21st Jul 2003, 10:34

I too bought a 2002 Saturn Vue and have had a mountain of problems. I previously owned a Saturn SL1 and had no problems, so I felt secure in purchasing my Vue.

2 months after I bought it the problems began. The fuel gauge was reading inaccurately (Saturn said this was a defective part that was put in all Vue's so I recommend you take your Vue, along with a spare gas can, and run it out of gas to see if you too have this problem). Then after it was supposedly fixed, the car started running out of gas before it reached the empty line and not once did the low fuel light come on. There has also been a list of other little things wrong with it, the windshield sprayers are now not working, the air conditioning has gone out about 2 times, the horn stuck and I know there's more.

I have been left stranded 9 times, 7 of them I was pregnant and once I had my 2 children in the car, my baby was only about 3 weeks old, and the temperature gauge read 105' with now air conditioning! I am also filing the lemon law with my car. Do not buy a Vue!

6th Sep 2003, 20:37

I purchased my 2003 VUE in July of 2002, I am so disappointed with my car,I also had a Saturn prior to this one, it ran great, that is why I bought this one, I am taking it back in for the 4th time on Monday the 8th of September, 2003. It has had front end noises that I think they finally fixed after 3 trips, now I have an ongoing transmission problem, this is the 3rd time in for that, I also had my passenger side front door break, you couldn't get out. The latch on the folding backseat broke, so that just flopped around. All around I am very disgruntled with my car. The service department is great, the Saturn Corp. even gave me extended miles on my warranty, but I don't think that will be enough.

19th Sep 2003, 08:25

2002 Saturn Vue AWD V6-

Our problems began immediately. Within a week of owning the vehicle, the transmission started slipping between 2nd and 3rd gear. This problem persisted for 9 visits to the shop. Each visit we were informed that the problem could not be duplicated. Finally, after calling corporate customer service, the problem was recognized as a "transmission service kit" issue. At 27,000 the problem has started appearing again.

There have been many squeaks and rattles in the dash area that have been corrected two to three times. The steering column maintains an annoying grinding. We were told that the bushing was rubbing internally. After be corrected, the problems returned about 5,000 miles later.

The remote mirrors failed to operate until the "joystick" was replaced.

The windshield washer failed to operate, service stated that feathers were found in the line. Recently, after having the oil changed, a hole was found in the windshield washer container itself.

An annoying squeak was located in the right rear section of the vehicle. A bushing was replaced that corrected the problem.

Terrible road noise was heard at speeds over 50 - the fix was all new tires and wheels.

The factory installed bug shield has come off twice, now the hood of the vehicle has paint damage that needs correcting.

Saturn has given us the maximum allowable extension to our service agreements and warranty, good for a start, but I don't think that will be long enough for the life of the vehicle.

Each time the vehicle is brought in for service, two to three days pass. Leaving us with a rather small loaner.

All in all, we are extremely disapointed with our purchase.

9th Oct 2003, 22:28

I have 2003. I love it. No problems. I've actually owned three Saturns. The Vue is my latest. I have never had a problem with any of my Saturns, and that includes my Vue. I'm sorry to hear the people above my comment have had problems, but I would definitley recommend Saturn to anyone. It's a fantastic car, for a fantastic price!

10th Oct 2003, 08:30

I guess this won't make you very confident when you OFF-ROAD with these "SUV"s, will it? Den.

17th Oct 2003, 12:39

My 4 cyl FWD Vue has its second transmission, second water pump and today is getting its second timing chain. Add this to a wheel alignment two weeks after I picked it up, a floor vent that wasnt working, and a gas gauge that had a life of its own and you have a vehicle that has fell well short of my expectations. Back to Japanese, two year old used vehicle purchases for me.

21st Dec 2003, 22:46

I purchased a Saturn Vue 2002 in May '02. Initially when we purchased the vehicle we added heated seats to be installed. Within 2 days of owning the vehicle the speedometer cluster had to be replaced. We took it in for repairs and had the heated seats installed by the dealer. When we got the vehicle back the heated seats did not work. When I called the dealer about this they claimed that QA checks were done and that they worked. So, we took it back in for repairs again. While it was in the dealer left our 1 week old vehicle outside in a hail storm, and then returned the vehicle to us with hail damage without notifying us. Again I called the dealer and they stated that it had no damage because his mechanic did not report any. They then proceeded to state that we would have to have our insurance company repair the damage by popping out the dents. Needless to say, but we were furious with the service and requested a brand new Vue with multiple amenities added for free. The dealer did heed our warnings and requests that we made. With the new Vue it has been in for ABS and outlet problems. Now the front left wheel makes a loud sound when turning. I guess asking for my money back in the beginning would have been best. I would never buy a Saturn product again due to the poor quality of workmanship.

21st Jan 2004, 21:07

I have had my, 03 Vue in for numerous warranty service's Including three transmission trips, one being a replacement, at only 12k. I must admit Saturn has been very timely through the whole process. I am wondering if anyone has actually been successful at suceeding in the lemon law? I would like to hear from you on here. My understanding is, you have to have your vehicle in for at least 4 major same repairs within 2 years, or 30 days within one year?

3rd Mar 2004, 10:19

Bought my 03 VUE 2.2L 4-cyl w/Vti tranny in November of 2002. Hate it: 1st week windshield needing replacing / resealing; 4th week dashboard and door rattles, re-insulated -- Still happening. Tranny problems after only 4500 miles -- completely replaced. Has been back for same 5 more times -- they keep re-calibrating it. Not satisfied yet. Fuel gauge doesn't register correctly -- this took 2 trips to resolve. Then a rubbing / humming when vehicle was in reverse with brakes depressed -- this also took 2 trips for them to resolve, as soon I drove it off the lot, it happened again -- 3rd trip does the trick. Now that the weather is turning warmer the rattles are back. Saturn GAVE me a 5-year, 60,000 extended warranty for my trouble, which means I should have a loaner car available -- this RARELY happens, I get offered a ride, then need to find a ride back to pick the vehicle up. One time they found a coolant leak, had to order a part -- waited 2 weeks, then brought it back (for various other things too) when the part came in. I DON'T LIKE THIS "SUV" AT ALL!