27th Apr 2004, 07:54

I have a thought regarding the fuel gauge problem:

My wife and I also own a 2003 L300 and we had a similar problem. Apparently there is an oxygen sensor in the fuel tank that gets eaten away very quickly, in turn giving you false readings on your fuel gauge. My Saturn dealer indicated to me first that they needed to replace this part (by removing the gas tank ect) they did and the issue was resolved for the time being. Apparently it gets eaten away by the high oxygen content of todays fuel.

8th Jun 2004, 13:49

Wow, I thought I was reading a post I had written about my own Vue. Failed gas gauge, shaking at highway speed due to the rotors, replaced the transmission at 10,000km, and the lastest, DOA in my drive due to a failure of the BCM - the computer that apparently controls everything (must be a Windows OS). Anyway, I am fed up with this piece o' crap and plan to unload in September when I have at least a shred of equity in it.

14th Jul 2004, 14:20

I purchased a 2004 V6 AWD Vue at the end of September 2002 and everything was fine at first, but in October of 2003 I noticed that the transmission is slipping and they just can't seem to recreate the problem. On Halloween of 2003 the axle bolts were coming out and had to be re-torqued, they seemed to think that this was no big deal. Go thing it was discovered before my 3 hour ride to Long Island later that day. My steering column also makes the scraping and grinding noise - something that Saturn does not have a fix for. There is something wrong with the boot at the end of the steering column and it needs to be removed, sanded and lubed to stop the noise, but this is only temporary (mine is now making that lovely noise again and is getting worse). Ever since they touched the steering column the car now pulls to the left.

I have had the rotors re-machined, a bushing replaced the rear differential mount was replaced. There is a shimmy and a shaking at highway speeds. It is also present when I step on the brake. It makes these loud clunking noises and after that there is a new noise present. I think they just don't want to know if there is a problem. I am in the process of filling out a lemon law complaint in CT.

17th Jan 2005, 13:12

I bought a 93 Saturn SL1 and love it. I am an Aircraft mechanic and do all my work myself. Most of the problems I hear about is due to poorly trained mechanics that learn on the fly and not from knowledge or good teachings. The biggest mistake with getting your rotors or drums turned is that it does not fix the problem. The problem is the calipers that stick to the drums or rotors. When properly lubricated on the guide pins they release completely from the rotors/drums. When not lubricated. they make constant contact on the rotors/drums, causing them to heat up to a point that they begin to warp. This gives the pulsating in the brake peddle and a shimmy in the steering wheel.

23rd Jan 2011, 18:41

The steering wheel noise is caused by contacts inside the steering wheel that are connected to the airbag sensor. They are lubricated and the lubrication simply is gone. Don't worry about that. Mine has done that since we bought it. 35,000 miles later - still the same.

10th Apr 2011, 13:45

I experienced the same shimmy problem with my Saturn Vue 2004. It was the left side caliper that has a jammed piston causing the rotor to warp.

So I changed both calipers and rotors and the shimmy was gone.