it doesn't care.

I get 10 litres/100 km average, and 8.5 on a long trip.

I use a K&N air filter, all else is factory.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2010