3rd Jul 2008, 13:54

I have a Saturn 2002 Vue. I searched the web only to find comfort that other people are feeling the same pain. I truly believe that the SES light is a ploy for the dealers to make money off of us now. Before these computerized inspections, mechanics were not bound to the computer to tell them to pass or fail. Now I have been having an issue for 6 months with my light being on... and there is absolutely no code that indicates that it is a failure. The car always fails, but the printout says there is no reason for the failure. This is my frustration and I know you all can feel my pain. If I at least knew there was a reason I could at least try to fix it!!!

23rd Jul 2008, 13:10

I have a 2005 Saturn Vue, manual, 51660 kms, 2000 of them mine, (previously my mum's car, bought new if I recall correctly) and just recently I've been having problems. The car's mine now and I've had it for about two months. A few times I would be at a stoplight and as light changed and I tried to accelerate the engine would start this awful chugging and grinding, the RPMs would rev really high and the steering wheel would try to jerk to one side or the other. And the car wouldn't move. At first I thought it was something I was doing but then it the same thing happened 3 times in one day. I finally managed to get the car going when I grappled it into second gear. I didn't notice any lights come on but I was more focused on getting the car through the intersection safely.

I have an appointment at the dealership to have it looked at, but the woman in the service department told me over the phone that the warranty wouldn't cover it because it's 3 years or 60000km, so I'm just over the 3 years. I'm really not a confrontational person but I'm going to try to see if they can give me a break on this. I'm dreading the bill that might come of this.

2nd Nov 2008, 20:05

Can you say "over it". I have 2002 Saturn Vue with 68,000 miles. I had the car towed to the Saturn dealership today with my fourth throttle body assembly problem. If the lemon law still applies to a six year old car then you can say I have a lemon. Frustrating to say the least. I was a Saturn fan, but now all I want is out of this car before I get stranded somewhere with my 1 year old.

3rd Nov 2008, 13:26

I bought a used 2002 Saturn Vue because my van was guzzling gas. I thought the Vue would save on gas money. The problems that I have experienced with the vehicle are costing much more than the gas for the van would have. I have had so many problems with the vehicle and mechanics telling me things are fixed when they aren't. This is very frustrating as a single mom of three who depends on her vehicle to make a living. I have had Saturns in the past and loved them so I am very disappointed. I feel betrayed and would not recommend this vehicle to anyone, nor would I buy Saturn again.

16th Nov 2008, 10:27

Proposed Class Action by angry Canadian Consumers having 2002-2004 Saturn Vues and Ions with vti transmissions.


28th Mar 2009, 01:14

My son bought a used 2002 Saturn Vue just over a month ago. Soon after the SES light came on... took it to a mechanic and he said he couldn't find anything wrong. Then last night on his way home the Reduced Power light came on.. gas pedal dead. Nothing happened like it wasn't getting gas. Now it will go back to the shop and see what can be found. My question is this.. If all of us are having these problems and Saturn acts like nothing is wrong, then why can't we start a class action suit against them?

1st Apr 2009, 22:52

I have (or more correctly as of Saturday had) a 2003 Saturn Vue. I will cut to the chase. I purchased the car new, and have kept up with all service, oil change, etc.

2 1/2 years ago at approx. 50,000 miles my throttle body assembly went out (in the middle of nowhere). It was fixed and everything was fine. I was a huge fan of Saturn and loved my car... fast forward to February 2009, when the same thing happened again. I was not in the middle of nowhere but was on a trip. After being towed to two different dealers (the first one didn't have time for me for 3-4 days), the car was diagnosed and needed yet another throttle body assembly... however Saturn does not have this piece in stock, nor does anyone else - I was told they are not even manufacturing this part at the moment, so the best they could tell me was that the part may be ready in July 2009. Seriously, what are you supposed to do. I have called at least five different dealers, corporate, and independent mechanics and the answer is all the same... there are no throttle body assemblies and won't be until at least July 2009.

Saturn is pretty much leaving its customers hung out to dry - the car cannot run without this piece. One mechanic even provided me with a Technical Service Bulletin saying Saturn knew this part was faulty back in 2003, but they did nothing about it.

So, if you own a Saturn, hope your throttle body assembly doesn't go out anytime soon or you will not have a functional car. I had great hopes for my Saturn and was planning on driving it for a few more years. Mainly I am disappointed in the customer service. The dealers and the "higher ups" offered no solutions suggestions or any help. I was told I could not leave my car at the dealer, I had to find a place to store it for 5+ months (when I live 300+ miles from the city the car was "trapped" in). They offered nothing.

I asked GM Customer Care what one was supposed to do if that was there only car and had two kids and was stuck and they said "rent a car." I said what if you cannot afford it, and they basically said sorry, not our problem. My husband tried many times to call someone higher on the food chain and could get nowhere. The person handling my case recently said since the part isn't ready, they were going to go ahead and close my case, marked "Dissatisfied" (understatement!), and I told them no, call me and keep me updated.

My story with Saturn ended on Saturday, when a car dealer (knowingly) took my broke down Saturn as a trade-in and I purchased a new car. I am however still passionate about the lack of Customer Service and am continuing to follow up with Saturn.

27th Aug 2009, 13:01

I purchased my 2002 Saturn Vue two months ago with approx 34k miles on it and it is now at the dealership having the body module replaced. So they replaced it, and are now saying it's still dying when they start it, and I now need a new fuel pump system and they want to charge me about $1000 for that. I'm of course very upset about this, considering the fact that it has so few miles on it, but it's out of warranty. I need a dependable vehicle, but my gut tells me this is not it. This vehicle has too many problems for a car with less than 40k miles. Are these guys getting a bailout because if so... no way...