7th Jun 2010, 07:53

Had my 1.2 Ibiza from new in 2003. Covered just over 40,000 miles since. I realise the mileage is low, but I have been very satisfied apart from the usual problem of both front windows dropping into the doors; plus front anti-roll bar bushes (lots of clonking from suspension) and a pricey replacement electronic ignition part, following a severe flat spot at 2000 rpm.

Other than that, it's been a comfy, practical, economical and reliable little motor - I don't normally keep a car for more than 3 years, so this proves the point.

26th Jul 2010, 05:35

I've got a Seat Ibiza 1.2s 52 reg and the EPC light has always shown since I got the car.

Now that I'm selling, I went to the garage and they changed the brake light switch and the EPC disappeared for 4 minutes then returned.

The garage said they'd changed the brake switch and it worked fine, but the EPC light still shows.

Does anyone know which fuse it is in the fuse box so I can just remove it to get rid of that light, because the car's running fine.

Please help.

11th Aug 2010, 14:20

The fuse for the brake light is a number 10 on the top row, right hand side.

I've had the EPC brake light problem. After diagnostics, the EPC light has gone out, but now the brake lights won't go off unless the fuse is taken out or the brake light switch disconnected.

29th Dec 2010, 08:49

I have had a Seat Ibiza 1.2 on a 02 plate for 8 months now.

I'll start by saying, I have always wanted a Seat Ibiza, and now I have one, I will never ever ever be buying another Seat again.!!!

Firstly, I bought this car with 50,000 miles... 2 days after I bought it, the engine management light came on... had it checked out, and it was a faulty coolant temperature.

Secondly, ALL of the lights get condensation inside them.

Then the last thing, which has really tipped me over the edge... the car makes all sorts of creaking noises, as if the chassis wants to snap or the chassis itself is just made from monkey metal. The suspension is poor, as I feel like I'm driving on Coronation Street's cobbles all the time.

I think for the sake of motorists everywhere, Seat should go back to the drawing board and make a decent car.

I'm having a Ford next!!! Voted Britain's best manufacturer!!!

If anyone has any solutions to the creaking noises coming from the chassis, or what it could be and how much to get fixed... please e-mail me... Ryan_04@hotmail.co.uk


19th Jan 2011, 05:57

I bought my 1.2S 03 plate Ibiza in March 2006. It was 3 years old and had done 36k miles. Since then I've done appx 48k miles (total 84k at the MOT test last week) and have had the following problems:

- Re-attached washer pipe (under warranty).

- 2 x coil packs - £80 each.

- The rear window washer pipe came off again, but I've left it not working, I'm not paying to have it reattached and the clip replaced again - I just only use the rear wiper, not the washer!

- Last MOT (Jan 2010) they told me the rear wiper motor wasn't working and would be £140 to replace - left it "not working", even though I can wipe the rear window.

Not too bad for nearly 5 years ownership of a nearly 8 year old car you might think.. However in the last 9 months I have had:

- New tyres (forgivable, as they had done me 4 years!).

- The passenger window regulator failed - I took it to Seat, and they charged me £300 to replace it the mechanism.

Took it for an MOT 2 weeks ago at Seat, because they were doing MOT's for £25...

- Front suspension bushes needed replacing and needed new front brake discs and pads. Quoted £780. We asked them to just do the suspension, and we would then get the brakes and fit them ourselves (£40 from GSF), so just the suspension bit cost me £440, which means the new discs and pads would have been £340! They also said the rear washer pipe needed re-connecting (which I knew) and quoted £30 to have this done, though they were the garage that last time said it was the wiper motor that needed replacing.

Went to pick it up after they did the suspension... The car wouldn't start. They came out and looked, the guy said "it's probably just flooded" so they pushed it back inside to look at it - couldn't find anything immediately so said "leave it with us and we'll take a look in the morning" (it was 5.30pm on a Friday). So I dutifully left the car behind and got a lift home. Next morning, it turns out the timing chain had slipped. Quote to replace £1300.

- Totally angry at this, since I left the car working before the MOT, and it now didn't start, I rang VW (considering the Ibiza is practically a Polo in a different box) and asked them how much they thought it would be to replace the timing chain, tensioners etc for a Polo.. they estimated about £800-900 depending on the damage that the slipped chain had done. Since Seat had just said the chain, tensioners, brackets etc, the guy at VW said £1300 was ridiculous!

Went into Seat to speak to the service manager who said they would contribute 50% of the £1300. When we told him VW said the work on a Polo would be about £8-900, they re-assessed the prices and said that they would charge us £480 (50% of £960) as a goodwill gesture. They also said if we got the brake parts, they would fit them for us for free, and replace the rear registration plate bulb that had gone, to make sure it passed the MOT.

All in all, my £25 MOT has cost me £985, but it could so easily have been a lot worse. We looked at trading the car in (it's worth about £2500 according to a site on the net), but Seat told me they would only give me £500 for it because of what needed to be done. Total nightmare.

On the plus side, apart from the above, she's been a reliable (apart from the stated comments), fun to drive, great to look at little car (being female the looks are super important!) which does pretty good MPG. I had always said I would get another Ibiza when this one was coming towards the end of its life but after dealing with the Seat garage this time round, I probably won't bother - They charge an extortionate amount for labour and try to charge more than is actually necessary to get the job done. The car - I love, the company - I hate.

19th Feb 2011, 05:43

I bought a brand new Seat Ibiza back in 2003. At the time I did loads of research and it was claimed it was a car of the year! Great write up and it looked really snazzy. I had never had a new car before, and all I can say is it felt brilliant.

Until... The list is catastrophic. The clutch went at 7000 miles. That resulted in a stand up row at the dealership, who felt it was the way I drive.

It has had in its life the coil packs changed every year. You have to do all 4 at the same time, otherwise you just end up going back till they are all done.

I now know what an oxygen probe is, coil packs, bushes, suspension, chair sheered off at base, electrics gone, diagnostic light continually on, faulty ignition and break light that cannot make up its mind whether it feels in the mood to come on. And make sure when you drop the bonnet or the boot you do so gently, otherwise it dents!

It has been nice to read other people's horror stories. It makes me feel I am not alone and I am not jinxed!

My favourite saying to others about the car is, All IT NEEDS IS A CLIFF!