10th Mar 2011, 14:08

Second owner of an 04 Ibiza 1.2SX.

Noise from the driver's door, misting headlights, brake light switch, coil packs (been told they overheat), head gasket went at 40k, brake light bulb replaced and melted in casing. Was wrong bulb, so new rear lens. Wishbone bushes, both side.

Climate display replaced (no aircon).

So after all this cost, sorry maintenance, I have a very expensive car that's worth?

29th Mar 2011, 23:58

I've driven a 1.2 Ibiza Sport 08 for 3 years now and the problems have been: passenger front ball joint, EPC light on the dash; I was told by the dealership that it was a switch which would cost me 40 quid to replace but they lied. I just replaced the bulbs in the rear and all was well... for about a day when the bulbs blew again. The rear washer doesn't work and the clutch feels like it's on the way out, the CD player eats my CDs and I've had about 4 sets of tyres. Also you have to rev the nuts off this car to even get the thing to pick up some speed being as it's only a 3 cylinder.

Crap cars altogether. I can't wait till it's someone else's problem. I think I'll get a 1.5 new shape Mivec Lancer.

5th Sep 2011, 07:25

I have recently had the same problem! I changed gear, which worked and carried on with my journey. I am having numerous problems with my Seat. Wondered if you solved the problem?


8th Sep 2011, 21:16

If your engine is cutting out revs, then this is almost certainly one of your coil packs (I'm assuming you get your spark plugs changed during it's service). I've had an Ibiza for 11 years, and have had this problem a couple of times. Your car has three, and they sit on top of the spark plugs.

The best thing to do is buy one and swap it out with one of your old ones, and see if it goes away. If it doesn't, then try it with the next coil pack etc...

The coil packs are very easy to change (they are under the plastic covering in the middle of the engine). They just pull out and then disconnect with a little clip.

You should get this sorted ASAP, as it will keep getting worse until you have no acceleration in your gears. It will also damage your car, as unburned fuel is going into your catalytic converter.

15th Dec 2011, 01:23

I purchased a the new model seat Ibiza 1.4 in 2009, and have had the same problem with the front window misting up, and have to use a towel to wipe off copious amount of moisture, to such an extent it is the same feeling as driving in dense fog; very frightening. Not quite what I expected from a new car!

19th Dec 2011, 04:02

I have had my 1.2S for 5 1/2 years. Bought with 17,000 miles, and now has 130,000 with the following problems:

3 x coil packs.

Drivers and passenger window mechanisms.

Timing chain slipped. Upgrade kit fitted.

Rear window washer not working.

Heater either on cold or hot, and nothing in between.

Anti roll bar replaced.

Engine warning light on most of the time.

Both front road springs replaced.

Both strut bearings replaced.

Clutch is almost gone, but it does have 130k on it.

Various suspension bushes and engine mountings replaced.

Lights mist up.

Dashboard occasionally flickers.

The plastic top on the engine, which states Seat 1.2s, came off and got stuck in the pulley near the water pump.

There are more, which I cannot recall at the moment!

The only problem listed above, which I do not recall having, is with the door speakers!

Will I buy another Ibiza??? NO!!!

Luckily my other car is a Honda!

I am only persevering with it now as it is practically worthless, and it's cheaper to keep this with occasional repairs than take the outlay and depreciation on another car!

20th Feb 2012, 14:04

Hi mate. I have a Seat Ibiza 1.2 S 3 cylinder.

Recently it has started cutting out for a few seconds, then starting again as though nothing had happened. This only happens when driving, and not when idle. Could it be a coil pack or the accelerator housing, as the accelerator is electronic. Once it goes again, it revs and drives OK

Regards, Cliff.

Email. GUNNEROO@sky.com

24th Jun 2013, 10:45

I have an oil warning light that keeps beeping at me all the time. I have a Seat Ibiza 2001 plate. My oil levels are fine. I've had an oil filter and oil change. It still continues to beep at me. Don't have a clue what to do now, just want the beeping to stop. Any ideas?

8th Dec 2013, 02:45

Hi, hoping someone can help? 3 weeks ago my oil light came on during a 20 mile trip. Parked up, set off home after several hours, and no sign, checked oil and all looked fine.

This Friday however the oil light came on. It beeped 3 times and stayed on. I topped up the oil and parked up to allow the levels to settle before checking the oil again, and again all looked OK.

Set off home and the light came on and beeped 3 times. The engine sounds as though it's ticking (it's not its usual sound anyway). It's not sluggish and seems to be driving as it should. I'm just worried about this noise and the fact the oil light is staying on, yet it has oil.

p.s. The oil light only comes on and beeps once I've set off on my way.

Seat Ibiza 2006 1.4 Sport.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

12th Dec 2013, 03:36

I'm not familiar with this car, but it sounds like the oil pressure light as opposed to an oil level light. You shouldn't drive the car until it's checked, as it could be a faulty oil pump, blocked pick up strainer etc.

7th May 2014, 19:04

I own a 2008 Ibiza Sportrider.

The engine and EPC light just seem part of the dash now. Mine's on 98% of the time. It's a 2008 plate. I've owned it for 3 months. I've replaced the map sensor, throttle body and throttle sensor. And still these lights won't budge. Fault codes read as code not known to Seat or anyone else.

My car seems to stall when I come to stop at junctions if the light is on. Performance for a 1.4 is at the best 'crap'. I might as well have bought a 1 litre; it is powerless.

Rear spray has never worked.

Rear lights work when they want to, and the front headlights; I must be putting at least 3 new bulbs in a month.

I hate this car. But you should be okay driving yours with the EPC lights on as long as there are no symptoms. The RAC have told me that, as well as Seat themselves.

7th Nov 2015, 21:31

I have a 2001 Seat Ibiza. Just had the gearbox replaced. I got it back from the garage, and 2/3 days afterwards the engine light came on.

When the car is stationary, it feels like the engine is losing power and about to cut out. I decided to rev the car, then as soon as I release the accelerator pedal, the car cuts out straight away. What is the issue, does it need to be looked at immediately, and can I solve it myself?