16th Mar 2006, 11:04

I actually forgot to mention in my first comments that my coil pack failed as well in January.

17th Mar 2006, 16:50

Must agree with having to fight all the way to get warranty jobs done, Seat UK will do their best to avoid warranty repairs. I feel like like 10 rounds with Seat UK; they need to wake up and understand customers concerns, instead of arguing and avoiding every issue.

27th Mar 2006, 16:16

To add to my list of failures in this car. Today the drivers Seat jammed making it impossible for my small legs to reach the pedals. AA man to the rescue again, but this time he had to tow me to the garage as he couldn't fix the chair, oh and another coil had to be replaced at the same time. Bought a spare one off the AA man and I now know how to replace them myself. Not bad for a lady driver I think.

Soon to trade in the car with the SEAT garage after AA have carried out an inspection of the non SEAT car I am looking at!

2nd Apr 2006, 15:30

Don't blame you for moving away from seat.co.uk; they never return calls or e-mails when complaints are made. They must be bombarded with complaints.

23rd Apr 2006, 05:56

How many more Seat Ibiza customers have had problems with misting of headlamps? We have had an ongoing battle for nearly 3 years to get under warranty replacement of a headlamp that fills with condensation, made worse in damp weather or when the car is washed. They have fitted a 'modification' with no success. Did you know that Seat tell people this is a 'natural phenomenon' and refuse to authorise replacement? The dealers won't replace the part because they say Seat will not reimburse them. Outrageous situation. Yesterday we took the car (under 3 years old) to an MOT testing station, who confirmed that the car would fail an MOT because of the condensation affecting the headlight beam pattern. Therefore the under warranty car is an MOT failure.

Please, if you have had this problem, tell everyone you know, and post your story here. Share your experience with others. Seat should accept that 'there is an elephant in the room', own up and rectify the problem. Manufacturers and dealers ignore the consumer at their peril... business environments are competitive and the public will vote with its feet. Our battle with Seat is still ongoing - if they replace the part we will let you all know.

18th May 2006, 07:05

My Seat in a 2002. Had it at 1 1/2 years old. My problems started last July just when schools broke up for summer. Went out to car and it would not start. This was two in the morning... on collection run to collect children from ball.

Seat would not take responsiblity. Breakdown people could not diagnose problem. They took car to my brother in laws garage. He was constantly on phone to Seat for advise. Would get it started then it would fail again. Finally after big battle Seat took it in. Guess what they kept ring my brother in law for advice.

After 7 weeks - the whole of the summer holidays - Seat tracked the fault to Coils, then they damaged something during repair. Cost including Hire Car £1500. Managed to get small amount back against what they did £95.00. Seat have now written of the Garage as a Seat Dealership.

Now got problem with Diagnostic light coming on.!!! Would never never buy a Seat again.

26th Jul 2006, 10:09

I bought my car in April 2005. Problems so far:-

1. Within a week, something on the CV joint snapped and the car ground to a halt. At the time, the car only had 7000 miles on the clock. Luckily this fault was fixed under warranty.

2. The passenger electric window mechanism broke last June, cost me £140 to put right.

3. The rear windscreen wiper has ceased working.

4. The diagnosis light has started to flash up and sometimes the car will not start. According to Seat, it might be a faulty engine temperature sensor or a faulty engine management unit. They could not be certain however as the diagnosis light had turned itself off, just as I took the car into the garage. I need to take it back with the light on. Of course the warranty has now expired.

5. The trim rattles from the boot, very annoying.

6. The rear brake lights mist up inside in wet weather.

7. The passenger door has dropped on its hinge.

My old car was an N reg Polo. I had it for 6 years and racked up 107,000 miles without a single fault. Many of the above faults with my Ibiza are niggles which I would put up with as the car was cheap. I am however extremely disappointed with the fault that occasionally leaves my car unable to start. Will stay clear of Seat's in the future.

29th Dec 2006, 09:06

2002 Seat Ibiza 1.2 I bought my car last April on 24000 miles, since then I've spent a total of over 2000 pounds in repairs, its had a new catalytic converter, new coil packs, a new alternator and the timing chain snapped resulting in an engine rebuild, now the engine light has come on once again and they tell me it needs yet another new catalytic converter! my advice is never to buy a seat!!!

30th Jan 2007, 10:56

I have just bought a 2003 Seat Ibiza 1.2 after only 3 days of driving a fault has occurred. When driving around a roundabout put her into second gear and found her to be slowing off, foot to the board nothing was happening. I thought oh no not again, I had found this problem in a previous car I had and it ended up being a bad engine. Later I noticed the EPC light had come on, at the time I was thinking I hadn't seen this before and then when I got home I checked the manual, accelerator pedal fault. OK, rang the dealer, he checked it out and said that the EPC light had to be on for them to diagnose the fault. He then drove it apparently for 10 miles and said he found nothing wrong.

When I picked up my car before even leaving the car park it happened again, this time no light came on. I rang the dealer and explained that it happened again. I said that the light didn't come on and that it felt like the petrol wasn't getting to the engine. It has happened repeatedly, but I know how to handle it, though why should I have to! I noticed that the revs clock when it happened went low as when sitting in neutral, has anyone experienced this and has anyone know if it is fixable?

The dealer is phoning SEAT in the morning, but I am scared that this car is going to cost me more than I have got!

Any advice would be helpful, thanks.

13th Feb 2007, 17:12

Bought a 2003 1.4 Ibiza Sport in spring 2004 after having no problems with a V reg Ibiza.

All repairs carried out at seat dealership except clutch.

Faults include:

1. Clutch gone at 48000 (£345)

2. Rattle coming from under engine, turned out to be Catalytic Converter at 40000 miles (£500, we asked Seat to pay since it had only just gone out of warranty, they paid half of the new cat not labour, as I remember)

3. Bushes replaced just under warranty after being informed of the problem from an independent garage during its first MOT which it passed.

4. Cup holder replaced under warranty, but failed again out of warranty, not replaced.

Currently the warning light is on tomorrow it may be off, it decides.

I need to say that in all fairness for a 1.4 sport (100Bhp) it has the punch and the sound system is the best I have heard in a car of its class, but hey that is not a reason to buy a car!