19th Dec 2013, 17:36

I own a 1.4 8v 2001 for 6 years now. Very reliable and I've had nothing major wrong with it so far. Seems to be a common fault with the stiff clutch, but you get by. Not very economical, but it depends how you drive it.

12th Jun 2014, 08:00

I bought my 2001 Seat Ibiza 1.4 Chill a month ago with 73,000 on the clock.

The clutch is very stiff, and the petrol gauge doesn't know what it's doing; had just over half, and after 45 minutes of driving it thought it had over 3/4?!

Also on the same day, 45 minutes and 'apparently' the engine was at 120 degrees. Popped the bonnet, the engine block wasn't that hot, but the expansion tank was boiling, steam, usual crap. Now I know it runs an identical engine and parts in tandem with the 6n2 Polo, and 'apparently' they have slots to let the liquid and steam escape for when this happens (is this true?).

Other than that though, the engine is as tight as a drum. It's a bit gutsy for a old car, well equipped also, but wouldn't buy one again.

21st Sep 2014, 07:46

Purchased a Seat Ibiza Chill 2001 plate in April with 70,000 on the clock. One lady owner from new. The car ran well. She had already had the clutch and assembly replaced at 40,000.

The clutch pedal was VERY stiff to operate.

Last week the cable snapped. AA did a temporary repair.

My mechanic replaced the cable and informed me that a new pedal box was needed as the existing one was cracked.

Seems I'm not alone with this problem.

Apart from that, the car is fine, although it does sound like a diesel at times.

Maybe I'll start looking to replace it after its MOT in November.

It cost £500, so I didn't expect a Rolls Royce at that price.

5th Jan 2015, 09:33

I have the exact same issue with the petrol gauge; my petrol light is currently on, yet the gauge is telling me I have just over half a tank of fuel. Not sure which one to trust, as I did have around half a tank of fuel before my battery died recently; I left the car for a couple of days with a flat battery before replacing it.

Could that be a fault with the fuel sensor?

4th Feb 2015, 22:25

I have had my Seat Ibiza Chill 1.4 01 for 8 months, and in that time I've had the window regulator go, my brakes (both cylinders burst), new back box, really stiff clutch, discs and brake pads, and now my gear box is going (slips out of gear and is hard to get into gear), and my radio plays up.

I'm not sure if I got super unlucky or it's just the Seat thing, as I'm seeing a lot of these problems with you guys... Although I like driving the car, I've had nothing but problems. It's safe to say I won't be getting another Seat :/

18th Jun 2015, 15:55

Sorry but I have an Ibiza 1.9 TDI with 257,000 km on the clock and I love it.

12th Jun 2016, 16:24

I had a Seat 1.4 since 2002 with 88000 miles on the clock.

The clutch has always been stiff, even to the point of snapping off the pedal box. The AA had to tow it to a garage to get it fixed.

This in spite of replacing the clutch cable and clutch.

The motion sensor triggers the alarm when the windows are left ajar and the radio panel has a mind of its own.

The windows open and shut on a hot day by themselves, and the electronics panel shuts down the entire front display if left in the sun.

The car cannot be left for more than 10 days as the battery goes flat.

The radiator developed a tiny leak and it would cost £346 to have a new one. I fixed that one by pouring a can of Radweld into the expansion tank.

In spite of all these problems, it is very reliable and I am sad that we are parting company. I wish car manufacturers would stick to building cars and stayed away from electronics. Bring back the Ambassador!