23rd Mar 2004, 19:01

2002 V6 AWD. No problems AT ALL after over 25,000 miles. I like this SUV.

25th Mar 2004, 16:03

I am in the middle of a lemon suit with them now. 6 attempted repairs within one year puts it well over Wisconsin's 4-repairs-in-a-year law. Its just a matter of time now as they will pay, its just a question of how much. (In Wisconsin they can be liable for up to 2x the value of the car, depending on how fast they pay)

21st Apr 2004, 19:16

My 2003 VUE started making incessantly loud grinding noises at about 8,000 miles. I took it to the dealer twice within a month to "reprogram" the computer chip for the transmission. A week ago, At 12,000 miles, the transmission failed completely in the middle of a highway, leaving me stranded several hundred miles away from home (had to hitchhike 30 miles to rent a car). It was towed to a dealer and parts of the transmission replaced. I got it home, and today, a week or so later, the transmission failed again. I'm waiting for a tow truck in my office researching the lemon law, and wondering how I'm going to get this car out of my life without losing a lot of money. I wish Saturn would think harder before introducing vehicles that aren't ready for the road.

21st Jun 2004, 00:00

Do not buy this car!! I have a 2003 vue fwd 4 cyl. It is junk! I have been to the repair shop 4 times and the transmission problem still exist. This is a lemon vehicle!

Warning---do not buy!

7th Aug 2004, 22:43

Have a 03 VUE AWD V6, only had 1 problem with the steering column. Making a squeeky noise. Took it in to dealership and they replaced the steering column. no further problems. Runs great at 20,000 miles. Fun to drive. But the above comments scare me.

19th Aug 2004, 19:23

I am a 2-time Saturn owner (my first in 1997). I have a 2003 Saturn Vue with the vti transmission (I have owned it 11 months). It has 9500 miles on it.

The transmission was rebuilt at 4000 miles and 8000 miles. At that time the Service Manager told me until the engineers come up with a permanent solution, it was only a matter of time before it would break down again (probably within 4000 miles). Of course, now he, and the tech, who was present, are no longer working there.

I am about to pick up my car (3rd time in the shop for repairs). Yesterday, the car started stalling. At first it was when the car was just idling. It would take about 3 tries before it would start. Finally, trying to get home, two incidents happened. The first incident was the car stalled, made a grinding noise, and then froze up on the highway off-ramp. Cars were skidding to miss my 5-year daughter and I in the car. The second incident (a mile from my home), the car stalled while slowing down and making a left turn. Thank goodness no cars were in the intersection.

The Service Manager told me it was a loose connection making the car stall as well as the transmission grinding noise.

I discussed my transmission and performance reliability concerns today during a three-way call with the District Representative from Saturn and the Service Manager (SM). During the conversation, the SM stated that 1) very few Saturn Vues have ever had transmission problems, 2) there was never a recall (I corrected him that I had the letter on the voluntary recall), and 3) vti transmissions that have been repaired once, don't come back in a second time once the transmission has been fixed. I asked him how he explained my transmission. He said yes, there was a problem there, but it was rare.

It was enlightening to see I was not alone, but now I am mad that they acted as if I was one of very few. jmc_ecf@msn.com.

8th Dec 2004, 19:19

We have a 2002 Vue. It has been to the dealer quite a few times for the Service Engine soon light remaining on. Also the steering column moans when the wheel is turned. We intend to get this fixed. We really have not had any other problems. I guess we are fortunate.

17th Dec 2004, 22:29

2002 FWD Manual Saturn Vue. Bought it used with 42,000 miles. I am currently at 46,000 miles. The steering column started making a little noise, but went away. Whatever. The noise came back, more frequent. Hmm. Now (about 2 weeks later), I cannot turn the wheel any measure without a terrible grinding noise. I wondered if I was the only one with this problem, until reading the comments here.

I am taking the Vue in for servicing this Thursday. I have printed the list of comments relating to this problem, and will be discussing them with the dealer. This is quite obviously a manufacturer's default, and should be handled as such. I took a chance; the Vue looked cool, and I took a chance with Saturn. Needless to say, if I do not come out of this situation happy, it will be the last.

1st Mar 2005, 13:04

I unfortunately agree with the above. I have a 2003 AWD Vue. My steering column has grinded since day 1. My service engine soon since day 5. And now the rattling/squeaking from the rear. An absolute disaster of a car, and I too will be returning to any Toyota model that will take this off of my hands.

4th Sep 2006, 20:14

2003 Saturn Vue AWD 4cyl - I purchased in July 2003. Total lemon. All 4 wheel bearings needed replacement before 100K. Then had to replace both rear wheel bearings just after 100K warranty up at a cost of $1000. Now transmission needs replacement which will cost $9000 which I must pay out of my own pocket because warranty up, presently 124K. This leaves nothing but a sour taste of lemon in my mouth. TOTAL LEMON - I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone.

21st Mar 2007, 12:28

I bought a 2002 Saturn Vue little over a year ago. It now has 71000 miles on it. I never had a problem with it until now. Someone vandalized my car by pouring something into my engine. My insurance company replaced my engine as it was ruined, but my transmission broke at the same time my engine locked up... too peculiar for me. The mechanic and the insurance company got together and said that my tranmission is a sealed unit and nothing could have possibly entered my transmission. They said it must have just burned up at the same time. So I am stuck with this ridiculously priced transmission. I never had a problem at all until my engine locked while I was driving it which I believed ruined my transmission... Beware of transmission problems... They are way too expensive.

12th Apr 2007, 09:27

I am back for a second comment... This one is positive. I reported earlier than someone had placed a gritty subject in my engine and ruined the engine. The transmission failed at the same time and I was told that the substance in the engine could not have made it to the transmission. My insurance company agreed to finally pay for it after we met and discussed it. Low and behold, I found out today that the warranty is still in effect on my car and Saturn is going to honor the warranty and replace my transmission. This is a great satisfaction to me as they could have pawned this off on the insurance company, but Saturn stepped up and took responsibility for the problem. You can't beat that. Now for all of you foreign car purchasers, would Nissan or Toyota do that? I think not. Keep fixing the problems Saturn and I feel certain that you can make believers out of all of these complainers, you already have with this one... Good Job Saturn... I will be a repeat buyer...Shoot, I will even do a commercial for you... Heee Heeee...