12th Mar 2006, 22:59

The reviewer is referring to R134-a, not R-12, aka "freon"

North American market auto manufacturers stopped using R-12 back around 1994-1995. They stopped making the stuff about 10 years ago. Once whatever is left is used up, that's it.

And what happened to all the comments that used to be attached to this review?

4th Jul 2006, 00:45

That's weird that the tires broke loose in 1st and 2nd gear, because it only has 163 pounds/feet of torque. That and it weighs 2,900 lbs. Those tires must have bad grip if the spin that easy with so little torque.

15th Aug 2006, 16:17

To the comment above: The original reviewer indicates that the car has a standard transmission. Every car with a std tranny can break it's tires loose in 1st gear. When shifting into 2nd and mashing back onto the gas while dumping the clutch, it is believable that this car can break the tires loose into 2nd WITHOUT having terrible tires. Just my insight.

1st Sep 2006, 16:58

Boy, did I get a kick out of the "burning rubber in 1st and 2nd" comment!! A few years ago I used an old '90 Dodge Omni to get to school. It was a dog-ugly box with a non-turbo 4 and a 5-speed. It would smoke the front tires all the way to 2nd, scream them very loudly hitting 2nd AND 3rd, and top 90mph in 3rd gear. When I sold the car for what I paid for it ($800) 2 years after buying it it had 240,000 miles on it and still ran like new. I shoulda KEPT IT!!

10th May 2012, 10:12

Hello.. I own a 2008 tC, and if I want to, I can literally smoke the front wheel with a manual transmission, and get a chirp out of 2nd and 3rd gears.

The only problem that I have with the red line, is that the car shuts down way too soon with the rev limiters installed, but if not for those, this tC would literally haul tail, like a scared 4 cylinder RABBIT, LOL.