2nd Jul 2012, 04:24

I bought my SEAT Ibiza in Sept 2003 with 17 000 miles on the clock. The garage I bought it from serviced it and replaced the cam belt.

Within 6 months, the entire exhaust system needed to be replaced, as I was told that it only came in one piece. Shortly afterwards, I started having problems whereby the car would cut out - this turned out to be a recognised fault with the SERVO pipe, which SEAT fixed for free, however I will add that I had to have this part replaced 3 times as they kept failing, so you can imagine driving along and suddenly finding the engine has cut out, no power steering or brakes. Not long after, I started having trouble with the gearbox leaking, which I paid to have repaired at least twice. Problems with sensors: had lambda sensor replaced, which then failed again twice, but lucky the part was still under warranty.

Gear box failed at 40 000 miles. Managed to replace from a breakers yard from a car that had done 20 000. SEAT quoted me about £1500 to fix the gearbox, plus a refundable fee of about £270 to have the gearbox shipped into the country. Cam belt failed at 57 000, and this had been changed at 17 000 when I bought the car. Manufacturer's handbook stated 120 000 miles; hmm, a slight difference there. On contacting SEAT, they told me they had revised the miles I think to 40 000, but I don't recall ever getting a letter about that. Replaced the head of engine, but did not run very well.

Boot catch failed - it is still broken now, I've had it repaired about 5 times, and had a second hand part for it. I have taken the panel off the boot, and have to open it from the inside.

Door catches have also broken, and have been replaced, as well as the door handle.

Pedal box failed at about 70 000; had this welded.

Pedal box failed again; had it taken out and reinforced, told it would be pointless to buy a new one, as this would fail as well, as they have a design fault.

Gearbox failed again at 100 000; replaced with re-con gearbox.

Car still not running properly, so replaced the engine with one from breakers yard. Also had the cam belt replaced at the same time, just in case.

Usual problems with the high biting point for the clutch.

Well what can I say about SEAT's - I wouldn't have one gift wrapped. I am currently saving for a deposit on another vehicle.

12th Jul 2012, 12:27

I've had my Ibiza Chill for about 8 1/2 years now.

I've been pretty happy with it through that time. I've replaced the usual parts like tyres, wipers and such.

The only real problem I've had was the clutch was stiff, which I got used to. About 18 months ago, it developed a grinding sound when releasing the clutch. I took it to my local mechanic, and he replaced the clutch, and found some other plate had cracked, and replaced that too. All in, it cost me £200, and the clutch is fine now.

I only came on here as I've noticed my exhaust is blowing at the front, which I think I had replaced about 4/5 years ago, and if memory serves, cost about £100-£150 (Kwik Fit); was just after a rough price guide.

I have also had the problem with my wipers having a mind of their own. This has since gone away, conveniently just as my re-con stalk arrived (£20 eBay), although the rear washer jet doesn't work the front, and all the wiper settings do, so I've left it for now, as you don't need a rear washer to pass an MoT. It seemed to be an electrical relay that was causing it, as I could smell electrical burning before the rear stopped.

I have been told my gear box could be due to go, but it could last anywhere from 10 miles to 100000 miles. I've been quoted £400 for it if it goes.

To be honest, I wouldn't like to part with it, as for the time I've had it, I don't think it's done too bad. Especially when you compare it to my sister in law's two Puntos, one of which had a £400 electrical problem in its 4th year, and the next one had another similar problem around the same time.

I've only really had it serviced about 3 or 4 times.

It's currently on 89,000 miles.

18th Sep 2012, 08:17

I have a 2001 Seat Ibiza S 1.4. I've had the car nearly 6 years, and after reading this, I've had exactly the same problems! I've had to replace the clutch 2 months ago, as well as a clutch cable and 3 pedal boxes! Today I get into my car, and my clutch pedal snaps again! Great!

Seat really need to sort this problem out! They are mugs!

I'm never buying a Seat ever again!

2nd Oct 2012, 12:55

I have had my Ibiza for 6 years, with no real issues considering the age. I found the clutch stiff as well; test drove a few different cars, same make and model, and they were the same. I assumed it was just the way it was made, and it wasn't so bad that I couldn't drive it, so bought the car anyway.

I have just had my car's MOT, and it flew through again (apart from some minor expected issues like brakes), although since the MOT, when I release the clutch (especially when dropping down a gear), it makes an awful grinding noise. Can anyone let me know what this could be?

1st Mar 2013, 09:02

We have owned a Seat Ibiza from new. It now has 84K on the clock. We have had most of the issues, to include the ones that have already been mentioned.

2 new clutches (the clutch cable bracket and sleeve was rebuilt, as it was so flimsy the mechanic we know said I am surprised that all Seat Ibiza's have not been recalled for this issue!).

The boot lock has been repaired twice as the locks have jammed.

The climate control works at random.

The external temperature sensor changes at random (which we think affects the climate control).

The wipers seem to work without moving the control for them.

The clutch is getting stiff, and when it's cold, you just can't get first gear. It seems to 'eat' fuel, but that might just be that fuel is expensive anyway.

It's still going, but we will consider getting a new car soon, and it will not be a Seat Ibiza.

I would say stay away from a second hand Seat Ibiza if you can.

1st Apr 2013, 04:58

I have owned a Seat Ibiza Chill 2001 for 3 years now, and haven't had much trouble with it until the other day when the clutch cable went, along with the pedal box. The clutch has always been stiff, and my local garage said I would need a new clutch, clutch cable and pedal box. How can they tell if I need a new clutch? Is the clutch the reason why the pedal box and clutch cable keep breaking?